“Sexy” dog Halloween costume is one thing, can you?

Dogs wearing Halloween costumes are likely to be the cutest things you have ever seen in your life. But like all good things, dog Halloween costumes can go too far. First of all, some dogs don’t like to wear clothing, so if they are not comfortable, they are forced to wear one. Secondly, it is clear that the “sexy” dog Halloween costume is something on the Internet, it may be something you should avoid at all costs. Dogs first ask for Halloween, so it feels too much to make them “sexy”. People don’t have to do this.
However, there is no reason to be overly sexy clothing is nothing new – just take a look at the choice of women almost any Halloween costume website. I am a woman who wears whatever time they want, whether sexy or not, is a strong advocate, but retailers seem to think that every woman’s clothing must have a “sexy” version, which is still annoying. . (For example: the story costume of the “sexy” maid who recently withdrew from the market due to the rebound.) Now, some dog clothing manufacturers are doing the same thing with pet clothing.
According to The Fader, the fast-fashion clothing company Fashion Nova is known for its gorgeous clothes, just to lose a series of Halloween costumes for dogs. “In addition to sexy women and men’s clothing, the collection will also extend sexy to men’s best friends,” The Fader reports. But this raises the question: Why do you first need to wear your “sexy” Halloween costume to dress up your dog? The article shows a fashion star dog costume, such as “Pirate Girl” (or “Sexy Pirate Taro”, as the article dubbed) and “Baby Monster”, the latter seems to be based on Harequin and featuring a pigtail wig for your dog And a shirt that says “Daddy’s Little Monster.” While some of the fashion star’s dog outfits are on the “sexy” side, and most of them are definitely extra, most of the dog’s clothing choices don’t seem too much. But that being said, dogs in other places have an undisputed super sexy Halloween costume. Some of them even have … chest. And cleavage. I was serious.

Dogs that can be purchased through Amazon, such as Rasta Imposta and Pup-A-Razzi, also have large breast and cleavage dog clothing. (Bustle has contacted Fashion Nova, Rasta Imposta and Pup-A-Razzi but has not received a response yet.)

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