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Wearing V Neck Sweater with T Shirts is the New Trend

Sweaters for the cold season

Sweaters are one of the most important winter essential for both male and female. However, the styles and designs differ in the sweaters for the male and the female. However, the basic designs may remain same such as the necklines like round neck, crew neck, collared neck, V-neck, etc are same for both the male and the female. If you want to get a new look with your sweaters you can try layering them on t-shirts and shirts.

This style of layering works best with the V-neck sweaters. Wearing layered clothing is always beneficial because you can easily remove it when later during the day when it starts to get hot. The V-neck sweaters have a revealing neckline and so it is best to wear t-shirts and collared shirts with ties underneath so that it is seen. Wearing a v neck sweater with t shirt is the best combination  and this look is great for casual and semi-formal events. You can also wear this combination of outfit to work. However, there are some tips that you can follow to look good in a V-neck sweater.

Never wear a v neck sweater alone

You must never choose to wear a V-neck sweater directly on your body. It looks very cheap and tacky. You must always wear some clothing underneath the V-neck sweater.

Never keep your undershirt or t-shirt untucked

When you are wearing v neck sweater with t shirt  you must always tuck the t-shirt in your pant so that it is not visible. You must not keep the t-shirt untucked and revealing as it does not look good. This look in reality is very sloppy.

Choose a V-neck sweater that is well fitted

When you are choosing a V-neck sweater, you must always buy it in your size. A well-fitted sweater looks very classy. The V-neck sweater  must not be too tight or too loose. The sweater should fit and cover your body without and wrinkles. The shoulder seams of the V-neck sweater must meet the shoulder blades perfectly. The bottom hem of your sweater must end just two inches below your belt. Altering the size of the sweater is not possible and the look will also change. Thus, you must buy a V-neck sweater that fits your body perfectly.

Pairing the V-neck sweaters and the t-shirts underneath with the right bottom wear

When you are wearing V-neck sweaters with a t-shirt, you do not need any other clothes to look good and dressy. However, choosing the right bottom wear is very important. You can pair the sweaters and t-shirts with jeans, trousers, etc. You can choose any colour in the bottom wear. You can choose a contrasting or matching colour for the bottom wear.

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