Burn the shackles of people, but first is clothing

Recently, the Manhattan retro shop Remniscence’s window in the human body model wearing a ladies style Sut.-Pepper-style uniform coat wearing tassels and crony, back pants, flat boots, headdress, goggles, perhaps the most mysterious is the large volume Of the artificial fur coat.

The reason is simple: burn people.

Burning people, the annual gathering, attracted about 65,000 people to participate in the Nevada desert for more than a week, probably 2,750 miles away, but this time this year in New York apartment sales, weekend market, main show, dance party and city clothing, Old-fashioned and army surplus shops and even their sex shops, shoppers assembled beautifully garments, which are required by Praia as a collection site.

Joan Bedor, 61, said, “People used to buy hippie things, we do not know why, he is now in the Union Square near Reminiscence work for decades.” People have been coming, we Began to pay attention to it. Now we know what to buy. ”

She pointed out the mirror mirror, embroidery Indian skirt, metal-colored boots, sun umbrellas hanging on the ceiling, and a fake fur coat – a burning wardrobe for the cold desert night. She said: “This is something burned.

Purchased from wholesalers during the year, launched in July. By this week, the human body model has been through several pieces of clothing.

In the village of Pink Pussycat boutiques, manager Carla Dos Santos said Burners has been looking for supplies at all times. “A lot of pie,” she said. “Pasture, stockings, stockings”.

New York burners, like their Silicon Valley counterparts, are mostly white-collar professionals in real life. Tickets priced from $ 1,450 to $ 1,200 on August 27 will not include airfare, food and clothing charges. Many New Yorkers use an online market like Etsy to cater to a burner, but for the last minute shoppers, there is no home like that.

On Thursday, software engineer Josh Kornreich decided to join a friend who bought a ticket. A few hours later, he stood in memory, wearing a sheepskin vest, loose cotton belt pants and a black peasant shirt. “I usually wear khaki and pure yellow or green shirts,” said Mr. Cohen Rachel, 27,

In the screaming Mimi, an old shop on the 14th Street, a couple from the UK has stopped to get a clothing journey to Nevada. “We are everywhere. Market. New Orleans. Nothing like this,” Alex Beauvoir said, a few busts around 28 showed the appearance of the burning man: Mermaid Wigs, Corner Headdress, Shell Bags The bra.

Her boyfriend, Chris Alexander, who worked in Newcastle’s real estate, found a $ 185 fake fur coat with green, pink, black and yellow spots. “Great,” he said. This is his third burning. Asked about the most important project at the rally, he said: “Drugs”.

“This year seems to be very busy,” said Richard Gass, owner of the Military Marines of West China on West 8th Street. “It seems that people want to get rid of negative emotions from everything that happens.” He grabbed a battered vest from a nearby rack. “The pilots will wear this escape from the plane. It was a parachute vest. We sold so much.”

Sales in July rose 80% in August, which could rise further at the Oregon Eclipse rally. Many items sold by Uncle Sam are practical: canteen, compass, boots, whistles, to prevent wandering in the desert after the loss, goggles and scarves to protect the dunes.

Mr. Geist said the burning man is now far more than the Halloween of a local business like him. “Halloween was crazy for us. After 9/11, everyone went out to attend until 2007, and then Halloween began to die, and the burning man began to pick it up,” he said.

People shopping for a whole week and survive, not just one night. Two customers from Japan have just spent $ 1,800 halloween costumes shop online. Mr. Gaste said the average burner’s customers spent $ 600.

Jim Glaser, a former corporate headhunter in the 1950s, runs a local art group, Kostume Kult, who held a thematic camp in the burning of people, an interactive exhibition, and lay down clothing on Playa.

Mr. Glazer arranged five cargo shipments, shipped from Brooklyn to Nevada this year, and shipped the burners to their cargo, round trip. Mr. Grange said, “Considering that you have to drag your luggage onto the creation of God,” it is simple. ”

According to Mr. Glazer, clothing is often divided into two categories: fabulous, to burn the style of luxury for the height; and the theme, like role-playing, more like the fantasy role, like Darth Vader’s rabbit The He calls it “chic” and “geeks”.

Mr. Glazer said that all the clothing must be “off”, explained that MOOP is “unusual things” abbreviations, such as feathers, sequins and flash, so that after the incident more difficult to clean the desert.

Mr. Glazer said that in New York, geeks may create a garment from 99% of shops, handicraft stores and Manhattan clothing store Abracadabra NYC. Chic types may go to high-priced boutiques like screaming Mimi or Gypsy Men’s New York, or turn to local professionals who now specialize in making people’s halloween costumes shop online.

This week, Cara Coniglio, 63, an apartment near Union Square, provided Charlene Perilla, a former strategic adviser, ranging from $ 5 to $ 75. Long-term burner, Ms. Coniglio sold it on the Burning Man NYC Facebook group, which owns more than 14,600 members.

“I was a ski coach in Utah, so I travel a lot and I’m frugal.” “Unusual things just sit there waiting for me.” She lifted a long flashing tube, a circle, “said Ms. Coniglio. Shaped open face. “It’s a huge spoon.”

According to the seller’s argument, most of the last minute “fool” shoppers are different from the temperament of others, and some are men.

“I guess this person really is not the last minute, do not think so.” Now they run around the city in August, looking for a perfect leather coat.

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