Halloween Costume creative new global economy, 2017

Last year, we recommended wholesale halloween costumes several DIY Halloween costumes for you, a participant in the global new economy. Including: Brexiteer, Mark Zuckerberg, Sexy Mark Zuckerberg, Davos.

This is a new year, and the world has changed. Halloween Carnival, fortunately, this year is more than last year’s people. So we updated our clothing list, which said, “global economy 2017.”

Bitcoin Miner: an insecure cap and headlights, with a pencil, a pick and fork. You can solve math equations with pencil picks

Steve Bannon: two wear shirts and 37, stacked with each other. Pants should be yoga pants. Put on a sports jacket.

Equifax: take a piece of paper, your chest contains your government’s ID number, mother’s maiden name, credit card number (security code and expiration date), three final address, date of birth, born in the city, year of birth and mother’s time, any future children required wholesale halloween costumes the time of birth, bank account details, your first pet’s name and password, signature, twitter.

Index Fund: as the average dress of all the most popular Halloween costumes, the witch’s hat is seen in a Batman mask, draped on the ghost sheets, with a clown nose. Mediocre but effective.

The consultant: wearing fine striped suits and chrome, ask you incredibly detailed questions about their lifestyle, investment risk tolerance and future plans. End all these conversations and suggest that they meet your friends, index fund.

Karan Nick Travis (2): take one of your Halloween party. Compliment your driver and give him a tip of 20 dollars. Tell every woman in the field to support her. Mention your best friend, Dara. This is the new you. That’s how you’re going to restore power. You’re Steve Jobs.

Troll Troll: if you’re a man, it’s best. Don’t bathe between now and halloween. Take a sign of provocative “truth”, like “all life” or “feminists hate men.” everyone thinks you’re smart.

Russian Internet Troll: ditto, except you’re a robot.

Cyclical adjusted P / E: standing on the highest stilts you can find, holding a sign that says, “this time it’s different.”

Protectionism: bring in drinks, food, friends, refrigerators, space heaters, glasses, glasses, bathrooms, and hand sanitizer. Don’t use or touch anything you don’t bring. Maybe also with shields.

Central bank: dressed as Janet Yellen, fine Mario Delagi, Mark Carney, Haruhiko Kuroda. All night, from the wine bowl, the smaller ones.

Wear a black winter hat and pull it down to cover your face. (hint: this will make it impossible to eat or drink normally, so you need fashion, and can be converted to usable input. Adapter tube)

Icon: in the exchange of drinks and candy, give tokens to represent the right to get future drinks and sweets, at blockchain. Leave the party early and stop talking to them.

Pumpkin spice latte: spray your own two cans and empty bottles of butter on your head. (don’t use any real pumpkins.)

Populism: dressed up as a person, most of you say you should dress up (whatever).

Britain talks back in Europe: This is a two people wearing a French clothing (beret, bread in the other (ARM) and British hat, tweed). French Englishmen will be gathering in the night, in the armpit.

Snapchat dancing hot dog: just buy this one straight.

Donald Trump: look at the pumpkin spice latte”.

Jeff Bezos: driving an unmanned plane and sending things to people nearby. “It’s so convenient! “Everybody says that. But only you know that they will soon become reluctant to get anything and control you completely.

Amazon Alexa: ditto, except you’re a robot.

The nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China: the official dark colored suit without the Communist Party of china. Tie color: red.

Fool: in clay and underwear costumes. You can turn it off because you spend a few days doing master cleaning.

The next round: get a bucket of candy and those who adhere to wholesale halloween costumes buy at very reasonable prices: a small Snickers $5, $7 for peanut chocolate.

Strongly deny rumors that you sell the same candy at another party. People want to buy your candy now. That’s certainly not a problem.

Core code: if you’re in a relationship with a person wearing Donald Trump, that’s best.

YAHOO: disguised as everyone who thinks they’ve moved out of town.

Want to cry: lock up the handcuffs, other people at the party, especially someone pretending to be a doctor. Put on a sign that says, “I accept bitcoin.” I hope nobody’s found vodka to be your killer switch.

Lee Sedol: take your whole life to the game, the game is very complex, it has thousands of years of human thought limit test.
Alphago: ditto, but not for a lifetime, you’re a robot.

Volatility index: eat a huge, high carbohydrate meal before you’re sleepy. Move as slowly as possible, and often comment, “it’s very quiet here.”

To explore the Facebook feed: you go with a group of friends, just wholesale halloween costumes a few funny characters may appear in the exploration of your Facebook feed, live like pigs, or women, from 22 to 10, hate it, or explosion Clinton uranium agreement, or chicken, play the piano.

Uber driver: so, why do you dress up for Halloween? People get drunk, demand is high, soaring prices are gone! Do you think you can go to a party?

Self drive: ditto, except you’re a robot.

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