This Denver area Halloween festival features more than 3,000 jack-o’-lanterns

There will be more than 3000 handcarved pumpkins in eight live displays on Pumpkin Night, which will certainly be dazzling this Halloween.

Kusa- Denver is one of only four cities in the country, and thousands of Jack-O lanterns will be displayed this Halloween season. Pumpkin Night is described as a family-friendly, multi-sensory holiday that includes more than 3000 handcrafted pumpkins in Adams County Bazaar and District Park complex from October 17 to November.

Guests can walk a half-mile long path across eight pumpkin fields, each with a different theme to watch immersive displays. The event began at the Minnesota Fair in 2016 and expanded to Colorado for the first time this year. “We’re happy to bring the magic of pumpkin night to Denver for the first time!” Pumpkin Night co-founder Chelsea Carson told a news conference. “We were particularly excited to get attendees to see on our social media accounts how pumpkin fields were created and to introduce the talented artists behind these devices.”

Different pumpkin kingdoms include Pumpkin Pirate Bay (a tropical island with pumpkin pirates), Malivera Lane (with sugar skull pumpkins, Pumpkin Reef (underwater Pumpkin Wonderland), Spider Lane (crawling theme), Pumpkin City (Lantern Tunnel and 40-foot-long Dragon), Grand Pumpkin Hall (called Harry Potter fans), Pumpkin Channel (with more than 600 carved Pumpkin tunnels), Pumpkin Mud (pumpkin playground or something)

Attendees can also visit a section called Pumpkin Center to view pumpkin carving, pumpkin paintings, fire dancers and other interesting activities. Food truck supplies, hot chocolate and adult drinks will be offered for purchase.

Pumpkin night starts at 5:30 in the afternoon. By 10:30 in the evening. Every day, but will be closed on Halloween. General admission tickets are priced at 20 yuan and can be purchased here. If you want to save some money, night owls specialties can also be found on the pumpkin night website. Admission is free for children under the age of three. In addition to Denver, this year’s pumpkin festival will be held in Auburn, California, Los Angeles, California and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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