The world’s largest clothing manufacturer how to break Halloween

J · J Abrams need help. In the first six weeks of Halloween, he was looking for a very specific Star Wars clothing, in a very specific size, which was sold out online. Abrams may have instructed last year’s “Star Wars: Power Awakening”, but when a friend’s daughter wanted to be a Halloween soldier Rey, he still wanted to follow the clothing as normal. But of course, a normal person will not have an assistant, you can call the world’s largest garment manufacturer Rubie’s Costume Co. executive vice president Howard Beige, as well as sales in the United States of all Halloween costumes about half of the manufacturers. , Including all the Star Wars. Abrams’ assistant arrived at Mickey because he pulled the Rubie factory in the Queens area, where he was stirring the emergency order for selling clothes. Sitting in a messy Mercedes, a drink contaminated cup and a bag of famous Amos biscuits in a glove box, beige noticed Abrams being looking for the size and promised to send the clothes immediately. Then he entered the facility, from the 2008 movie “Dark Knight”, 100 women crazy to sew purple pants and suits jacket.

“Their thumbs to the pulse that people want”

If you have been dressed as a Halloween movie or TV role, then the piece of clothing you bought may be made by R ubie’s. Geometric size drops some common characters like witches or vampires – a large number of small companies have made these – but more than 20,000 pieces of clothing and accessories sold by retailers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon and party markets, Ruby may play in your Halloween An important role to celebrate. Beginning in 1951, the Queen’s Soda Store / Novelty Store in the past 65 years has grown to earn hundreds of millions of dollars in international business. (It does not disclose figures, but the analyst firm IbisWorld estimates US $ 251 million in revenue) Rubie has 3,000 employees, contracts with 12 Chinese factories, has four factories in the United States and operates six large warehouses, , One in Arizona, one in South Carolina. Rubie’s also launched 15 subsidiaries in Japan, the Netherlands, the UK and other countries, selling carnival costumes in Brazil, Mexico selling death dresses, and Easter Bunny and Santa Claus packages around the world. But in the United States, its bread and butter are still Halloween. Companies and holidays enjoy a different relationship with happy marriage: the success of one person promotes the growth of another person. “Ten thousand years ago, Halloween is not the same,” Mickey said with a smile. “I like to think we have a hand.”

According to the National Retail Federation (National Retail Federation) statistics, the Americans this year will be Halloween candy, clothing and decorations hit a breakthrough $ 8.4 billion. This figure in a short span of 10 years to jump nearly 70%, so that Halloween after Christmas decoration sales of the second holiday. In the process, it becomes more and more aging. Longer: American holiday American historian Lesley Bannatyne said: “Once the children’s holiday has become the majority of adults now involved in things.” This year nearly half of American adults will Will be dressed, twice as much as 30 years ago. Candy and clothing are cheap enough, Halloween is also a large part of the economic recession; 2008 sales actually increased, because, as the beige said, “almost anyone can buy from Wal-Mart $ 9 mask ”

But it is not easy to figure out what the mask should be and what to do. More people are dressed for Halloween, but they do not like the same, according to news events, movies or internet mode, in a few weeks or months ago virus, picking clothing in early October. Rubie tries to predict the trend of Halloween a year ahead, but keeps adjusting its plans, such as the expected large (“Legend of Mount Tai”), the beloved actor dies (Gene Wilder’s Willie Wonka costumes will be popular this year), or millions People are ravaged in the Pokémon Go Glow and Beige found himself making a lot of the last moment of Pikachu costumes to fill thousands of back orders. Pokemon will enter this year’s top ten best-selling clothing, was the first time popular, and did not happen. “Thank God, we already have a license and design,” he said. “Otherwise, it will be a disaster.”

At the age of 58, beige hair grayed out, smile never faded. He kept enough queen accent, and when he complained about his waist, his “yuuuge” version sounded like Donald Trump. He and his brother Marc and sister Maxine (another brother has retired) to co-operate the family business, but when his brothers and sisters focus on the financial and customer accounts, Beige played a warm clothing lovers, sweet Hollywood studio The company designs clothing according to its own film characters, and then persuades the store to carry. “Howie is one of the most enthusiastic people in his company, and the quality of anyone he meets in this business,” said Pam Kaufman, chief marketing officer and president of Nickelodeon Consumer Products.

Danny Gurganus, a partner at Danny Trix & Kix, said: “They want the pulse of what people want.” In Texas spring, the 17,000-square-foot clothing store was said by Danny Gurganus The He estimated that Rubie’s sales were 60% of his sales.

“What do we do? Do not sell to Wal-Mart?”

Rubie’s named Beige’s father Rubin, Rubin in 1951 in the Queens district of Woodhaven neighborhood with his wife Tillie opened a soda shop and a novelty shop, Rubin Beige worked for a carnival, so when he noticed interesting masks and he brought The hat sold well, he played a few pieces of clothing – cowboy, angel, witch, people can rent a party, drama works, of course, Halloween. He soon sold them to other shops. “A few years later, I found a word: wholesale,” Howard said, “At that time, we just put it as something to sell in the city.

