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4 Engagement Ring Styles That Will Make Her Say Yes

There are such a big number of different styles and shapes of engagement ring that it can be confusing and you might be not sure which one to choose. Especially, if you are choosing a ring not for yourself as in most situations, and you want to surprise your other half. That’s very important choice and it can gets very overwhelming. It might be pretty hard to guess someone else’s dream ring. Don’t worry in this article is everything you to know about how to find the best ring for your favorite person and what recent trends in engagement jewelry, what styles of rings are popular the recent a few years, what rings celebrities choose…

When most of us are thinking about an engagement ring, we imagine a white gold ring with a white diamond. That the classic image we see in movies, cartoon, on stock photos e.t.c. And to be honest the classic s never gets old, but some want to find a special ring for their special loved one. Recently, it’s very popular to get an original unique rings. And  many jewelry boutiques see this tendency and create amazing collections of creative rings. Some of those rings are so original that it seems like every ring has a personality.

When choosing a ring for your future fiancé, think about her (or his) personality, what she or he likes, what a style in clothes of your partner… Especially pay attention to jewelry they are wearing. Maybe your girlfriend likes a minimalistic jewelry or barely wear jewelry ever. Then better take a look on classic options or modern very minimalistic rings. Are your girl loves everything cute and girly? She most likely will love a ring with a heart-shaped diamond like the one Avril Lavinge got recently. You may find a stone of favorite color of the loved one. It may be not only diamond. Yes, diamonds are classic and symbolizes luxury,  transparety in solid as this gem relationships, but in the world there are a lot of not less beautiful stones with beautiful symbolic meanings that are just underrated because of insane popularity of classic stones. Some of them are so much more affordable. Not because they are bad, because people buy them less, although some of them insanely pretty. Fun fact: diamonds are absolutely not rare, like at all. They expensive because people keep buying them no matter what price is. So if you want to surprise your fiancé with something original, check  rings with different stones and gems.

In this article I want to show your 4 absolutely different ring styles. I’m sure that at least one of them will be a great choice for you. Let’s dive deeper in those design styles and how to find out which one will be better for your person!

Baroque Engagement Ring

Baroque or just vintage style rings will be great for people who likes vintage fashion or interested in history. It will be perfect for someone who is watching good old movies with Audrey Hepburn or something like Bridgerton. For someone who like shopping in vintage or just thrift stores and find something unique with history. So if you’re reading this and can see your partner is doing some of these stuff, this ring might be THE ONE.

Baroque Engagement Ring
Baroque Engagement Ring

Color-Accent Engagement Ring

I already was talking about how you can find a ring with a gem of favorite color of a person for you choosing the ring. Another options is having one color-accent as a metal. Like on the photo it’s white gold but in the middle there is pink rose. You can try instead a regular gold or red gold.

Halo Engagement Ring

A halo-styled ring is literally like a classic engagement ring but improved version of it. Still looks classic and elegant. Looks very luxury, although you easily can find affordable options with similar designs.

Modern Contemporary Style Engagement Ring

For lovers of new technologies and everything new and modern who are not afraid of experiments. If you are really bored of rings that look the same and you’re searching for something that is really original and unique not many people own, you must to look at modern contemprorary style rings. Nowdays many ring designers create absolutely awesome creative pieces of art as rings. These rings for people who definitely don’t want to be like everybody else.

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