10 Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2018’s Biggest Pop Culture Moments

2018 is-well, yeah-strange year, there are a lot of crazy moments-a lot of us want to forget. But for the odd, viral examples that we really like, why not turn them into epic Halloween costumes that last longer? Flip over and you’ll find 10 less bad pop-culture projects starting in 2018, all of which are best suited for October 31.

The visual effect of this song is seen in the world. Let them wear a galactic dress, a glistening dress, a pink tights, a brown curly hair, and a low ponytail.

But he did do a lot of it. Why? Anyway, if you want to be like him, all you need is sports shorts, some socks, a short, golden wig, a baseball cap, and, yes, those famous slides.

The little fellow fought against gravity in a tall building in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a hero and he can also be your next Halloween costume if you just wear a raccoon solo and hold a picture of a building in your hand all night. Comfortable and amazing.

Every day in 2018, people will see a new photo of Kim wearing a blue monochrome yeezy suit (or celebrities, such as surrogate teasing them). Show her image with your own light blue sweatpants and matching sports boasting. Dress her up with a long gold wig and neutral pants.

When people realized that popular unicorns, flamingos and peacock buoys were now being sold as inflatable toys to accommodate the entire six-person party, they were collectively horrified. Now, you can be part of Halloween. You can buy a cheap version of your favorite tube on Amazon and put on your favorite suit so you can be one of them.

Simple icon. Praise Beyonce and Jay-z for their amazing power suits to buy a cheaper online. Decorative crystal chimera, pendant earrings, and a gold chain, refer to the photo above.

It is a universally accepted fact that Americans love royalty, especially royal weddings. Put on Megan Markle (meghan markle) ‘s ceremonial costume and become the princess you are destined to be. If you really want to wear a uniform like Harry, wear a bae.

Fans are still dismissive of the wonders of Vacanda (wakanda) in the magical film Panther. I can tell you how to diy this outfit (I’m sure there’s a way), but to be honest, this adult black leopard dress already exists, making it much easier for everyone.

This is a very long sentence, so listen to me: you know in the instagram video just now there was a man with a blanket, peeking at their pets several times, and then suddenly disappeared, puzzling their pets? You can do this on Halloween. Everything you have is what you have. Wherever you are, take a blanket and have a friend put on his or her animal underwear to be your deceived dog or cat.

This guy likes avocados. If you love him, be him. All you have to do is wear a white t-shirt, apply some eyeliner, and have avocado in your hand. Best of all, you can finish it at night.

10 things to know about Disneyland’s Mickey’s Halloween Party

The summer heat hasn’t warmed yet, but it’s time to start thinking about Halloween, especially by buying tickets to Mickey’s annual Halloween party in Dinelan. Here are 11 things you want to know:

1.Tickets for the 2018 event are now on sale for annual marchers, Disney vacation club members and Disney visa card holders. Buy from disneyland.com/party at the main gate of the resort or call 714-781-4400.

2.If you’re sure you want to go, buy your tickets right away, because this event sells out every year.

3.Mickey Halloween party ticket holders can enter Disneyland or Disney California Adventure three hours before the official event and stay in any park until the end. The event itself was held only at the gate of Disneyland.

4.Special admission parties are held on 15 designated nights in September and October – Monday to Thursday, 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., and Friday, 7 p.m. to midnight.

5.The cost of the event ranges from $95 to $130, depending on the evening. September is cheaper. It’s a night sale, so even annual passers-by buy tickets.

6.If you enter the dark side and park in a special “Willie Square” with Disney villains, please note that your admission ticket is free to give you a digital photo through a photo pass.

7.Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend so much money. Since September 9 th, there are many other Halloween items in the park, including a haunted mansion. Space Mountain will become the Space Mountain Ghost galaxy, main streets will be decorated and so on. At the border there will be a cocoa top for Dialos Mutos. At Disney’s California adventure, they put Halloween decorations on Buena Vista Street, including a 10-foot headless knight statue, and the car landing will have a special Halloween theme, known as a special Halloween theme. The radiator screamed, the Milky way Guardian turns into a Milky way Guardian-a monster after dark every night.

8.Candy or treatment stations are set up to distribute what they call “healthy foods.” Some people might consider this a contradiction. Maybe this is the only time you get free candy at Disneyland, so enjoy it.

9.Adults can wear clothes during this special event-one of the few such events in the park during the year. Here are some rules, including non-disgusting, vulgar, inappropriate, sharp objects or seemingly real weapons. And don’t sign as if you were a real Disney character.

10.There are special entertainment events, a “very interesting parade”, headless knights, special characters and fireworks just for the party. The fireworks are hosted by Jack Skellington (jack skellington), the king of Halloween pumpkins in the 1993 movie.

The Best Halloween Celebrity Costumes


This season everyone feels weird and scary, and we can’t be more excited. As the countdown to Halloween begins in 2017, some celebrities are apparently equally excited because costumes are starting to appear on the red carpet and rooster, and they’re all great. Lauren Conrad (lauren conrad) is using Clara de Ville’s (cruella devil) costume to blend into the holiday spirit, turning her into a completely bad girl.

