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Makeup Trends for 2022

Get inspired along with us learning how to make a makeup by trying out the main and best trends for 2022.

Straight from the fashion catwalks, the influencers in social networks or the natural beauties of the day-to-day, 2022 promises a mix of trends for all tastes. Beauty experts super pumped in the world already give as certain some fashions that will make the head of the guys who like to follow trends.  We will have not only a “copiable look”, but also a consumer trend in the area of very strong beauty: clean or sustainable beauty.

It’s time to talk about makeup trends for 2022. From time to time we’ve been revisiting the colorful and emblematic ’90s with its superproductions. What explains this phenomenon, basically, is that just like fashion, makeup trends are also cyclical. That’s why we often bump into references we’ve seen in previous decades.

This time, the makeup trends for 2022 bring an interesting fusion of glow with very characteristic color points and also quite shine. By the way, this is a spoiler of the inspirations you’ll find around here today. Come and see!

The trend gained strength in 2021 and everything indicates that it remains firm and strong in productions. Not only the technique of keeping the eyebrow strands raised, but also the natural look and interesting complement that gives in the eye region.

The laminated eyebrows bring personality and also balance the look more lightly, since we leave a little aside that marked look and make room for more free and natural formats.

Makeup with applications

Who has ever bumped into inspirations of makeup with glitter, crystals or pearls? It’s a superhot trend for the year that’s easy to make, but requires a bit of dedication. You can spice up your look with a shimmering shade of a delicate color and randomly apply small stonework or pearls, this creates a 3D texture effect and elevates more basic compositions.

The tip is to find pieces that harmonize with your face, for example: small eyes ask for more delicate stonework. You can make a delineated only with rhinestone or use mini butterflies (those of nail art) for a well fairy look. Let go of creativity!

Colorful eyeliner with graphic shapes

Colors remain one of the great bets of the beauty world. Fleeing the basic pretinho, the colorful eyeliners have been gaining prominence in productions since 2020, but the return to social and night life, after a long period of isolation, has been bringing him in increasingly inventive ways. In addition to the strong colors, the eyeliners increasingly appear in unusual formats and graphics, fleeing the traditional kitten.

The blush turn

Creamy blushes or more shimmering and increasingly marked, with bright colors such as pink, orange, red and even purple. Various techniques that can give from a more natural air of a skin that has just come out of the sun as can make up more artistic looks where the smoked rises to the tones and merges with the shade.

Fresh skin

Natural makeups have also been creating a special place in compositions. A skin that values the cwill, that illuminates the region of the eyes and that has more the function of neutralizing tones than properly covering the entire skin, is the vibe of this type of look. Try a base with lighter and creamier coverage for this gorgeous effect.

Glossy effect

In the mouth, eyes or skin. The glossy effect is definitely back. For years we have adopted mate as the favorite, and even though it remains the preference of many people, the wet and bright effect brings a very interesting aesthetic to makeup.

On the skin, helps to give a moisturized appearance, in the eyes, a highlight that enlarges the look and mouth, the gloss helps to give the impression of more voluminous and healthier lips.

Mouth outlined

The 1990s continue to relive strong trends such as the mouth outlined. This technique, in addition to giving the impression of voluminous lips, can adopt creative combinations with gradient tones in shades of brown, pink or red. You can make compositions with the mouth highlighted using more neutral tones in the rest of the makeup or rock in the eye everything, mouth everything. It’s going to be beautiful!

Colorful shadows

If about 2 years ago we had makeup with shadows in more sober tones and matt, today we run the reverse way. Colored shadows can be combined in complementary or opposite colors, or even used as a single color dot for a monochrome look. Try the most vibrant ones like pink, yellow and blue and choose the technique that values your eye the most, squeeaking the edges or concentrating the product to a graphic outline.

For you who loves to go around using the makeup trends I hope you abuse these big bets for this year and start investing in the looks right now!

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