The last 7 minutes, “stranger stuff” Halloween costumes, wear your team

With Halloween approaching, you may think you don’t have time to take off the perfect clothes. If you need some inspiration, look no further than the 80’s nostalgia movie Netflix obsession, pull together these last strangers things like Halloween costumes. The best part of Halloween costume is that there are lots of characters, so it’s a good idea for the whole team.
It’s also easier to scour junk stores and online resources and put all the clothes together. Think of the 80s Fashion, and you should be able to recreate your favorite stranger roles effortlessly, and you’ll be a hot Halloween party.
If you have a small squad, features eleven, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin, or you already have a big group, can take many roles, add characters like fan favorite Barb, before Joyce’s mother, Nancy Steve, or young, or Jonathan, there are so many choices the whole cast. Of course, if your team is separated, your clothing choices may not make much sense, so it’s better to stick together. You don’t want to lose anyone, can you?
1. Eleven

Looking for eleven is the signature blonde wig, pink dress, blue jacket, and boy’s hose. Oh, don’t forget a drop of blood out of your nose really conveys all the telekinetic powers. Waffle! This dress is the most difficult work because the clothing, to find a Pan Yuwen collar embroidery 80s style clothing can be a challenge, but for any soft pink clothes, a blue coat, like her character’s equipment is close enough.
2. Lucas
Although Lucas’s clothing may not give you much of an obvious job, you can add some accessories here to make the appearance easier to identify. Think of Camo scarves, walkie talkies, and / or slingshot, complete with standard 80s clothing. The two characters have fairly standard 80s shirts and jackets, and nothing can really stand out, but as part of a group dress, you need Lucas and Mike.
3. Mike

Mike is another character, but you have to have a Mike in your “stranger” group! Standard striped polo shirts and khaki jackets are a good choice.
4. Dustin
Dustin looks like he’s probably riding 90% on the big curly wig and a standard Trucker hat. With a dark jacket and a backpack, it looks whole.
5. take

Will is another character that has all American kids looking at, but you can easily rebuild his jeans, plaid shirts with hot down, and red vest using secondhand shop found.
6. Barb
Even at Halloween, it’s important for Babu’s justice, so you have to be her outfit, huh? Justice. A frilly plaid shirt, mom jeans and a pair of big old glasses is a good start. Take an old-fashioned memo yourself and you’ll turn into a barb!
7. Joyce Bair

If someone in your class wants to believe in her inner mother, give them the character of a deranged Winona ryder. Make sure you include Christmas lights and letter walls, and put your clothes on the next floor, if possible.

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