Terrifying events you won’t want to miss this Halloween 2018

The scariest moment of the year is coming. If you like all the scariest things, you’d better plan, because many Halloween events are sold out. But if you’re scared of darkness, or something you bump into at night, you might want to sit down. Here are some of the scariest Halloween events that happen in Liverpool and elsewhere List of parts.

Chamber of Horrors

From Saturday, 27 October to Wednesday, October 31, St. George’s Hall has returned to a bigger, better and more frightening situation than ever before, following the terrorist events of 2016 and 2017. The horror film features a brand-new theme and reproduces the bloody scenes of Hollywood’s most horrific blockbuster. All the suspense news will be released this year, recounting the creepy events of the undead sent to the gallows of St. George’s Hall. The campaign is aimed primarily at adults, but St. George’s Hall does encourage families. The recommended age limit will be over 15, but any young person is at the discretion of the parents.

Contained Liverpool

In October, Liverpool returned to AnTerry with a new event-a demonic scene. This year’s theme of “truly terrible events” will focus on all the devil, including a live broadcast and a real board of Warcraft, trying to summon the darkest demons. The interactive drama experience will immerse the audience on a 30-minute thrilling journey through 16 horror-themed rooms. Liverpool have also set up an outdoor pop-up refreshment area, where visitors will be able to calm their nerves with a bite of food and a glass of beer after leaving the maze of terror if they attend the event in October. The event is only recommended for people over the age of 15, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the labyrinth.


This year is one of Britain’s biggest and scariest scares, and it will be Mr Savage’s 12th year of destruction on the farm of farmer Ted during the conflict. Fama Gorden is an indoor and outdoor interactive attraction made up of three scary houses, a mysterious maze, an outdoor zombie ball, rock music and zombie nightclubs. In a safe place in Fama Gorden, so be careful of the wandering ghosts even when you rest.

Ghoulies Haunted House

Liverpool’s year-round scare at Dale Street has attracted extra fear of Harovin. The furtive haunted house is the most advanced maze of horror professionals’ horrific evil events, and the same team last year brought a terrible awakening to Liverpool’s abandoned dockyard and pure evil. Featuring animation, masks, costumes, live actors and special effects, it promises to fuel Liverpool’s abandoned wharf warehouse. Always have nightmares. There are two terrible labyrinths in the field. Which of you is brave depends on your age and how afraid you are.


Alton Towers Scarefes

This year, Olton Tass’s award-winning fright festival is back, bringing new attractions and more live entertainment to thrillers and families. This year will launch program 42, a new fear labyrinth hidden in the restricted area. Spinal pain item 42 will be added to this year’s award-winning maze series-this year will return: subspecies: final game (recommended for 15 years old)-Altonville Mine. Travel: unraveling the pit-robbing legend (recommended to 15-year-olds)-recommended to 15-year-old stimulators for more bloody action-will also be the first time in the dark to experience the latest attraction of wicker men. More experience for riders-the £16 million wooden roller coaster.

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