Heidi Klum previewed her 2017 Halloween costumes and fans have been obsessed

Make a super favorite of Heidi Klum rock’s best Halloween costumes! Although the holidays are more than a month old, celebrities keep planning from this year’s iconic costumes.


Heidi decided to give Instagram her fans a preview that they could expect from her this year. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a legend.

The 44 year old released four videos of her costume creation. Here’s what we know at the moment: the garment uses some kind of prosthesis, it’s green, and a part of the mouth.

Some fans even try to guess what her dress will be at Instagram’s review. One of the followers wrote, “the prettiest frog ever,” another said, “I saw Shrek.”

But her fans agreed that no matter what she decided to dress up, it must be epic. I don’t know what you’re going to be, but I can’t wait to see what they’ve created for you. “You always have such amazing special effects artists and other types of artists to help you, so I’m super excited,” wrote a particularly excited fan.

Not surprisingly, models have gone through the fashion design stage and entered the executive phase. For years, she shocked the public wholesale halloween costumes with creative clothes.

In the past, she dressed as lady Godiva, ape, Cleopatra, last year she pretended to be a clone of Heidi. One dress up as many people, you ask? It’s easy, just find a bunch of clothes like that, bring you along. We really can’t wait to see what she’s doing this year!

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