Evil good surprise 2017 alumni discount


To celebrate Halloween and get some panic this fall, Illinois State University offers a big discount on tickets for six flag scare festivals in Saint Louis and great American locations.

Discounted tickets for Six Flags Great America will be $37 and good to use September 23–24 and October 27–29.

Six Flags Saint Louis discount tickets and promo code wholesale halloween costumes will be $34.99 plus tax and good use of any weekend, September 30th – October 29th.

Upon receiving this offer, alumni must complete the promo code wholesale halloween costumes in the form of an email receive code. Since these offers are valid only for alumni in Illinois, we encourage red birds to privately ensure that other alumni can use the transaction.

Grab your alumni, find your best Halloween costumes, and even bring a bit of Illinois to the state with you jump Festival 2017, six flags this fall.

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