Selena Quintanilla’s sister said she liked Kim Kardashian’s late costume singer for Halloween costumes

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Kim Kardashian may have received the late singer Selena Quintanilla who opposed halloween costumes shop online the fans dressed up as Halloween, but she must have been praised by Selena’s sister Suzzette.

Earlier this month, Suzzette told the Losangeles radio station power 106, Kim’s clothing is a star, BOM BOM hitmaker – bidi bid including Demi Lovato and Ferreira in the United States in her love.

The 50 year old former percussion artist Selena Y, Losangeles dinosaur continues to revel in the reality of the star’s Halloween: “she looks beautiful.” She looked at the real latin. I like it。

Although the Tex Mex singer’s sister is a fan, not everyone likes the choice of Kim’s halloween costumes shop online clothing.

Kardashians shared the photo of mark Selena now purple jumpsuit.

Some angry followers shared their ideas in the comment section: “part of me was bad, Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena’s Halloween.” I doubt she appreciates how amazing she is.

In an interview with radio, suzzette revealed that Kim and her family were longtime singers of the late singer.

Suzette said: “many people don’t know, but my good friend Aideliannibalong [Robert Kardashian] ex girlfriend

Selena’s sister recalled and Aideni talking on the phone, she was dating a young Kardashian.” She was on the phone and Courtney – Rob [Kardashian] and all the background and they all sing my music, “said Suzzette.

They are big fans of our music. So it’s not a big surprise for me to wear her clothes like that. It’s a great honor.

Quintanilla also mentioned that she was happy to halloween costumes shop online see the young Kardashian Jenner brothers sports Selena’s gear, just like sister Kim.

Suzzette told radio host: “then I think [Kylie] Jenna Selena shirts last year, this is not a surprise, either. They’re Selena and our music fans, so that’s cool.”

2016 years old, she posted a Selena T-shirt on Instagram, read “we miss you” photos, and the photos of the late singer posted in front.

Suzzette ends: “anyone’s representative, that’s cool.” Just more power on halloween costumes shop online. More power, Selena.”

Selena Quintanilla is 1995 murdered, but her legacy goes on.

Last week’s Queen of music was a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She was hailed as one of the most influential musical icons of the twentieth Century.

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