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SPANX vs Durafits: Which shapewear brand comes out on top?

Decisions are something we make every day. When we open our closet, we are set to face a decision of what are we going to wear. It’s true that what we wear could speak for us that is why we carefully decide on it. However, we also take into careful consideration our inner garments such as shapewear. 

How, though, can we pick the brand of shapewear if we want the best? We may ask ourselves these questions:

Is it better for our health?

Many brands today compete against each other by focusing on the product but not on the welfare of the customers. Since shapewear usually compresses the unwanted fats in our stomach, we may be conscious about our organs if they would be kept safe. 

The Durafits shapewear has removable and adjustable straps that allow us to keep the tightness according to our desire. It also features three layers of the abdomen part can strengthen our abdomen.

Is It More Stylish?

The Durafits shapewear takes our fashion sense into consideration even if it is not the main item in our get-up. The U plunge neckline of its shapewear assures adding more glamour. It has a very low back and font solution to not compromise our style. Durafit’s also has this Power Mesh backless style that adds contours to our butt and smoothly shapes out our thighs. 

If we look to other shapewear, for example from Spanx, we could see that there are more designs available on Durafits.  More choices, the better!

Is It More Comfortable to Wear?

Of course, we would never trade comfort over style! Good thing is, the Durafits shapewear makes sure they got them combined. It seamless shorts provide comfort because they are made of breathable material which is also friendly for our skin. 

shaper shorts
Seamless Above Knee Shaping Shorts
Booty Sculptor
Smooth Control Shaping Booty Sculptor

Is It More Affordable? 

Most people say that the higher the price, the greater is the quality of the product. Well, the Durafits bodysuit shaper is an exception. Compared to its competitions such as SPANX, their price starts from 30 dollars as they give out huge discounts which range from 30% to 70% off. All of these without having to compromise the quality of their products. 

Which comes on top? 

This Durafits shapewear provides all the yeses to the questions that we need to consider when we are choosing the best shapewear. They provide more stylish, more comfortable, and more affordable shapewear for various sizes with features like butt lifter shorts and body sculptors. Plus, the biggest check among this checklist is that it does not risk our health. 

We face many decisions in life. Oftentimes, most of our biggest decisions come from the good ones that we made on the small decisions we faced. Choosing shapewear may appear as a small deal when compared to the wardrobe we are deciding on. But since we are designed to want the best, Durafits allow us to not settle for less. 

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