At the time of Rubin’s death, in 1972, the soda shop had become a comprehensive clothing company, pulling $ 100,000 a year, most of which comes from high-quality rental clothing, which costs about $ 300 and rents of about $ 30. The newly widowed Tillie even distributed the company among the four children and told them that if not enough to support the four families she would sell. “That’s what we do,” Mickey said, and he’s still in high school.

Beige joined Rubie in 1975. At the age of 17, he spent the summer vacation throughout the country, wearing a clothing store, selling his merchandise from his clothes rack on the trunk of Dodge Colt. He later upgraded to a car home, where he visited for six years. He bathed in the campsite. He was taken away from a Howard Johnson in Redwood City, California (“Wigs on the parking lot!”) He finally persuaded hundreds of clothing stores to buy from Ruby. Terrie Frankel, 71, who owns Frankel’s clothing in Houston, is one of the oldest customers of Rubi, “Howie parked the car in the driveway.” I’ll take his bagels and radish On the breakfast. ”

Mickey’s car journey coincides with the Halloween way of celebrating a major change. In the 1970s, people stopped renting clothing for cheap production of disposable garments. At the time and in the 1980s, the top manufacturers of these disposable garments were Ben Cooper, who authorized films and TV characters, and then turned them into children’s clothing and rarely looked like originals. “Star Trek”, for example, became a $ 3 Captain Kirk Mask and Plastic One-piece Dress with Starship Enterprise’s picture. “I actually went to Paramount and said,” It’s ridiculous, “Mickey said, and in 1989 he provided the company’s executives with a copy of the adult size of Star Trek.” I showed them Kirk captain The beautiful replicas of the actual uniforms worn on the collar and patch. They said, “What about the mask?” I said, “Those who buy this dress want to be Captain Kirk, but myself,” he got the license on the same day.

Rubie began selling other rights holders to acquire licenses for Barbie (1993), Star Wars (1994), Nickelodeon (2000) and Marvel (2014). It also puts competitors in a dilemma: a struggling Ben Cooper (Ben Barbera and the “DC Comics” license) and the novelist forum. When Rubie’s does not have a license, it will look like: Rival’s Disguise has the official Snow White costume, but at Rubie you can buy a suspicious red and blue dress and go to “Cottage Princess”.

Near the girls before the girls will gather Pokémon’s display, and a pair of twins they will become superheroes. (He wants them to play clowns and Harry Quinn from the suicide squad, and she has not seen the film, thinking that they should be Superman and Wonder Woman.) Five House consider the dress from the despicable me to match the servants.

Aspiring cats are still begging. Her mother sighed and took the clothing from the shelf. “Are you sure?” She asked. The girl nodded. They went to the registry. Behind them, two 12-year-old boys embraced a lifelike Batman model, then embarrassed and flee quickly.

Elwood store sells wholesale Halloween costumes

ELWOOD – Halloween wholesale at Elwood is not your typical pop-up Halloween store.


All seasonal costumes are sold at Elwood at Seasonal Halloween costumes Shop at the 29th Street and 28th Indiana Interchange at a price of $ 5 or less.


The shop is owned by Rick Etchison and Rick Etchison has a wholesale connection from Alexandria, according to Elaine Rushing of the Halloween costumes store, which has lost the purchase of goods and some large box stores when it receives new goods.


Rushing said she thought the seasonal store helped the local economy and filled Elwood’s demand because there were no other Halloween costumes shops in the town.


Clothing may not include a larger name clothing, but this is a low-income family and other options for stingy penny around the holidays.


If the store does not have a person looking for clothing, Rushing will recommend other stores in the city that may carry clothing.



“I’ve seen a lot of these kids grow up,” she said. “This helps keep the business of the local business.”


The store also sells some Christmas decorations and others. Impulsive said to decorate very quickly because Elwood residents like to decorate for festivals.

BuySeasons Inc., New Berlin’s popular clothing company, acquired by Rubie’s Costume Company

New Berlin – BuySeasons Inc., New Berlin’s popular clothing retailer has been acquired by Rubie’s Costume Company.


According to the press release, the acquisition took place on 30 June.


Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc. said the acquisition would enable Rubie to provide customers with “the most modern and efficient third-party logistics facilities that can meet all your clothing and party needs.”


“BuySeasons will now allow Rubie to provide leading operations to our wholesale halloween costumes, and we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with state-of-the-art implementation solutions,” said Howard Beige, vice president of Rubie’s.


“I am delighted to be part of the two leading companies in halloween costumes and the party industry,” said Giuseppe Soccodato, global chief financial officer at Rubie’s, at the press conference. “This will certainly expand the range of markets and product categories while providing first-class delivery to consumers system. ”


“Working with Rubie will allow BuySeasons to significantly increase our products and improve our global sourcing capabilities.” BuySeasons president Rick Barton said: “When we take into account the synergistic benefits of this exciting combination, BuySeasons is very excited because we Look forward to enhancing the customer experience.


Rubie’s clothing company is described as “the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of apparel, accessories and holiday products.”


