This Cleopatra Halloween Costume Is Easy Enough for Beginners

Don’t know what this Halloween is? Instead of joining a group of friends, as another snapchat filter, why not step out and dress partly ancient Egyptians, half as bad as baby? Cleopatra is the ultimate Halloween image. With a little patience, careful eyeliner and carefully chosen accessories, you can sew an Egyptian Queen’s Halloween costume that will explode. Everyone is gone. Since not everyone is a diy professional, we will teach you how to make Cleopatra’s costume, whether you’re a beginner or a master.

First of all, our idea is simple and direct. So, reserve the following points and read each step carefully. Above all, don’t be intimidated! Because the outfit is an update of the clothes bought by the store, even the newcomers to Halloween can bring a double-click image.

How to put it all together:

1. Try your hand in styling. Although you bought a hairpiece with bangs, it’s likely they won’t be liked by Cleopatra. Put the wig flat and cut the bangs a little short with a super sharp pair of scissors. The target is not so many baby bangs, because it is tiny bangs, so be sure to cut about an inch from your eyebrows. To make sure you have the right length, try the wig first and see how many can be cut off.

2. Mess up your wig. Add pendant earrings or beads to headphones to personalize them.

3. Replace the bought shop with a statement. Take the collar out of your dress and replace it with your choice of a strong necklace. Remember: the more blind the better.

4. Accessories like royalty. Wear a few sturdy rings for the Queen of the Nile.

5. Wash your face like the Queen of Egypt (almost). Start with the perfect face on your base. Next, add a shiny golden lid and reflective cheekbones. To get this effect, apply a golden reflective cream shadow to your eyelids, extending from the outside corner to your lower eyelash line. On your cheekbones, from you Your hair line – the more you apply, the more glossy you will be, so be more knowledgeable. Start from there, shine your lower eyelashes in the middle with a golden flash, and tap the upper eyelashes gently in the middle to trigger the front and center of the eyelashes. Note. Next, with a liquid pad pen and a thick cat’s eye, extend the pad to both sides. Your nose bridge. Cover your eyebrows with black or dark brown shadows, then a clear eyebrow gel, huge false eyelashes, and subtle naked lips. Look!



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