Little Kim has the best response to the Halloween costumes of Beyonce and Jay-Z

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Little Kim is crazy love Beyonce E and Jay-Z halloween costumes shop online.

Earlier this week, the beyhive found that the famous couple celebrated the festival’s grotesque Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Kim Kelly Roland’s Halloween party.

Jay will be late rapper and a red jacket and woodland, Beyonce e received her inspiration from Kim’s music video, Messi and Ellie Ott entitled “rain”.

When the fans were excited about their appearance, a famous admirer kept silent until now. As long as Beyonce e share new look from her holiday Instagram and her personal website, Kim could not resist the sound.

“I’m still recovering from the @ Beyonce’s slayage from Halloween. Beyonce # lilkim # tookusabreak # cellular # lilkimseason queen, “Kim Lil’shared Instagram, Grammy prize winner share her halloween costumes shop online clothing photos.” Lawwwwddddd, my wig is all the way in China! Kill. You did the B!

She continued, “come all the way, through Bey!” “Beyonce, this resemblance is crazy! The match is in the sky. Every detail is the focus! I love you, Bey.”

For different looks, Beyonce choice top designers including a bright green tzarina ollia fur coat and jgerard blue silk dress.

“Hip hop not our original Queen B is the same,” read the Beyonce e web banner.

And Jay-Z’s clothes, little Kim did not make God unaware. After her final Instagram, rap no but search for love for the match of the power couple.

“It’s so lovely and even lovely because Jay-Z and Biggie are good friends, and he has his manners,” she shared. ” I love you, Queen shellfish and King Jay. ”

Happy Halloween late, folks. The two people will be defeated halloween costumes shop online next year!

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