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Never Go to the Beach without These 5 Essentials

The beach is the ideal holiday and rest destination for many people. But, as sometimes being at the seaside is not part of some people’s routine, it is normal to wonder what to take to the beach.

To avoid any kind of inconvenience and ensure that you enjoy your tour to the fullest, we have prepared a checklist with the essential items that should be in your suitcase.

Organizing your bag in advance and thinking carefully about what to take to the beach is important both to not forget anything that is essential and not to overload yourself with taking more than necessary.

Below, we list five essential items that should be in your luggage. The amount of them, however, will vary according to how long your trip will last.


The first item on this list couldn’t be another! After all, swimwear is the official look of coastal walks.

So, in the bag, you can’t miss models of bikinis and bathing suits, or bathing suits and shorts — the main alternatives for beachwear. When choosing which ones to take, pay attention to the comfort and quality of the fabric.

As it is very likely that you will wear the same clothes for a long time, it is very important that they absorb moisture quickly, to avoid, for example, the proliferation of fungi in the intimate parts of the body.

Light clothes

In addition to bathing suits, you can’t miss clothes in your suitcase, such as shorts, dresses, t-shirts and, not least, blouses with sun protection — especially if you plan to spend the whole day in the sun.

Remember that you’re going to the coast just to enjoy the heat, so you don’t want anything to get in the way of the high temperatures, right?

In addition, when assembling the luggage, an important tip is to think of joker clothes, which can be used for more than one occasion. This will help you save a lot of space!

For example, beach looks such as pantaloons or skirts can be worn by the sea, but when paired with a bodysuit or bikini top, they create a perfect look for an evening or late afternoon walk.

Although light clothes take up more space in the bag, the tip is to take a spare coat or jacket. In some coastal regions, it is common to be hot during the day and cold at night. So be prepared for that temperature drop.

Comfortable shoes

Chinelo feminino plataforma grossa antiaderente
Chinelo feminino plataforma grossa antiaderente

Still about your looks, also pay attention to the shoes you are going to take. In beach towns, the most common thing is to use flip-flops, so they really can’t be missing from your bag. However, if you want something more tidy, it may be interesting to carry flats and other open sandals.

Sneakers should only be on your list if you plan to keep your exercise routine up to date even while traveling or if you plan a specific outing, such as a hike, for example.

In all cases, value, above all, your comfort, even more so if you are going to a place that you want to “explore” and spend the day walking to discover it.

Accessories that protect from the sun

4 Acessórios de cabeça pra usar muito no verão
4 Acessórios de cabeça pra usar muito no verão

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To give a final touch to your beach looks, you can’t miss accessories that protect you from the sun, such as visors, caps, hats and sunglasses.

In addition to adding a touch of style to the look, they help keep you safe from UV rays – which, in the end, prevents problems that can disrupt your ride, such as burns and, in more serious cases, heat stroke.

Sunscreen and other skin and hair care products

Who doesn’t like that tan and the little mark that the sun leaves, right? Not to mention the vitamin D that the star king makes available to us. But anything in excess is bad. With the sun’s rays, it’s no different.

To enjoy your days at the beach without any problems, you can use sunscreen! If we had to give only one answer to the question “what to take to the beach”, it would be the item you can’t miss in your bag. The ideal is to reinforce the use every 2 hours.

In addition, the sun can also have a drying effect on the skin and hair. So, if you want to ensure a shiny and healthy look in both, always have moisturizers and after-beach lotions with you.

Did you like these tips to assemble your suitcase for the coast? Now that you know what to take to the beach, prepare your organization list.

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