Kovina, the burglary suspect, used the stolen Halloween Costumes

A group of suspected thieves looted a wholesale halloween costumes manufacturer on Wednesday, Covina, and snatched cash, Halloween costumes, accessories, clothing and toilet paper like wings.

When the police found their two sports utility vehicles out of the area and pulling them away, their luck was gone.

Kovina police Trevor Gaumer Lieutenant officers restored the estimated value of $5200 of property from RG clothing, Inc.

In addition to the two off-road vehicles, he said, the police also found an empty stolen car that might or might not be used in theft.

RG apparel, the company does not return all stolen, according to manager Kathy Ybarra.

The police suspect the Wiener first broke in a private rental units in the light industrial park in the North Street 800 blocks dodsworth at 1:19 in the morning

Gaumer said the suspect backed up the rolled up cell door in complex, triggering the alarm.

He said, the thief went into the unit, but escaped without a word. He said the police believed the suspect was alarmed.

Who is the rental unit alarm and display personnel monitoring video, according to Gaumer?. The camera captures two dark sports utility vehicles, the GMC Yukon and the Ford expedition.

Gaumer said an officer inspected the area later on Grand Avenue and arrow road, when he saw the description of the two car matching the getaway car. The car pulled out of the parking lot and the police came over and asked for backup.

The suspects parked in San Bernardino road and Road gas station.

Gaumer said the police saw the suspect talking to each other from SUV. One car left.

The police put the SUV in different positions. Gaumer says the vehicles contain a lot of wholesale halloween costumes. He estimated that $2900 worth of stolen property was found in the Yukon, worth about $2300.

Police officers found clothing and other items from RG clothing in the big circle of 726 arrows. Road and street arrows near the enterprise.

The burglar came to the showroom upstairs, from the hanger to the clothing samples, according to barra. They escaped with their decorations and shoes.

She said thieves had robbed the office. They also stole cash, paper, scissors, microwaves, fans, and a bag of toilet paper, according to barra.

“It’s very, very random,” she said.

Police arrested Carlos Moscoso, 29, El, Monte, Dasie, Corona, 30, El, Monte, and Raymond Jurado, 47, Baldwin Park, suspected of theft.

The official also recovered the stolen in the street 800 blocks north dodsworth.

“This is not an occupation, and does not contain any property suspected of theft,” Gaumer said.

Three suspects are still detained in Covina prison. Moscoso was held on $25000 bail, Jurado bail of $50000 and $130000 bail Jinke Lorna beer, according to the reservation record.

Gaumer said Corona was also arrested, but he had no details about the warrants.

Moscow, Jurado, and Corona will be at the West Covina Superior Court on Friday.

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