The real housewives in New York came back with suspicious Halloween costumes and drunkenness.

It’s great to let the ladies of the big apple get back to the tenth season of Real Housewives in New York. Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Carole Radziwill, Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortmier and Luann De, did not waste time entering the drama in the Halloween party in the delta. These drinks are orange, bubbly and flowing. The clothing is very tight, and the fabric is almost as big as the attitude.

Let’s break it down.

halloween costumes

Dorinda Medley

What Biduolinda and her Halloween decorations more perfect? Yes, it has its drunkenness, trying to explain Mrs. Gaga’s dress on Saturday night, and Andy may be Adam Sandler. When she presided over her party and angry, Sonia did not greet her as a post lunch lunch host, Dorinda hosted Luann.

LuAnn de Lesseps

Her divorce is fresh. In October 2017, LuAnn had no obstacles.

“I have been blinded, and I don’t want to see it,” Luann said. She told Da Lin Da that when Tom D’Agostino deteriorated, they got married. He wants to go out and meet with his old friends before he gets married. After a certain period of time, all the girls said it’s true, “Luann said.” Finally, for me, the last straw is lack of respect. It doesn’t stop, I can’t breathe… I drowned. I had a lot of bitterness, and it was really painful.

Luann said she also sent text messages to Tom, but there was no temptation to reconcile. Look, I have no regrets, “she told dorinda. Luann appeared at Diana Ross’s Halloween party. She completed a huge black wig and enough fake to question her face.

“Luann’s clothes are so rude. I think she is deaf in culture stereotype. She is usually tonedeaf. In any case, “Carol said.

There is no such thing as ladies. It looks great in addition to Bethenny saying Luann. It is… It may not be a wise choice for Luann.

Speaking of Carol, Luann was very upset. She never received a text message from Carol to Tom. Carol refutes the fact that she never tells the director everywhere that he is a bad guy. She sees a respected thing. Why does she need to break up after the text is broken? Lu never stretched out his hand to announce the relationship between Carol and Adam (even though they drank coffee or coffee).

Carol Radziwill

Carol and Adam still hang out, sex and sex, but they have no labels. She is busy training for the New York marathon. She didn’t notice Ramona from Bethenny’s charity dinner.

Bethenny Frankel

When the rhony camera turned, Bethenny was very charitable for her B. The camera followed her, and she got an award, and Tinsley and Ramona walked together. Her charitable efforts run through the season.

“I’m very proud of it, Bethenny. “Yes, we have our ups and downs, we have our moments, but this is an emergency, so I should be as generous as possible,” Ramona said.

“I didn’t do this because I wanted it to be recognized. I did it because I’m good at it. It has changed the way of my life in an incredible way, I’m very grateful, “Bethenny said.

Bethenny also opened the loss of her beloved dog, cookie. “It’s hard,” she said. She runs very well. It’s so love… She is my family. ”

Ramona’s singer

She is still decorating at home, maybe there is her friendship. According to Ramona’s statement, she stretched out Sonia several times, but not with her best friend. What’s going on?

In this episode, Ramona found the Dorinda dressed as Britney Spears, red tights and call.

“If she can prove her tits and camel toes, she is very happy,” Bethenny said, her clothes.

Bethenny and Ramona walked on Bethenny’s new real estate in Hamptons. You know, the typical thing.

Sonja Morgan

According to Sonia, she travels in Europe, taking antidepressants all the time, and then goes to Costa Rica to purify herself and drink juice. She is still in contact with Roco, but Frenchie is missing. When she appeared dressed as Lucille Ball in Dorinda’s party, she doesn’t allow her to meet dorinda-a no, according to dorinda.

Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley and Carol went through this summer together, but since the Spanish trip, she broke up with beau Scott. It’s too far away, but she still loves him. She still lives in a hotel, and now there’s a little dog on the floor. She didn’t know exactly what Sonia had.

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