This Girl’s Halloween Costume Is A Savage Shoutout To All Her Exes

If you’re still fighting for a last-minute Halloween costume, get some inspiration from 19-year-old Harry Connor. Not only did it take her ten minutes to assemble her clothes, but she called all her ex-husbands savagely. If the outfit doesn’t work, Connor even tagged their instagram account in a photo of himself. On Saturday, she posted a picture of herself in a shirt. The word “promise” was written on my chest, titled “the most terrible thing I can think of.”
She even posted a screenshot on instagram and wrote on twitter: “Happy Halloween, except for my ex!”
Connor, who is studying at the University of Minnesota, told refinery29 she has been brainstorming clothes since early October. “I’m joking with my friends because I’m joking with all the boys I dated in high school,” she said. “so I think it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be scary.” However, the idea of publishing and labeling her predecessor did not appear until later.
It wasn’t until Wednesday that I decided to label all my predecessors, “she told us.” I said I just wanted to label my serious relationship, but my friends thought, It would be more interesting if I labeled all the boys I dated in primary / middle school. ” Several of her ex-husbands have reached out to her since the photo was sent. “most people think it’s more interesting.” “some of them even got dmsfrom random people and asked us why we broke up,” Connor said. However, some people asked her if she was okay after seeing the humiliating comments she was sent.
“people are commenting on how many predecessors I have, or I’m a nuisance,” she said. But she added that others were more receptive.

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