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Buy Baggy Sweaters This Winter

Youngsters buy clothes by getting influenced from supermodels or from their favorite actors. Though you can purchase an apparel of your choice but it is very essential to wear it in a way so that it doesn’t make you look sloppy. There are several trendy ways with which you can easily wear oversize sweaters during winters and can make a style statement.

Ways in which you can wear long sweaters to look style diva

Try leggings or skinny jeans

While wearing skinny jeans, you don’t get bulky look at the bottom and it also give you a chic look. To add height, you can wear high heel boots which will also provide excellent protection from the cold. Large sweater with leggings or skinny jeans will definitely give you an ultramodern and unique look.

Go for heels

If you are of medium height, consider wearing high heels with long sweaters as it will create great contrast and all eyes will be on you. One can also fasten a belt over the sweater which will showcase your curvy figure. Care should be taken while choosing the belt, thickness of the knit is directly dependent on belts girth.

Wear T-shirt under the sweater

It is recommended not to wear long and heavy tops underneath the wholesale sweaters as it will make you feel hot and you will also get a chunky look. You should try wearing V- necked T-shirt as it offers a more subtle look.

Wear them over knee length boots

Yes, this style will enhance your overall charisma and you will feel great about yourself. One can wear shots or a medium sized skirt below. To add more charisma and style, you can even wear bangles, necklace as they compliment your dress.

Cuff your jeans

You can wear cuffed denims below long sweaters; this will give you a look of 60s and 70s. To add more charm to your look, you can also wear different types of hats like beanie, barrette etc. Women get instant sassy look when they place a mini purse on their shoulder.


Wear them over maxi skirts

When you wear a bulky sweater over a flowing skirt then you will get great contrast without even trying much. You can easily wear your favorite fall maxi-dress in winter. If it’s possible, then crop the sweater at your waist, this way it won’t cover whole of your dress.

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