“I really want to give it something”: Heidi Klum says her next Halloween costumes will be sticky and awful people no longer, in last year’s clone

She was crowned the queen of Halloween in her best clothes and said she likes to encourage people wholesale halloween costumes to dress up for the holidays.

Heidi Klum sat down with Alan Degeneres this week to chat about her creative holiday under a ghostly holiday, revealing that she intends to work with very scary and sticky clothes.


I’m already preparing for halloween by wholesale halloween costumes. “I have many artificial limbs.” The 44 year old American talent presenter said.

Heidi said she had rested for some time when she was 2016 years old, and when she joined her own annual dance, she made great progress with her five clones.

Last year, I was just because I thought, “I need an annual vacation”, so I have 5 clones, and I can just me… But I don’t think people are too impressed with it.

I really want to give it some this year. I have many artificial limbs on my hands and face. I had to do that yesterday. It’s sticky and messy.

“It would be a terrible German born beauty, holding her hand and twisting her finger like tentacles.”.

The runway star of the project acknowledges that the preparation process may require ’10 or 11 hours’, which will take good two hours to eliminate everything at night.

The mother of four told Ellen that she liked to go all out at Halloween and liked to do the same thing when her friends, so they hardly recognized each other at her annual event.

2016 she arrived at her party held in New York in the restaurant – with five long legged woman dressed her naked and high boots.

Every one of her five “clone” wearing facial prosthesis copy Heidi’s nose and chin and wig, and smokey eye makeup.

When Heidi made her arrive a year ago, there was a complete body that gave her enormous chest implants and a rich booty Jessica Rabbit.

On Monday, the project star shared the creative process of her new clothes.

Surrounded by a special set of special effects experts, Heidi was found to have a prosthetic arm inserted into her mouth and sat patiently, while her arm was covered with green mold.

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