The mother / daughter team introduced their creativity into the song and dance performance.

Before the director and choreography of the musical, for the team “Hotel moonbox product introduction Rachel Bertone is familiar with the fashion designer Marian Bertone work,” at the opening of the theater in Boston April 14th – wemberley once joined the program.

The talent bertones is the mother and the daughter, after all.

“After growing up, my mother has never been far away from her sewing machine,” Rachel recalled recently by phone from her home in Melrose. “She began to deconstruct and build the costumes of the Boston ballet. When I came back, I was a five year old child learning ballet.”

Marian designed more than Rachel’s ballet and other dances.

“I have two sisters. We all have Christmas and Easter dresses. “I think she has done all of our Halloween costumes,” Rachel said.

“When my daughter wanted to dance, we went to the old E. Williams dance school at Malden, where I became friendly with the deceased Carla Davis, recalling,” Marian passed her phone from her home in Malden last week. Virginia founded the Boston ballet, and Cara took charge of the school, her daughter.

“Cara and I spent three years in a ballet skirt to open up my mother to understand her. That experience taught me a lot. In the past 35 years, I have been engaged in ballet dresses, ballet and modern dance costumes customers.

Rachel turned to her mother for the first time in 2014.

Moonbox and I were hired directly and choreographed music and dance films. I decided to ask my mother if she could design and make costumes. “I will do it for you” is her answer. I can’t be grateful.

“I know she will give me the best product.” “Because she designs dance, she knows how the body moves, and the clothes she made is moving with her body,” Rachel said. In the “carabet”, some of the corpses belong to the girls in the dance hall.

The song and dance show is the 1966 musical that Toni won the Fred Ebb and John Kander. Joe Masteroff’s book is based on John Vantrutan’s 1951 “I’m a camera,” and this is the 1939 novel adapted from Chris Dover IVU, “goodbye, Berlin.”

The costumes of this show are quite different from what you often see. They are absolutely not stingy. There will be lace, underwear, bra, but elegant and dislike underwear.

“I like to make sure that the performers are comfortable. Marian laughed and said, “I hate to do really shameful things.”

In the dilapidated curious Club 1931 Berlin Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany, a young American writer, the Cliff Bradshaw of the relationship Music Center, and the actor of Sally Bowles for her luck English singing and dancing performance.

“I think Germany has rotted in this historical period. However, due to more than a bit of confusion, some things still seem beautiful through all kinds of lies and deceit.

“People escape the fear of what is happening around them, and narcotic themselves by drinking and drugs,” Rachel said. “In order to escape the harsh, cold outside world, they found refuge in the kit kat club.”

Rachel, who was taught at the Berkeley Boston Academy of music, where she won the bachelor’s jump 2007, said that, in addition to its famous scores – including Wilkommen, “Mein Herr” “maybe this time,” and the key to the song – lighting and clothing is the delivery of “Hotel news.”

In the three design teams of collection, lighting and clothing, they work with sound designers. If you light up the lights, you can completely change the perspective. Suddenly, you see what is rotten in what seems to be a beautiful hair C ADE dirty truth.

“Everything outside is slowly coming out of the cracks in the club. The actors wear beautiful clothes to hide the real events, “Rachel explained.

The “wild party” produced by her mother moonbox before and “Rachel knew Marian” is the right choice for them.

Her work in musical plays is very specific. She is a detail oriented person, this is she instilled to me, said: “proud daughter. If things are not right, it can be restored.

The former designer of the old wardrobe director and clothing art at Natick’s Walnut Hill School Dance Department, Marian is now a Berkeley fashion designer at the Boston Academy of music.

Chelsea, a native of Marian, graduated from Everett Pope John XXIII middle school and got a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Suffolk University in Boston. Her career has developed over the years.

“I fell in love with chemistry. After graduating from college, I worked as a clinical toxicologist. However, I haven’t done that since my first daughter was born.

I always like dance and drama, but I often find myself learning clothes. I will see a great performance and reflection. Why do those trousers get the wrong stitch? “I think I have always wanted to be a designer,” Marian said.

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