The costume shop is opening up for Halloween

This is not a trick. The temporary Halloween shop is back in central Florida.

The Halloween spirit supermarket opened 16 stores in central Florida from Kissimmee to Sanford, from Waterford Lake Clermont.

Another chain, the wholesale halloween costumes shop, opens at the South Orange Blossom path in Orlando.

In August 12th and 13th, the spirit opened its first temporary store in central Florida, occupying vacancies in the sports administration, HH, Gregg and other agencies.
“Someone opens,” says Erik Hodkey, the spiritual Halloween store manager.


It is expected to open about 1300 stores nationwide this year and employ 30000 temporary workers.

Hodkey said he expects a big crowd this year. New movies and TV shows, such as “strange things” and “wonder women”, should be big sellers, along with children’s clothing such as masks and PAW patrols.

Health examination

In August 24th, a health check awn Trinidad and Tobago Hubin Hotel failed to pull, and by the national health and Quarantine Bureau temporarily closed.

According to a report from the Florida business and occupation administration, inspectors found a rodent excrement in the dining room, and room preparation area.

Lakeside Hotel is located in downtown LA Trinidad and Tobago awn 100 N. Alexander St.

The company’s owner, Jim Gunderson, said the droppings from rats may have been caused by nearby buildings being demolished and nearby building trash hotels. He said the Lakeside Inn has pest control companies.

“We’ve never seen rodents in the kitchen,” he said.”

The Lakeside Hotel reopened after a follow-up examination in August 25th.

The Orlando flavor restaurant also closed the Nigeria inspector during the August 24th visit with cockroach problems. The owner of the taste declined to comment.

Mexico food near Demille

Tequila Azul COCINA Mexico is open to the Second District restaurant near Demille.

The Mexico restaurant has signed a 5000 square foot venue in the Winter Garden State Road 5799 leased at the Mill Village Shopping center.

Originally, tequila Azul at 4750 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando. Which dishes include Chunbing, Cream Polenta Cake AHI Tuna Salad, spicy, raspberry and blueberry Margarita salmon.

Tequila Azul should be opened in the second or third quarter of 2018.

Tequila Azul is represented by Alex, Gordon, and Bobby Palta, CB Richard ellis.

New home in Altamonte Springs

The retailer is below five, the famous footwear and Halloween spirit has opened a shopping center in Altamonte Springs in the town of West corner.

The center is located in the west of town 434 and the southwest corner of the park, south of view 436 and opposite the Costco wholesale or wholesale halloween costumes.

Another store, once a child, is scheduled to open in the next few weeks.

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