These restaurants have the best Halloween costumes

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This is Halloween, Halloween night, big pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This means that children all over the world will wholesale halloween costumes dress up as ghosts and goblins, they love the cartoon characters in their community will be more than the erosion of skills. At the same time, mature adult catering workers will be dressed to pay tribute to large food and beverage institutions in the film and television sectors.

Some special holiday places have been renamed early holidays, giving people more opportunities to celebrate.

In Chicago, the local hot dog stall has become Mcdowell’s sausage circle, and the famous classic fans of Eddie Murphy and Holzer should come to the United States. This fictional restaurant is very similar to another American fast food restaurant. But, you know,wholesale halloween costumes  in Mcdowell’s home, the bun has no seeds at all.

The fat Sarah’s Deli, a small sandwich chain in southern California and Austen, also appears to be a fan of the United States. Here in Xilin village, Losangeles, the position is all dressed up as Mcdowell.

Halloween not only makes the costumes in the fake restaurants in the movie. At the door of a high-end luggage company, some of the senior staff in New York showed their love for the rocking house and disguised themselves as a popular hamburger chain store.

Speaking of Hamburg, Fawkes’s animated series of Bob’s hamburgers is still popular. What’s the matter? Hot dog! It was nailed in Vancouver.

At Wilmington, N.C.’s Deli and cafes, a bit of hard work, but the sign font can change a little more real.

Alameda in Greenpoint, Brook forest, the route and Bob’s hamburger. No photographic evidence is carefully decorated, but the special menu item and marketing language of the honorary restaurant will certainly be met by Bob himself.

Finally, in Oregon, Portland, the music pigeons did not turn from popular culture to wholesale halloween costumes a particular fake restaurant. On the contrary, every employee is inspired by the same radical food industry. Dove is the real name and play coy down, only describe clothing as everyone’s “love is not love food network star. “Long hair, sunglasses, and bowling shirts should be dead gifts.”

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