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5 Wallets for Every Type of Woman

Some people say that a handbag is a woman’s best friend. Wherever you go, women tend to carry their wallets and take with them all the personal items they might need.

Wallets aren’t too far from it: Indispensable, functional and fashionable, these accessories go far beyond just carrying cash and credit cards!

It’s been a while since wallets went from being a basic item to an accessory that can add style to the look. With all the evolution of the fashion industry, we can increasingly see professionals in the field investing in modernizing and styling these pieces.

With a plethora of models available; we find from the basic ones, to the most worked and spacious ones; each exercising the representativeness of the female identity, according to their style, preference and needs.

There are several types of wallets nowadays, each one for a specific type of audience. Before choosing which goes best with each occasion, it is important that the consumer observes the need for space where she goes and also what goes with her look.

Women’s card holder wallet: For women who prefer more discreet and smaller models, but that hold essentials, such as documents and cards; The women’s card holder wallet is a great option especially for everyday use.

Small and practical, this type of women’s wallet fits anywhere; such as pants pocket, purse pocket and others.

Women’s document holder wallet: For those who like something basic, but with a little more space; The women’s document holder wallet is the right choice. With it, you can accommodate important items such as notes and documents. Because it is compact, it does not take up much space in the bag and fulfills its role very well.

This type of women’s wallet is very useful, as it can be taken to work and in everyday activities, such as shopping for example.

Women’s wallet with a button: Women’s wallets with a button closure are great options to use at any time of your day; for bringing practicality, they hold your essential items without any complications.

The more discreet models with a slim design guarantee a great combination for your look; They can even be used as a handbag at an event or party. This type of women’s wallet is ideal for versatile women who like to be always elegant.

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Women’s wallet with zipper: For those who prefer models of women’s wallets with a large shape, to carry everything and a little more; there are a multitude of models with zipper, which are super spacious.

This type of model, in addition to documents, cards, coins and bills, can also accommodate your cell phone, ensuring much more safety and practicality.

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Wallet purse: Wallet purses tend to be versatile, small but very stylish. They became especially popular for being the lovelies of influencers. These wallet models range from basic to very glamorous, and can be used even in more formal events.

Much more than an accessory, wallets have become essential items in people’s daily lives. In addition to allowing the organization of money, cards and documents, they also transmit the image of care, zeal and responsibility to other people.

Because they are so essential, there are several models available for purchase. Men’s models prioritize a discreet and casual design, with useful compartments that optimize the space in the trouser pocket. The female options are larger and with functional versions, as they are carried inside the bag.

Knowing the need for items that will be transported and the place where it will be used, it will be much easier to choose from so many beautiful options.

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