Ghosts and spirits aren’t celebrated only on Halloween

In the United States, there are few festivals celebrating ancestors or the spiritual world. Halloween and Diablo Murtos are two kinds of celebrations in the United States, but there are more festivals and festivals around the world to commemorate the dead. Costa Ricans began celebrating d í a de la mascaradas- masquerade after colonizing local culture. The Spanish colonists brought European customs. Medieval festivals and Big Macs, or giants and great men. The giant Canezudo is carefully crafted, made of more paper, and is still the case in Costa Rica. Town stage parades, dressed figures stagger around with larger figures than life. Traditionally, costumes have been inspired by Costa Rican mythology, but many people share the Halloween spirit of teasing politicians, athletes and other celebrities.

According to Tania Robles, anthropologist and artist of the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Government of Costa Rica declared October 31 d’Ade las-maskalas. in 1997.

“in Costa Rica, American culture has an important impact on Halloween, so Halloween is an extended celebration,” Robles said in an email from Costa Rica. Setting a date for celebration “is the beginning of a return to local traditions,” she added. At the end of summer, the Chinese celebrated the Hunger Ghost Festival, which was considered the gateway to the spirit. The world is open and ghosts seek gifts on the earth. Families place offerings-usually paper and food that look like money or personal belongings-on an altar outside the house. Then burn the paper and send it into the spiritual world. More sacrifices will be burned to please those who have no relatives.

In nearby Nepal, there are several similar American Halloween festivals, which are celebrated later in the fall. The children dressed up, walked door-to-door, performed for neighbors who gave them candy and money.

Families play lights at home and celebrate animals such as crows and cows, which are culturally important. For example, dogs are given garland and red Tikas, or marks to express admiration.

In another Nepalese festival, Ghajtra, family members take to the streets with cattle to honor the souls of deceased relatives. Cows are sacred in other countries, including Nepal and India, representing the family’s deep respect for ancestors and God. Although the festival is dedicated to the memory of the dead, it has a lot of fun in the celebration. “recently, cows have become a great tribute to ancestors and to God.” You can make people laugh, you have satire, comedy shows and festivals, “said Santosh Ramisani (santosh lamichhane), president of the Niamey Friendship Association.

Whether you decide to celebrate Halloween, Diadros Murtos or another extraordinary holiday, there are many ways to keep your soul alive this fall.

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