• How to Nail A Glossy-Eye Makeup Look
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    How to Nail A Glossy-Eye Makeup Look?

    Just like all things that are dewy and luminous, the glossy eye shadow trend shows no signs of slowing down. A glossy glow on the lids gives the face the illusion of added hydration, and thus adding lift to the overall look and making it a high-impact look with the least effort. Creating a glossy eye look can be daunting at first as you certainly do not want to look sticky or sweaty. It is a lot easier if you have the right makeup products. For a start, you would need several things such as eyeshadow primer, colorful eyeshadow and gloss. It may just end up a sticky mess if…

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    How to Enhance Your Eye Color with Eyeshadow

    When you want to enhance your eye color, using the right techniques is very important and what is more important than that is using the right products to achieve the right effects. To enhance your eye color, you need to use the right eye shadows because the colors and shades that you use on your eyes have the potential to transform your look into something majestic. Until and unless you use the right shades, you cannot enhance your eye color. Below, you can find a list where we have compiled what eye shadow works best with which eye color: Hazel Eyes If you have got hazel eyes and you want…