Cosmolle: Best Store for Body Management

If you are finding it difficult when it comes to shaping up your style, you are in the right place. cosmolle is the best store for body management and offers practical solutions for your most perfect silhouette. We want all women to feel beautiful in their classic body-skimming dresses or seriously sexy in a new pair of skinnies. Our range of shapewear offers different levels of control and several fabrications. Here is how to choose the best shapewear.

Choose the Right Size of Underwear for Hygienic Purposes

When it comes to panties, never choose your shapewear according to the size written on the label. Different brands vary, and they do not fit the same way clothes do. Try out and walk around to see if they match. You can also sit while in them to check whether they are tight. The right size should be snug enough to smooth but still allows ease of movement.

Choose a Full Bodysuit for All-Over Shaping

Having a style that fits your body is one of the best choices when it comes to shapewear. If you want a product that will uniformly slim your entire body, go for bodysuit. It will provide you with great support and make your figure look slimmer. 

Choose a High-Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper to Enhance Your Thighs

High-waisted shapewear provides a flat line to your torso which offers durability and comfort, most of these shapewear comes with a tag that discloses their performance. The right thigh enhancer shapewear should be lightweight and slips through as you should also smoothen out on the thigh areas as it is your target.

Tone Stomach with Waist Minimizers

Every woman’s body type benefits from a slimmer waist. For a slim waist, go for waist trainers. They reinforce your body at the midsection to ensure a smooth, flat tummy and perfect hourglass shape.

Choose Shapewear Shorts for Shaping Your Butt

If you want your rear to be round and lifted choose a good butt-enhancer. The best shapewear shorts for women will slim the waist for a more pronounced hourglass effect. An open-bottom design or padded option would be suitable for natural enhancements of your curves.

With Cosmolle seamless shapewear, you are always adding additional garments under your clothing. One way to ensure you are not adding too much layer of clothing is to opt for tights that have built-in shapewear. This will always work if you are planning to wear pantyhose. The coolest shapewear is the one that has a cotton blend to the fabric to give you more breathability.

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