I accompany the Butler matador across the Madison Square Park. He’s perfect.

Manhattan Butler III waited for me at the corner of twenty-sixth and fifth with my managers in a very humid snowstorm. Travel – this is his trip – Travel – one of his basketball shirts wearing his Butler University. He has about ten Nike uniforms, fifteen Halloween costumes, an evening dress and a jacket, all custom fits his wide, solid, and now dull frame. When you are a celebrity, everything is custom-made.

In order to see his eyes, I have to kneel, because he is a bulldog. His magnificent forced you to kneel down and patted him, welling up in his square and rectangular body. Travel may be more famous than your dog, and it’s almost certainly more famous than you. The business of life mascots at the Butler University is equipped with a huge platform, a beast that supports 65 pounds of this muscle-y, markings. With his great power, it represents the great responsibility of the entire organization. He sat graciously on the broad shoulders, even without humility.

“He has a huge self,” Michael Kaltenmark said, the director of foreign relations at the most important position of the housekeeper is traveling the process. “All this is in his mind.”

Such is the case。 Travel sound – the sound of sandpaper, listened to lessons and learned how to project – to express his contempt for farmer dogs, and we walked across a park near Madison Square Garden. Butler held the first big Eastern championships on Thursday night at MSG, which took off with the charter flight. He thought he owned the plane. He thinks he owns the park (well, he’s a big step) through a college athlete’s confidence to get high in the first round. He is right. He did it. Now all New York belongs to him.

I pestered the belt two times with the housekeeper’s badge. Kaltenmark and Evan Krauss, a graduate student of the whole work is to manage the tour marketing plan, guide me. They also said I could not take his belt on a trip. I don’t know why they told me this, until I grabbed the reins and felt the dog moving forward around the world with a bowling ball.

The Commodore of the Navy said, “the brick house” the dog. The dog’s bone is made of steel. The dog can smoke and carry 350 pounds on his right leg. The dog invented CrossFit and resigned because it didn’t work hard enough. The dog is a normal dog that takes up the new year’s resolution. The dog is an elite.

This dog also has to poop. kaltenmark seize the belt from me because he can tell, and lift the big boys, meat in the surrounding trees, this trip can do his business.

“I have to pinch myself, this is my job,” Krauss, who graduated from Butler in 2016, said. Dreams come true.

Travel was born in 2011. He has a good family life with Kaltenmark and his family. Although he loves the job, he is likely to retire next year, while players, fans, students and alumni love him. That’s so much. It’s more than he loves them.

Butler’s blue, the predecessor of the trip, has been working until nine, and then died of heart failure almost immediately after retirement. Bulldogs usually live between eight and 12 years, but they really shouldn’t exist in all. She must be artificial insemination, a puppy is a caesarean section, because of the dog’s head is too large to the mother’s birth canal. The trip had a lot of energy for his variety – he had been walking five miles a day, but it was rare. His friend Jack, Georgetown bulldog dog should be here today, but not end with team travel and can’t always keep it.

Many schools have Bulldogs as their mascots: Butler, Georgetown, Georgia. They are the perfect choice. First of all, you can take a game without writing a special law for the legislative way like the LSU mascot, Mike actually the real life of the tiger. Second, everyone likes dogs. Third, the Bulldog is everything you need a mascot is radical and too dangerous, high flying without losing dignity, vague and not too lovable.

But the bulldog has something else, you can’t really define it. The Bulldog is… I mean, look at that face, right? Those sticky cheeks, the back of the jaw, these rolls around the neck. The tongue is drooping. The Bulldog is as absurd, glorious and illogical as the University movement itself. Get a T-shirt for the bulldog and you’ll see the look of a school team.

The trip ended his business. Kaltenmark put him out of the dirt back on the sidewalk, give him to me back up after the celebrity. We continue splashing through puddles; he is Jean Kelly, I’m singing in the rain Debbie Reynolds, but the height difference is more obvious.

The three people come closer to us and smile, and you smile and see a dog wearing a Jersey in a blizzard with a back jaw. We pass them. They kept smiling, laughed a little, and pointed to the journey.

This is a famous dog! “I yelled at them. One of the women frowned and the other stepped back, and the man nodded a little. They didn’t say anything, and went on. They must be stars.

We have been in a good circle in the park now, and we have to leave. He had a big tomorrow – Butler didn’t play until 9:30, but Kaltenmark and Krauss rented a car and drove a dog to New Jersey to see who had admitted Butler, hoping to persuade them to enroll children. There is a large pharmaceutical school in this university. If the students decide to walk down the road, one day they will wear a robe and a hat, and walk through the stage in a lab coat. They are going to pass a Butler bulldog on the stage, and he will be wearing a lab coat, but his will has been dedicated to him.

Of course, it won’t be a trip at that point. The poor guy was not even alive when it was the 2022 graduate. But his soul will live in Butler blue IV, who will also have a face that melts your heart, will also have 15 Halloween costumes, and any room that he enters.

I unleash the belt back from my hand, helpless, for Codemus. The living mascot barked in the puddle. People walked through and watched him under their umbrella. They may not know who he is, but they know he is very special. He has a radiant glow. He is a monumental, drooling legacy. He is a glorious incarnation of sports.

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