Heidi Klum’s electric blue mascara is all the inspiration for beauty and you’ll need this spring

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If you’ve seen it, well, any Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes, you know when the German born model is not afraid to take risks, she sees it. Her recent beauty gamble was a great success. The American judge is the most beautiful color Mascara of her basic black mascara inspired by our spring American inspiration.

We already know that there is a serious moment in the bright eyelashes, but we hesitate any hesitation, because the gorgeous lineup of the runway showcase shows how much we can see.

Klum and her long-term makeup artist, Linda Hay, share a charming time delay video of the Instagram web page model in the make-up chair at the end of the weekend at the AGT audition. Apart from a basic outline and a beautiful pink lip, it is all about those beautiful blue lashes.

Hay adds a neutral shadow, then in three different tones of black, green and blue eyes, then curls her eyelashes and adds the lash primer. She was looking at a few layers of Yves Saint Laurent’s Vinyl Mascara ($29) in my trouble, a powerful cobalt blue.

So we’ve seen some of the most beautiful eyes we’ve ever seen! The addition of a disco glittering silver dress, the announcement of the silver earring, and a pulled pony, and Klum is a serious red carpet.

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