From the hat resta to Spam, N.J.’s mom and pop stores in many Halloween costumes of the brain

Runnemede – Robert Berman was invited to wholesale halloween costumes this weekend’s masquerade, but he didn’t worry about what he was wearing.

He can take something off the shelf, but he and his wife do not do it.

“We like to wear clothes that other people don’t wear,” Berman, 50, surveyed his warehouse. He said, “over the years, he and his wife Tina have made thousands of costumes. We always remember what other people bought.”

He refused to disclose more of a recent weekday afternoon, before he opens the door, humble, a warehouse along the bridge Clements road in Runnemede, an export sale of Camden county to the public.

Berman’s decision to open the door to this Halloween Rasta Imposta, their clothing design headquarters, left the bouncing hangers, stupid and surprising works. Although it’s a real mom and POP business, it’s worldwide.

The imposta sells tens of thousands of clothing on major retailers across the country and around the world, like Berman, said. Business has grown in the past 23 years, and all of the clothing is now produced in China for quality, Vietnam and Guatemala. The order was completed in North Carolina, Sherlock.

But if you buy clothes at a Halloween local dresses this season, it’s likely that wholesale halloween costumes you’ll meet more than one piece of clothing.

“A lot of people think we’re in California, but I’ve found talent and opportunities in New Jersey,” Berman said. I used to live in New York, but I created a business toll highway between 4 and 3. Runnemede is magical.”

The company recently settled a lawsuit with Kmart after they stop piracy prosecution popular banana clothing sales.

“They agreed to wear this outfit,” Berman said.

Kmart went on to deal with a suit that had been bought from the terms of their agreement, he said.

Halloween is a special time, and there are more than one reason for Berman every year. They got married 19 years ago at halloween. They did not have a make-up, but Robert did not promise to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the future.

Their best – selling goods this year are foreseeable food.

“They helped create clothing for food categories,” one colleague said.”

In addition to several banana costumes, including peeled banana, with avocado, roller, spam, M&M, surf and a bottle of whiskey fireball cinnamon.

Berman was an aspiring drama writer. 25 years ago, he stumbled across a life that changed his life.

“I was the first Rasta hat with a rope,” he said. The rope bun and a lower cover out of imitation.” I sold 20 dollars and a cup of beer. ”

A bar in Berman beach harbor in Long Beach put on his work soon hit. He says many local people don’t know for most of the night if he is really a fear of sports.

“Few people are afraid, no one is white,” he said.

It was a fateful night. That summer Berman lived on the shore. He decided to stay in the Residence Riviera for his parents for a while until he wrote a script that was going to play his career on Broadway. He had been living in New York since he went to school at the Middlebury College in Vermont. He’s still working back and forth every day, writing coaches from LBI sessions, and there’s nowhere to go.

“She suggested me to be treated,” he talked about a particularly tough question. I remember driving back wholesale halloween costumes and deciding what I really wanted to do was sell hats.

Sign up for the next program of Tina Wayne. She grew up in Western Pennsylvania and just graduated from Ohio State University. She decided to open a commercial truck in the summer, Robert begged her to sell his Rasta hat.

“She doesn’t like this hat, but she likes me,” Robert said.

“We live at the same time,” says Tina, who has an architecture degree. We all have creative backgrounds and ideas, but we don’t have any background in textile design. But, we end up here. Sometimes we look back and smile and ask, “how did we choose this path?””

It turns out, it’s not a mystery.

Their parents run small businesses. Tina owns a clothing rental shop in Pennsylvania, Altoona. Robert’s father and uncle run the aging of the tobacco wholesale and confectionery business, 15000 square feet of the warehouse, now the house Rasta Imposta.

The building is simple, without wholesale halloween costumes signs and windows, and an aging cement facade, which can be seriously considered by the black site of the Central Intelligence Agency. But on the afternoon of the latest day of work, people are looking for discounted clothes on Halloween.

Berman said, “This brings us back to the way we were. We are meeting with the local people. Many people asked us how long we stayed here, and we said 25 years, what did they say?”

Seventeen of the employees are still on Clements Bridge Road, with graphic design, product display, marketing, licensing and export sales they think may be once a year event.

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