HOMEGOODS hosts a Dog Halloween show, oh, my God

When Halloween comes, I’ve spent hours exploring wonderful (and affordable) decorations at HOMEGOODS to suit the season.

Now I have more reason to go to the aisle of my favorite store. They have some nasty cute pet costumes!

Of course, retailers range from $10 to $17 in animal clothing, calling for a full fashion show, so the home collection has some cute displays of their favorite clothes, four legged models.

From York dressed up as a little roll to a rescue Australian Shepherd shaking a watermelon Costume, you’re sure to scream “ah!”!” Get support in these furry fashion people.

Sorry, beforehand, my two dogs, because it looks like we’re going to jump to the home travel dog park before October.

How can I resist looking at these beautiful Halloween costumes after they watch the runway show?

Ready to cry, Halloween cute with these pictures of dogs in their costumes.

If you’re curious about these patterns, don’t worry, we have our own Instagram information about wholesale halloween costumesĀ for you, too!

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