World Book Day 2018 halloween costumes – from easy and last minute to the most enlightening idea

halloween costumes

Over 20 years of celebrations, “World Book Day” saw writers, artists and readers celebrating literature to dress up as their favorite character — this is a simple choice for your children.

But if you are confused about what your child is wearing, look below.

The last minute world book day dress creativity

Reuse Halloween costumes

Old Halloween costumes can help you get out of the mess.

Spiders’ clothes can make a great Sherlock from Sherlock’s website or the bad witch that you can recycle the tip of the hat.

The props are your friends

A simple prop can make a great difference.

For example, your son in a line, he is called with a card “golden ticket” it’s printed on you have a moment of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory clothing.

Looking for fairy tales

Fairy tales are easy to create.

If your daughter has a red dress, with a red scarf to turn her into a red hat, and a blue dress with a white apron can park creates a super fast Alice in wonderland.

Go to Mary Poppins

A simple white coat with a black skirt, and soon the hat and the umbrella = Mary Poppins.

Where’s wally

A pair of glasses and the collocation of the jumper Bobble hat is a super fast Wally where.

Use their uniforms

If things become very desperate, try to use your child’s uniform as a dress.

By adding attachments or adjusting how they wear it, you can change the equipment to Hogwarts or oolong school style unity.

This smart parent uses a new opportunity for a figure of two children to dress up from Dodie Smith

And the older children wear Cruella de Vil, young people’s fun speckled clothes.

For 101 Dalmations fans, this is a brilliant choice, although we want tears to go into the role.

If you really don’t have time, you can even get inspiration from the shopping Handbook.

You may get some laughter from lazy parents, but the children don’t look so touched.

Maybe you have to plan your children’s halloween costumes in advance to avoid them taking electrical appliances to school.

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