“If she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.

She wrote on her website: “I almost always make Halloween costumes from scratch-the process usually involves tailoring, sewing and a lot of gauze.” But this year, I found that I had less time on hand (I believe my new mothers can work with. So I chose a less time-consuming costume. “for more celebrity costume tricks and treats, check out our best Halloween costume list of 2017,. Ariana grande and mac miller as katinka and mugato

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller as Katinka and Mugatu

Miss Grande and her rapper boyfriend drew Katinka and Mugatu from the hallowed cult classic zoolander. Trust us, when we say we’re digging up the nostalgia for singers-in fact, that’s probably the best thing since the orange mocha.

Celine Dion as Maleficent

The singer dressed up as Angelina Jolie’s version of Disney villain while celebrating Halloween with her sons Nelson and Eddie.

Lady Gaga as Edward Scissorhands

Gaga’s Edward Scissorhands costume was scary accurate.

Heidi Klum as a werewolf

The model is a werewolf from Michael Jackson’s “thriller” music video at his Halloween party.

Fergie and Axl Jack as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan

The newly single singer was the Tink to her son’s Peter Pan this Halloween.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Silas as Toy Story characters

Bell wrote in this lovely family photo: “Clearly, Lear Woody is the owner of this Halloween Cowboy Tournament! Love, Buss, Jesse and Woody.”


Kendall Jenner as Buttercup

The supermodel went to her own Halloween-slash-birthday bash dressed as Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls.

Can a white child dress up as moana for Halloween?

Halloween is a familiar battlefield in the American war between cultural sensitivities and free expression. The festival, which originated in costumes to ward off evil spirits, has become a day to celebrate creative self-expression. It not only means that people dress up as witches and monsters, but also each other. That’s why things get complicated, and why you keep hearing the word “cultural grants” during the heated debate in October.

On one side of the debate are minorities and their allies, who say they are biased all year round, so it may be distasteful to see those who discriminate against them (intentionally or unintentionally) dress up for Halloween. On the other hand, those who think they are politically correct have gone too far. (susan scafidi), author of who has Culture: possession and authenticity in American Law. In 2015, Yale University (yale) warned students not to wear certain costumes on Halloween, “which caused outrage on both sides,” said Susan Schaffiti, author of the book “who owns Culture: possession and authenticity in American Law.” in 2015, Yale University (yale) warned students not to wear certain costumes on Halloween. “I think the debate is completely politicized, but it’s not necessary,” she said. We can all learn to be polite and respectful without political overtones. In fact, I think most people are politicized. “scafidi talked to the United States today about how interesting, creative and even disruptive it is for adults and children to be on Halloween. Instead of accidentally starting a fight. ”

It would be horrible if we all had to stay in our cultural alleys and eat exactly the same dishes that our parents, grandparents, and others ate, travel from one restaurant to another, or experience other languages, movies and novels. Yes, dress style. But it all comes down to respect and competition. I want to If we come from a culture that has not been attacked, oppressed and discriminated against historically, it may be a little hard to understand. But I think part of Halloween is creative, imagining yourself in another way, as another character. So I think we just need to imagine what other people would feel if you (liked them). ”

Cultural appreciation is what scafidi calls “good borrowing” (making Moroccan soup for dinner and talking to his family about it). Cultural possession can be “offensive” (turning a headscarf into a costume makes a mockery of people wearing headscarves every day because of one of their religious beliefs). When the borrower has privileges, cultural possession may also be offensive, while the borrowed person is oppressed. For example, on Halloween, a white man wears long hair, and when a black man wears long hair on Monday, he is told “you can’t work here.”

It is difficult to give a clear “yes” or “no” answer to everything (some Pacific Islanders defend Maui clothing), but “whether a particular piece of clothing constitutes cultural theft should include asking the community of origin,” Schaffiti said. Disney appeared to represent its clients, consulting community representatives to withdraw offensive Maui clothing, even though it was too late, while continuing to sell Moana, “which is the most difficult thing for parents. On Halloween, they may try to travel through a complex world, while acknowledging the more idealistic world their children see. “eventually, a caring adult may see a particular culture, and her daughter may simply have chosen a fictional character with a spirit of adventure, courage, determination, yes, A little disobedient-it’s a universal set of values for future women. ”

Bottom line: it’s a personal choice, but ask yourself if you feel comfortable wearing it-or making your child feel comfortable wearing it-among people from this culture. Does this embarrass you? Will you be called out? Still welcome, scafidi is not interested in monitoring individual choices, but encourages deliberate decisions.

“if we live in a perfect world, we can all dress up as another person without offending others. But the reality of history and the social problems that are taking place, we just need to respect this as part of what the United States is now, and perhaps we will retreat from this camouflage. ”