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Young girls appear from colonial halloween costumes in the colonies of blue Paisley flowers in the dressing room. She swirled quickly, smiling, looking at her clothes.

“I’ll buy this,” she said to her mother. “This is my favorite.”

She got a peninsula all the district’s annual Palos Verdes Peninsula during the colonial period where children clothing locker room Wednesday.

halloween costumesNon profit organization clothing rental shop in PASEO damage in Palos Verdes estates by a few employees, but mostly by volunteers. It has been open at different locations since 1970s, not only on the peninsula, but also in the entire South Bay and other areas. All profits go to the Peninsula School District PTAS, and the volunteers are at least 40 hours a year.

But it may not be the place to go in June. The Executive Board of Los Vee di J Peninsular Council voted last week that they closed stores, find halloween costumes, rent children and adults, and have thousands of new homes from drama to Halloween last year.

This store is not only important to people on Peninsula. Jane McEneaney CA in Losangeles Ada teacher n Flintridge, still buy her clothes from the store driver. Pam Barrett and her husband, Jim Hill, have been renting clothing stores since 1990s.

“I have to rent clothes closet since 2007, I was so impressed and satisfied with their services, although I now teach in Losangeles CA n ADA Flintridge P.V., I drove to rent my garment,” Mike Jhnny said.

“When you see something so valuable, so unique and to the community, it’s heartbreaking to see,” said Silvia Bronaugh, a former director.

The final vote will be taken at the annual meeting of the Executive Committee in March 16th, when seven representatives from every Peninsular school will vote.

The executive board said the store had suffered a decline in voluntary service and income over the past few years. But the volunteers and employees in the store were skeptical.

Karn Mallwitz, a bookkeeper in the store from 2012, indicates that the income has remained fairly stable, averaging 90000 to 100000 dollars, and she has been there for over a year. Although the store dropped 3% in October last year, a very rough, mallwitz said not enough to guarantee a close.

However, the chairman of the executive board, Selina Lai, said the steady decline in income over the years was obvious. With the increase in the cost of employment and dry cleaning, the clothing closet is expected to break at least $6000 this year.

As a volunteer, this is not a new problem, Arline Grotz says, a founding board member of the halloween costumes wardrobe.

The parents and volunteers of the store are frustrated with the problems they think they have caused.

“I think if the community has heard of the danger of being shut down in the dressing room, there will be community members ready to help,” said Louise Chao, a parent and a former board member. But because of them, I’m a bottle of mouth, that’s my opinion, and they have helped to reduce the organization through the lack of volunteerism. ”

It was also said that they were told not to attend the executive board meeting.

“As a member of the community, my biggest concern is to contact the parents’ meeting to find out what can be done to save wardrobe wardrobe and almost shut down, and tell it to finish the transaction,” parents and volunteers Kim Lewis said.

Lewis said she asked the volunteers in October last year, but was told to check in the spring because there was enough help in the store.

People are willing to spend time in the locker room, or it may be a lack of reorganization eight years ago. When the Executive Committee dissolves the wardrobe Committee, it takes over the running storage task. The committee is concerned that the committee does not comply with the PTA bookkeeping policy and wants more supervision.

During the takeover process, many traditional volunteers and committee members were insulted and hurt, including Ann Marie Wargin, the late mother, who was a founding member.

“The great change is not wonderful,” Lai said. “There is a lot of resentment.”

It is also difficult for the board to recruit people who are willing to work in the executive board, because those who are qualified have no time and energy to do the clothes cabinets.

“Our organization can’t find a leader,” Lai said. “We have to contribute a lot of time to the clothes wardrobe.”

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