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How to Style a Blue Slip Dress in Summer?

The summer season demands new colours with light fabrics. Slip dress provides both. Either your style is those modern cut styles, or you prefer light colours with comforting designs, a slip dress is always a must. There are a hundred ways of wearing a slip dress in blue.

These designs can be worn in formal gatherings, casual parties, or even office outfits. They are not limited to any season, with a lot of room for layering.

Wearing a Blue Slip Dress Alone

A blue slip dress is versatile and stylish enough to be worn on its own. It gives a curved silhouette embracing all the nice features of your body. You can wear it with high heels or low flats. You can even pair it with sneakers.

In addition, you can choose the length of the dress which suits you the best, making you look more desirable.

A Modern Office Look

Being working ladies, the most tiring thing is to decide what to wear. We all get stuck there. The trick is simple you can use your blue slip dress to create your new look.

You can match it with a blazer and shoes. This will give you a polished, cool, and stylish look. Add a bit of red lipstick to enhance the colours of the dress.

Slip Dress with a Long Wear

Are you a fan of long wears? If yes, you must find it hard to wear it in the summers.

The solution is clear you can use your long wear in summers by styling it with a blue slip dress. Where the slip dress will give you all the lightness and exposure, your long-wear will undoubtedly add a tint of style and comfort, giving you a bold look.

Styling Slip Dress with a Sweat Shirt

Wearing a blue slip dress with a plain sweatshirt might seem slightly vague, but it is way into fashion. Wear a sweatshirt below a blue slip dress and tie a belt on your bottom.

This style will give you an absolutely stunning and classy look. You can also use printed sweatshirts or Cut earrings to accessorize yourself for the new look. 

Wearing with a White Shirt 

In the fashion trends of 190’s, when slip dresses were first introduced, they were worn with a white shirt and a Converse.

Matching with blue-white adds a simple and serene look to the dress. You can wear both a high or a low converse it is up to you. This way, you will have both the stylish look without worrying about wind blowing away your dress.

Blue Slip Dress under a Sweater

You can wear a light sweater over a slip dress quickly as it will give the dress a look of a skirt. The sleeves of the sweater can be rolled up and you can try on some colourful boots. The other option is to wear it with tights, long boots, or high heels to make it look extravagant. Please click here to get more fashion info

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