BuySeasons is one of the largest performing companies in the clothing and party category.

Orange LODGE PROBE ‘Nausea’ Nazi Halloween costumes in Airdrie Orange Chalet spark angry, police confirmed detection

Detective said they had received images of people wearing vomit garments during 2010 and 2013.

Has been published in social media and has been removed by pictures showing men, women and children wearing disgusting clothing.

There is a portrait of Adolf Hitler to pay tribute to the camera.

The two children stood before him, and everyone was wearing a yellow star – the Jews were advertised in Nazi Germany.

While another image shows a man wearing a Pope’s robe in his neck with a noose.

In a photo, two men were clearly seen holding a toy, wearing two crotch pieces between the Celtics.

In another image, a person appeared in a painted wig wearing a painted face.

Images are posted on the Whinhall True Blues Flute Band facebook page.

Now, these pictures in the social media caused a lot of indignation, the user will brand behavior “spoof” and “disgusting”.

A social media user said: “Incredible … what makes them think that any form or form is acceptable?

The other said: “completely hateful … …”

At the same time there is a person posted: “My God patients more ah … … nausea !!!”

A Scottish police spokesman said: “The information has been identified by the relevant personnel and determine any criminal behavior.

The Scottish police takes all reports of hate events seriously and investigates such reports proportionally. ”

Robert McLean, executive director of the Scottish Big Orange Hut, told the Sunday Herald: “We do not have any comments for comments and discussion with our colleagues.”

Rocky then attacked the story of the story on their Facebook page, but declined to apologize for the image.

Earlier this month, we told you that the Glasgow City Council would consider prohibiting the future orange order parade, showing the public reading of the sectarian song.

Officials warned that future demonstrations would face even greater restrictions, even after the police had investigated the incident.

10 Funny Halloween Costumes Guaranteed to Get a Laugh

Smart people trying to become, choose Halloween costumes, the blade to go even more sharp. You go to the more obscure reference, let people go? Or do you do the crowd, but there are seven snapshat hot dogs at one of the risks? (I do not care, I’m still doing it.) Here are 10 popular culture savvy thoughts on the line.


You will need: denim denim look, dark sunglasses, Pepsi, believe that a hoarse sugar is the key to world peace (can be man-made just to achieve character)

Other note: for a variant, recruiting a friend as paramilitary / police guy. You can also invite a third person to become a cellist.


2   The BBC interviewed an icon of MARION KELLY

You will need: Re: equipment, we gotchu. Perhaps a dad’s component, maybe wearing a box on the Skype boxer or other inappropriate pants. In addition, toddler.

Other Note: You have to go for a walk, no matter where you go. The more fist you have, the easier it is.
3   minutes MERYL

You will need: black dress, reading glasses, all kinds of lyrics and taboo knowledge

Other note: the whole night, holding your hands around your mouth may be difficult, so stay near the bar so that you can hold your elbow.

You will need to: think that most people already have the impulse to rebuild it from the system, some methods can give you a person to apply a flower wall (backpack, maybe?), A few yards green

Other note: two friends with smaller planning skills can be like Rumi and Sir, to procrastinate or simply use a hot iron lettering T-shirt.


5   shameful gentleman (and company)

You will need: Robes, RBF, but not because it’s a special glow

Other note: you can recruit a pair of friends to wear their accomplices – Sicilian widow the best

You need: black tie. Confidence. pace.

Other matters: confidence.

You will need: all your local handicraft shops with red tulle, safety pin and / or tape

Other note: consider taking a fluff.

You Can Discount on wholesale halloween costumes: Wantong Market Set to Close August 31

Wantong Market is the latest victim of urban renewal projects, has closed nearly hundreds of small commodities and wholesale markets.

The market officially notified the tenants that they intend to close all business by August 31.

Wantong market owner closed only two months later, immediately launched a clearance sales, hoping to liquidation before the stock price expires.

Wantong market in Xidan Fuchengmen area has been reliable for halloween costumes to provide 18 years of trading. Wantong market was originally a high-end shopping malls, in 1999 transformed into a small wholesale halloween costumes market, different from China’s largest five-star wholesale market.

The market has placed more than 1,600 booths, located in the five floors of more than 30,000 square meters of retail space and a basement. However, it is reported that Wantong market in 2015 began to gradually shut down; last year the fourth and fifth floor has been closed, the owner is still only three floors.

Wantong market just last week in Beijing announced the latest news of the closure of Tianyi market. The municipal government has been systematically shutting down the local retail and wholesale markets that attract enterprises from outside Beijing as a way to limit the growing urban population.

The news is also in the last week to protest the news of the Beijing Zoo market, the owner because of lack of compensation and feel angry, is considered to harass the police.

Wan Tong shopkeepers only yesterday and Thursday agreed to cancel the terms of the rent, they will receive 3,000 yuan bonus.

We always remember that the Wantong Market is the preferred destination for the purchase of Halloween costumes and Christmas trees, but it is also a good place to trade bags and shoes, schools and household goods. If you feel nostalgic, then before the advent of the market too much, please arrive at the Wantong market, or you can play one or two dollars.