With the CON and the loyal fans in the spring

In the past seven years, a clear sign of spring has begun in Lansing is not only the flowering trees or snow, but the appearance of thousands of fans in the city of Riverside – dress roaming to fear, or anger, bewildered onlookers.

We went to the local university and said, “we are holding an anime conference. You should come!” “We expect about 300 people, we have ended 1300,” said the Con founder, Stefanie Sun, who looked back at the 2011 of the Convention. The eighth annual exhibition from Lansing began Thursday in Lansing center.

What is the animation conference? If you are familiar with any typical comic book fan party, you are not far away. The main difference is the exchange of Batman Picacho.

The costumes, including costumes, are called RPG video game competitions, a thriving market, toys and electronics, balls and various experts in Japan. Essentially, it is a period of three days of sensory overload Lansing anime fans.

“I have always been interested in anime conventions, but I do not know that there is a so close to where I live,” the show regulars Kell O’Meara, 24, said. My husband said, you should go with me! “We went, and I’ve been addicted to it since then.”

Habits like the exhibition attract a lot of opportunities for people to meet in the animation industry because they meet for the fans. The interaction between these fanatical fans and creators or actors is not as universal as other media, but also helps to make animation a way of life, not just a hobby.

With congoers, Shuto Con is not just providing a space for a weekend talk. According to different people, Shuto Con can resonate with their inner feelings. Many congoers described the second home of their favorite anime conference.

“It’s a little sad. My name is Shuto Con, my home exhibition, through my husband, I introduce my brother and his children, and now my mother this year “O’Meara said.”

The anime conference is described by a certain congoers as a few places they feel completely unruly. The masquerade like environment provides a powerful social lubricant that makes the girl feel less conscious at last.

“Part of the reason is that we do not show ourselves. It took away a certain degree of insecurity, because people didn’t see our real self, “Shuto Con first time Rachel Walkowski, 20, say. “They are looking at a role. When someone calls out the name of your character and is very excited to see you, there will be a special sense of satisfaction and satisfaction.

“I can’t yell at the people on the street,” Hey Girl said. “You look cute.” And in a prisoner, this is a more open atmosphere, “Walkowski said.

An open free environment interacting with all types of society is a unified congoers feeling.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you are, there is always a strong sense of community and willingness to be accepted.”

I’m getting more and more accepted by people doing all kinds of interesting things, “the Shuto Con rule Jaime Peralez, 41, says. “As long as you have fun, why don’t you enjoy it?” That’s how I feel there. There is a great friendship. ”

Peralez has gone from South Dakota to join his wife, Sarah Vaa Shuto Con since 2014, to find time bonds in their COSPLAY anime mutual love. Like peralezes, many congoers romantic relationships are formed or developed in the anime conference.

When the question is, “how do you meet your other half?” “Asked about the community’s Facebook web page of the exhibition, there was an amazing response to the answer, well, in the control. These couples explained how their chemical reactions developed, just as simple as the same animation. In the cosplay competition in last year’s fraud, congoer Alex Kearns proposed his girlfriend, now Brandy Kaye Kearns, a few hundred in front of the platform.

For some congoers, Cosplay is the only thing that is important. Many participants will visit the convention only to show off their own Cosplays, or to appreciate the work of others.

Those with extraordinary talents even stripped their careers out of role play, similar to the Internet celebrities who make a living by social media.

halloween costumes

They go from one cheater to another, and sometimes get a good bonus from a role play competition. Or they just earn cash on a comic – Fan Commission, hoping to make a good impression on them. “I entered role-playing with friends to do Halloween costumes to show us all like,” crazy Cosplayer Christie good, 36, “said. “Then I found that you could go to the annual meeting of all people dressed up, and I was like ‘this is the best.’ ‘”

It is not to choose which kind of clothing is accomplished by aesthetics, but by the degree of the relationship between her and the role. Clothing in this area is a gorgeous expression of personality and identity. Although outsiders might laugh at crudely made clothes, many of which hate domestic mech suit dress, seem to be a comic page very difficult.

“Some people will say, ‘Oh, if you haven’t done it, it’s not true,’ but a lot of people in society say, ‘are you enjoying your clothes? And then, yes, you are in the role play. “For me, everything is for fun. Role play is for everyone, even if you can’t sew or think that you are not the right body shape, you can still play the role of the role. Don’t let anything stop you.

Shuto Con has a firm and secure space policy. No one can make anyone feel uncomfortable in terms of identity, regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation. But Raya Ghist, a black beauty, 18, says it is still possible to improve community development.

“Even though we accept different shapes and Cosplay skins, people will grow up. There will always be some people who are Cosplay disdain, because they do not have the right height, weight and skin color,” Ghist said. “When I was cosplayed’s pity, I got a lot of enthusiasm, but someone said,” is she not white? Isn’t she white? Why do you have a role to play her? ‘”

Shuto Con also has its suppliers’ rooms, where more than 50 of the merchants come from all over the country. Some vendors make their covenant circuit, like the Bookworm’s effort Shawna Bourne. This kind of life is not absolute and difficult for everyone. From the long journey, I don’t know that you will succeed if you have to tighten your belt, “Bourne said. “The Convention is lucky, and the degree of supersaturation is a real thing. We pay close attention to the economy. ”

The animation community initially extended the hobby of the Con founder Yanzi, but with the growth of Shuto Con, it has effectively taken over her life.

But, like most people who are engaged in a career out of passion, she is not complaining. Her dedication may be the best summary of the heart of the mascot, a Sumi jaki named cartoonimp. To do the right thing with her employees and to manage Shuto Con, it is constantly attracting thousands of people.

At the beginning of 2011, this number was 1300, and since then it has risen to 2017 of 6500. This is not too unrealistic expectations, one day, especially when it is paid more and more attention, Shuto Con can break the 10000 letters of its status as a biggest annual event in lansing.

The love of the anime convention was developed in her university in Florida, Jacksonville. When she returned to central Michigan, she was surprised that there was no similar scene in the north.

“Every weekend I have a custom in Florida, and that’s what I’m used to. When I moved to Michigan in 2009, there was not a lot of here, in the Big Rapids there were Detroit and jafax youmacon, “it should be explained. “I think in Lansing, because there is no middle ground in any country.”

In the initial idea, Youmacon’s opinion should be solicited. The organizers of jafax accept their blessing as long as she doesn’t create a potential participant conflict.

Her experience of running an anime club at a school in Florida made her closely related to several heads of the Convention in Florida. She had a picture of how she would get rid of her thoughts in her mind.

“I know a lot of organizers,” Shall said. “When the leaders I learned from the club helped me, I started to put a small operator Shuto Con in different departments.”

The group of successful leasing center and Lansing Book guest lineup provides a day of entertainment, not too much trouble. But they found themselves unprepared, and in a crazy environment, they expected more than twice.

“We’ve been busy all the time, because we don’t know how to deal with everything. But it’s a great thing to do on us, and that’s why we can continue every year, “Shall said.

Although it should be the face of the objection, she knew that the convention was almost impossible, without her employees.

“My staff really increased the intervention that helped me deal with many aspects of the content this year, and I usually take myself,” Shall said. I can’t thank them for that. We are all committed to this year’s performance.

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