5 feminist Halloween costumes try if you’re trying to overthrow patriarchy

It can find a good Halloween costume is not possible, especially if you wait until Halloween night crazy by Kmart seize all suitable. In these crazy moments, you come to notice that, despite the fact that it is 2017, many women’s halloween costumes shop online choices still go from “sexy pirates”, “hot” to the “assault team,” to “sexy nurses.” These options, at least, are limited to women. So, what could this year be a better way to combat sexist stereotypes than to launch your own feminist Halloween costumes?

Think about it: how many incredible, powerful, authorized, smart, smart, funny, outspoken women in cultural trends are worth a reward? So much, right? Too many! Joking, there won’t be too many bad women in the world, looking up. But imagine how much fun it would be to channel the energy of confidence into your own halloween costumes shop online.

Take these ideas as a starting point to help you find a true female image (famous, notorious, well known, well known) who really tells you and motivates you all year round.

1. Xena


Do I need to say more? I don’t think so. Kill the ghostly vibes of this epic costume this year.

2. The shadowy Knight


In the “miracle world”, Misty Knight is a former New York police, after bomb attack had to be amputated arm. After that, she got a bionic prosthetic hand, and then she casually started her own detective agency and her friend, lan.

If you ask me, feminist heroes don’t really do better than that.

3. Daliya.


Daria, a classic cartoon misanthropes know her brilliant, so detest the world and its ways of observation, for she may ignition.

As for you, you will only have your own fire halloween costumes shop online, and may not need you to do more than digging in your closet, a big baggy sweater and false glasses.

4. frida kahlo


This kid is a popular costume because, first of all, Frida is just cool. Second, it’s actually easy to recreate her iconic appearance with the house around you. Hide yourself in colorful things, wrinkle your eyebrows, braid your hair, and put some flowers in it.

This is a! You are now one of the most important painters of the twentieth Century.

5. Vagina


It would be fun, wouldn’t it? It is worth noting that not every woman has a vagina. It is a lovely and colorful organ that deserves celebration and interpretation in the form of clothing – with the help of many blankets and cardboard, of course.

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