Professor Yale criticized Howard Dean’s Halloween Costumes controversy review

A professor at Yale University attacked Howard Dean, a former governor of Vermont, as “a serious contributor to fake news” because Dean’s critical comments focused on a two year old halloween costumes controversy.

Nicholas Christakis, a professor at Yale University, called the social media earlier this week “very wrong”, which happened in Dean Dean’s alma mater in October 2015.

“I sincerely hope that our alma mater Yale’s explanation of many lies in your 2015 Halloween activities is not an intentional lie or your govhowarddean coward,” Christakis in a series of micro-blog on Sunday.

I sincerely hope our alma mater “Yale in your 2015 Halloween Event summed up a lot of false explanations not deliberately lying or cowards you @ govhowarddean.

halloween costumesChristakis was in response to Dean’s remarks in December 2017, a new 2015 episode of Halloween, the “folk discourse and the American Board” of Kenyon University.

In October 2015, when Christakis Erika’s wife Christakis is attacked, she asked her students from the Cross Cultural Affairs Committee to avoid wearing halloween costumes such as racial motivation reaction, the United States, or black turban hat.

In an email addressed to students living in the hall of her management, Erica said students should be able to wear anything they want to wear.

“For a child or a young man, there is no more annoying place. Is it inappropriate or provocative, or is it rude? “She wrote,” she wrote. “American universities used to be a safe space, not only for maturity, but for some backsliding or even excessive experience, and more and more, they seemed to be a place of accusation and prohibition.”

The email triggered an immediate condemnation of the entire campus, prompting hundreds of students and faculty members to protest.

At that time, a group of students also faced the Nicholas Christakis campus. An unnamed student attacked his personal video, calling him “nausea” and “the poor housekeeper of the community,” the virus spread.

In retelling the episode, Dean seems to have pushed the responsibility to two professors.

The college’s co – leader, wife, wrote another note, basically saying, “we don’t have to be too politically correct. Don’t make snowflakes. Do what you want to do, you should enjoy your ability to dress up in Halloween, let’s stop all of these nonsense, “Dean said. “There is no violence. Some people are shouting, some are screaming and some people become very emotional.

“No one attacks the rights of these people,” said Dean, “that political correctness is BS, not a snowflake. But it has an impact on freedom of speech… As the leader of the college, it means that you are a supporter of the students. If you choose to expose what a group thinks is protection, you lose your purpose and have a job.

He was in twitter, and Nicholas Christakis said Dean was “clearly aware of the breadth of the event, in the program,” to link to a short documentary about the event.

He went on to point out that several other “lies” before micro-blog: “anyway, @ govhowarddean”, as you can see, you made some defamatory comments, which are very unreal. As you say, this is allowed in the United States (not Britain), but does that still make you feel embarrassed? ”

In December 2015, Erika Christakis resigned as a teacher. A few months later, she and her husband resigned their job as a dorm manager.

“I am very worried about you govhowarddean make a contribution to the # fakenews problem currently plaguing our democracy. Do you do better? The correct record, are you forgery? In other words.

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