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halloween costumes

It is not easy for everyone to be right on campus politics, but no one is more difficult than the president, and the Dean even teaches and assistants at the University of Minnesota.

For the first time, this university let everyone know that Halloween reminds students not to be foolish when choosing Halloween costumes. “Even ghosts have feelings, and remember that the burial ground should also be a safe space, which is no doubt a good thing.” However, it seems unfriendly to deprive college students of their innate resistance, perhaps just over.

However, university students warned (employees) to avoid wearing black. (no Al Jolsons wants to be in Minneapolis or St Paul, or.) The Halloween university here may go back to women without men. When the snow fluttering, where are comrades and Q?

This week, the university has been watching the Christmas season, or holiday, because the honest people will be careful to call it Christmas. The banned list is longer than the Halloween list. The Christmas decorations should remain neutral and do not explain “specific religious portraits.” It means the red and green things, the traditional Christmas color, or the blue and silver, which is new and is a bright color. Blue and silver are also the color of Dallas cowboys. So the residents of the national capital, who are fans of Washington Red Man, do not have any trouble to comply with the rules.

But from the birth of Jesus scene, Candlestick, angel, Santa Claus, bells, jingle bells, Christmas tree lights, even if they bow and the bell for the Christmas gift. Naughty Christmas stockings and those ugly Christmas stocking coals in the official list, but there is no coal, just to be safe. At this time of the year, a body can never be sure who is looking.

The religious content of some items is very difficult to distinguish, only open gifts can prove the pure intention of the gift.

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