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Guerlain Emperor Bee Position Serum Set

The beauty and skin care effects of honey are admired by the world. It is one of the most effective natural “repairing agents”. The scientific research team of Guerlain in France extracts the natural repairing power of top-grade royal jelly and concentrated black bee honey from Ouessant Island, which is the core component of the Emperor Bee Posture® Firming Repair Series, repairing the skin, firming the skin, Lifts contours, nourishes wrinkles and restores youthfulness.

Royal Royal Jelly Honey Dew

Main effects: moisturizing, calming

Main ingredients: honey, Centella asiatica leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, royal jelly

✤The texture of honeydew is water with a little sticky feeling, the feeling of essence water, not as thick as La Mer essence water, and it is about the same texture as native dew.

✤This water can be used directly with a cotton pad to wipe on the face, or you can press it directly on the face. I use it with a cotton pad. After wiping, the face is particularly moisturizing, not the kind that will disappear after wiping.

✤This honeydew also has a calming effect. After finishing the cleansing mask, my nose will become red and stinging. There is no irritation when using this honeydew. I like it very much.

Royal Queen Bee Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Main effects: moisturizing, anti-aging

Main ingredients: squalane, honey, royal jelly, oat kernel extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract

✤The taste of this eye cream is also honey, and the texture is a bit special. The creamy texture also has fine flashes. In fact, I have no good feelings about adding this kind of mica small flashes to skin care products because it has no practical effect. , Just to look good.

✤I have been using this eye cream in the morning and evening. To be honest, the skin feels good, the eye cream is very extensible, the touch is soft, and the absorption speed is good when applied to the eye area. You can apply a few more points and massage it. After absorbing, there is no oily film around the eyes, and you will feel a little fuller now.

✤I don’t think it is effective for dark circles and bags under the eyes, but because the eye cream contains mica, it will make you feel a little brighter after applying it. The main use is moisturizing. I think that for eye wrinkles, I don’t feel much at the moment. It will take a while to see the effect.

The order of using the gift box of Emperor Bee Posture is honeydew-recovering honey-double guide essence-eye cream-face cream. I am a mixed oil skin, and it is summer. I directly omit face cream. If honeydew is used, I will use it separately. It is Avène’s big spray-restoring honey-double guide essence-eye cream.

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