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5 All-in-One Shapewear for Everyday Wear and Special Events

Every day is a new day for you to express yourself with the way you dress. With this, it’s essential to have a good body structure to present yourself better.

All-in-one shapewear is a compression garment that will give you the most body-shaping benefits. This is also the best body shaper you can get as a beginner because you can wear it underneath most casual and corporate outfits. To give you an idea of which shapewear you should invest in, and how you can make your style bloom, check out these five all-in-one shapewear from Shapellx:

  1. Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear
PowerConceal™ Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear
PowerConceal™ Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

A low-back shapewear with stomach control is well suited for dresses. It has a smooth and seamless fabric that will cinch every part of your body that it covers.

You can wear this under above-the-knee or long dresses. It’s all-in-one Shapewear so you won’t have to wear much underwear.

This kind of shapewear will give you the body and mood lift that you need to get through the day. Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable from day to night?

The PowerConceal Shapewear line is the best among competitor brands’ shapewear with its breathable and ultimately wearable fabric!

2. Short-sleeved Thong Bodysuit

AirSlim® Short-Sleeved Thong Bodysuit

This Airslim Shapewear Top looks like an ordinary shirt. But, wait. It is not merely any top, but one packed with features and applied body shaping technology.

It is available in three colors: black, white and brown. The size ranges from XS up to 4XL. It has a snap-button closure in the crotch area for easy wear and restroom breaks.

With its soft fabric, stretchable and comfortable feel to the skin, and amazing fit, it`s easy to wear anytime and anywhere. You can wear it alone, or wear it with trendy layers.

  • Long-sleeved Full Body Shaper
AirSlim® Shapewear With The Removable Colpus Strap
AirSlim® Shapewear With The Removable Colpus Strap

Reinvent your body shape with a long-sleeved whole body shaper which will ensure a sexy and cinched body from your shoulders to your lower legs.

It’s an amazing everyday shaper, especially during colder months as it provides an extra full body layer. This is well-suited for those who love wearing long skirts, or fitted dresses.

Imagine wearing this full body shaper, with your body slimmed down in a tight long dress. You can just visualize how the Shapewear will give your body an upright form, a smooth body line, and an hourglass figure.

Its stomach shaper smoothens fat bumps and empowers you to feel good no matter how tight of a dress you’re wearing.

 4. Barely-There Bodysuit

AirSlim® Barely-There Feels One-Piece Bodysuit

If you’re the type of lady who wears a skirt one day, then wear a totally different style the next day, this AirSlim Barely-There Feels One-Piece Bodysuit is just right for you!

This bodysuit has these money-worthy features:

> Adjustable and removable straps for strapless and thin-strapped tops.

> Open-bust style for different bust sizes to fit.

> Double-layer fabric for stomach control.

> See-through and durable materials for invisibility on any outfit.

> Open crotch style so that it’s not going to be a hassle to go to the restroom for your private business.

> Anti-slip and anti-roll grips so that you can comfortably walk and move around without worrying about the skin-tight fit shapewear rolling onto itself, and causing discomfort.

To be honest, this is the best of the best body suits that you can ever wear. Its fully-packed features and easy-to-wear design makes it ideal to wear every day.

5. All-in-One Airslim Extreme Body Shaper

When it comes to body shaping, you can get the most body support with full-body shapers like Shapellx’s Extreme Shapewear. This will benefit you in several ways:

> It will support your bust and butt, and still seamlessly shape your body.

> Tighten your arms and hide buffalo and underarm fats.

> Hides muffin tops by giving your body a smooth silhouette.

> Supports your entire body in an upright position, therefore helping with any body aches, and back pains. It will also help you have a proper back posture.

AirSlim® Extreme Body Shaper

> Provides you with single underwear for your tummy, hips, butt, thighs, and arms shaping.

This is the best shapewear for tummy and waist because all-in-one shapewear that will provide amazing shaping benefits

These body shapers will be helpful in helping you be well-dressed, whether it’s a laid-back event or a full gown kind of event. Shapellx shapewear will be bigger than the current famous shapewear brands with affordable prices, high-quality pieces, and effective slimming technology.

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