Make-up is not just for Halloween. In the anime show, the role play makes everyone a star.

Natalie Cummins stands on Broadway’s walking bridge, between the square and the holiday market, waiting for a halloween costumes photographer to recognize his lamp, when she is recognized.

The passerby blurted out an exclamation mark that we could not print on the paper and ask, “are you professor McGonagall?”

Yes, indeed, Lexington theater is dressed as Minerva Mag, the stern and powerful Hogwarts in “Harry Potter” in the novels of principals, films and related entities. It is one of the three major characters in Cummins COSPLAYER Lexington cartoon and toy convention play this weekend, dressed up, although there is a strong lineup of celebrities, is often said in the stars and shorthand events, animation conference.

Comedy fans have become the places where entertainment fans meet with celebrities and creators of their favorite programs and publications. They also become places for fans to float their geek flags and dress up as their favorite characters.

The widespread COSPLAY seems to be a new phenomenon. The term is in 1984 Losangeles science fiction conference held by Japanese journalists and anime publishers at Nobuyuki Takahashi World Conference. This is the first time related to Japanese animated movies and comics, but until now, it has developed to embrace the fantasy of Western science fiction fans. There are many stories of superheroes, especially through the annual Santiago anime exhibition, attracting more than 100000 participants annual growth in July. They include the character “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and children’s programs at last year’s Lexington comic convention.

As the celebrity guest list includes four professional animation conference in Lexington, but most of them are at different levels of expertise lovers.

“A lot of children at Cosplay are Halloween children,” said Ryan Gastinger, Luis Weil. “The attraction that disguised as your favorite character has always existed.”

The 2015 Lexington animation conference is Gastinger to come up with the idea that launched the Ohio Valley and play pillar builders or orcs, short.

“The community, I saw very close and small groups,” Gastinger said, observing ridicule and refusal often encountered in social media clothing inquiries. I think we need to unite this community instead of tearing up each other. In March, I began to collect the Facebook of the actors and put them in a big group.

Since 2015, Justin G said the team has the orcs from about 50 to about 2000 growth, including the “Cosplay two are local and group activities in Lexington,” who plays can get their equipment repair.

The group’s “family portrait” from last year’s anime conference, including dozens of participants dressed up as characters, from all the roles of superheroes and villains from anime and video games from “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” Princess Disney. At home, she introduced the orc Cummins: the proxy Dana Scully from the “X file”.

“She’s right,” Gastinger said, Cummins Scully, dealing with its own natural red hair and an old-fashioned NOKIA mobile.

Cummins says her “X file” is “the role playing in the closet,” meaning that it’s basically a set into your wardrobe, put together, and do a costume project. But many cosplayers do their best to create their looks, with more challenging clothes, and they go deep into it.

Jessica Krouse points out that in her garment legends, the legendary figure Loki, in the “unbeatable female squirrel” comic, for her latest achievement.

“I’ve never tried quilting before, so this is a challenge,” Krouse said, who still works at the time for the anime conference to dress her shawl. Krouse and her twin sister Jillian have a Facebook page called adding 2 Cosplay to celebrate their adventures in clothing and creation.

“We’re always looking for something to perform together,” Jessica said.

Jillian, who is her costume and sports bee from the animated online video series “bees and PuppyCat,” credits her sister pulled her into the role playing world, though she admitted that she was easy to lead.

“At Halloween, we always have to have a little crazy,” Jillian said, adding that she was in high school drama. “I like to make it by hand. I like this creative effort. ”

In fact, although some aspects of their halloween costumes, such as Jillian PuppyCat and Jesse Carroll kisseih angle, from sites like Etsy to buy a Cosplay gear treasure, the twins say they want to learn the craft more projects from scratch.

In the animation world, the details of clothing and make-up can be very precise, but Gastinger and Cummins say orcs avoid people judging the quality of clothes or handmade products.

“The key is to have fun, not your professional level,” Cummins said.

There can be a role play in the service. They are often invited to take part in charity activities, such as visiting children’s hospitals, especially the superheroes and “Star Wars” characters.

The 501st legion, Wade for the first time, a Lexington global “Star Wars” group, is the charity work well, and give children a excited when they meet some of their own love characters.

This is the essence of fun: dress up as the favorite character and be recognized when you see the other fanatics created.

“This is the best thing,” Jessica Krouse said. “When people ask me what I’m going to do this weekend, I can say I put on my favorite comic characters and meet a bunch of other bookworms.”

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