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Creative Ways to Wear Winter Scarves for Women

Winter is a time when we should abuse warm pieces and we can’t forget to keep the style, right? We women are always concerned with matching the look of the day and in winter this is no different as we abuse coats, boots and caps to stay warm, isn’t it?

 However, if there is a piece that we cannot forget to use and that goes beyond generations, it is scarves and did you know that there are several creative ways to use this beloved winter item? , and in this article, we are going to teach you how to use it in the best possible way.

Scarves are one of the basic items when it comes to protecting yourself from the cold. And it’s a great piece because it goes with everything: from a look made up of boots, pants and a fine wool blouse to a fitted look with a leather jacket, black shirt, skirt and tights and a checkered print, it’s a classic. In cases of colder days, the model that is quite special is a mixture of wool and silk or fabrics that have the face of the mid-season, it is a great option. Because in addition to being practical, the scarf makes any comfy look very fashionista.

Currently, the options are diverse, especially those full of prints, colors and textures. The black scarf can serve as a “reliever” for looks because if the outfit is made up of several prints or very colorful pieces, the best thing is for the scarf to have a neutral color. In the case of animal prints, they are the true passions of several women, and without a doubt, a scarf with this motif can be the protagonist of the look.

 If you are afraid of making a mistake, when choosing an animal print scarf, prefer plain blouses, so as not to “confront” the prints. As for neutral colors, such as beige, brown and gray, they can be easily adapted and can represent a great investment when choosing a scarf due to the versatility they offer. The accessory in neutral colors can be easily combined with similar colors, but they can also completely vibrant look.

The important thing is that you keep in mind what your style is and also be aware of which piece you want to combine with it. Now let’s talk a little about using scarves with clothes aimed at night looks. Anyone who thinks it’s not possible to combine a beautiful scarf with a thinner fabric, such as a dress, is wrong. The tip for a good combination is to combine a beautiful dress with a nice coat and dare to position it over it. You can wrap it around your head (if the formal look is for an event during the day, it is possible to combine a nice pair of sunglasses that will make you look like a star from above), if it’s night, look for a scarf that has a thinner fabric and matches it with a nice coat and nice boots.

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