ATL’s legal theme halloween costumes competition: the winner (2017)

halloween costumes

You come, you see, you voted, a person really stole the performance of this year’s legal theme halloween costumes competition. It’s not easy to make legal related Halloween costumes, and many of this year’s works are very creative. Perhaps more creative is the way our competitors and his friends use the way to vote.

This year’s “winner” run 38% of the vote, we refer to this year’s “winner” price, because the rampant cheating is in progress.

So, who won our annual costume competition? This is the guy who ran in smart clothes from the northwest of the vote.

Usually, we won’t question his winning, but we have received some students from the blue book (hey), let us know that the problem of voting method (reading: cheating method) is encouraged in this year’s competition. These methods were used before the international shoe belt home award.

This is the blue book that said that he cheated about his publicity: “As for the allegations you mentioned, I can assure you that we won the game in this book.” Dude was caught, and he didn’t care. What is wanton! However, you are doing a major injury to what you are wearing is this book, my friend.

When we talk about the international shoe, the real winner of this year’s clothing competition, she has a very good sense of humor, which is deceived by the blue book, saying, “Do not know that you invoke the interference of Russian elections? ”

We are sending the models of T-shirts and international shoes, but next year, we will develop strict voting methods, when we are forced to do our annual law magazine competition, thanks for deception.

Thank everyone for submitting halloween costumes and voting (sometimes on many occasions). We sincerely hope that you will be able to take part in the competition next year. Our readers are part of such a great website on the law.

Kim Kardashiansi is a Halloween costume for Leah: “We can’t see the color in my home”

Kim Kardashian West apologized after offend some fans dressed halloween costumes as the late singer Aaliyah, halloween.

The real star who wears like R&B singer from her 2001 “try again” video tapes, explains on her website why she chose Alice for her Halloween costume, and her intention to dress.

“Aaliyah was a good singer, she will always be a legend in the music industry,” Kardashian West wrote. “I see on the Internet that some people think I have a bad taste in clothes. If I offended anyone, I’m really sorry.”

She added: “when I was making clothes, I didn’t dress up as a race or culture, but as a woman I would always appreciate.”

“I play all kinds of music at home, and I like to let my children come into contact with many different artists,” Kardashian West continued. “For me, it’s always about love and respect.”

Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in 2001, not a star to star this year only. She was also dressed as snow and Selena. On Saturday, the photographer was made up by Kardashian West like Madonna, her sister, Courtney Kardashian, and dressed as Michael Jackson.

Kardashian West said, “I like Courtney, a Michael Jackson of her dress, and my son is AIKE cable Ross. We can’t see the color at home. Our respect for the people and artists we love and respect is so simple! ”

Kardashians is said to have been expecting her third children with her husband, Kanye Omari West. Two people marry, 2014, the parents to the daughter North West and the one year old son Saint West.

Last week, Kardashian West gave a detailed description of how she celebrated Halloween this year.

“We all go to Courtney and Halloween,” she told the guest to preside over Jennifer Lawrence’s life for Jimmy Kimmel! “Halloween is always so interesting.”

Yuan Black halloween costumes for the athletes to apologize

halloween costumes

Sanantonio – University of the Incarnate Word game on Thursday evening student three student athletes wearing black after halloween.

The African student association said many members were upset after the appearance of a photo of halloween costumes on social media. They wanted to vent their social media, but they decided to go to the opposite line, and Taro Aso Emeodi, a member of Taro Aso, revealed in the forum. He also said they began to feel that teachers were not serious about their problems.

“We just have ideas, no one cares what we say,” Emeodi said. “The president discovered this fact a week later, which means that the staff don’t think it’s important to tell him that.”

Emeodi said Taro Aso arrived at other black student organizations, The University of Texas at San Antonio and Trinity University to help people understand this problem. That’s why they decided to give the question to the social media.

At the forum, three student athletes, entitled “let us talk about race”, speak to the crowd at the debate center.

“We just want to apologize and apologize for the damage we have caused.” This is an honest mistake. Nothing is more important than dressing up as a role, “said a softball player who didn’t recognize himself.

“I really hurt me. I really don’t want to do it in any way, and I won’t.” I don’t know this means that until I met Dr. Moore, all I really want to say sorry, “another baseball player said, she choked back tears.

A baseball player with two black dressed as popular feature film series. Claiming to be a member of Yuan men’s swimming and diving team also dressed in black as a rap artist he said he respected the student athletes.

“My intentions are no evil at all. I grew up in a family, and he taught me to respect everyone and not to disrespect anyone in any way, “said the diver.

Blackface when the actor painted his own face, often with black grease, like black. It is regarded as an offense and a disrespect for black people.

The athletes took 2017 pieces of Halloween costumes to match.

halloween costumes

Star athletes like Lebron James and Stephen Currie are likely to play the role of Halloween in their fans, but that doesn’t mean players can’t dress themselves!

With Halloween landing on Tuesday this year, celebrations throughout the world run throughout the weekend and the first two days.

For example, Lebron on Monday, the rest of the group held a masquerade as his teammates. The host wears a scary reality outfit clown Pennywise from the popular movie ‘it’s face paint will linger on fans and opponents all have nightmares.

This year, curry got inspiration from the movie, put on the iconic “horror” movie puzzle, and even continued to work on a bicycle.

Basketball is not the only 2017 players to participate in halloween. Randy Moss and Charles retired football player Woodson decided to dress up as the other side of this year, Tom Brady and his wife Connor McDavid and avocado toast on the ghizar NHL Edmonton oilers caused a sensation when he and his girlfriend dressed as Donald and Melania Trump.

Best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2017


Halloween is a golden opportunity to wear clothes, assume another identity, escape the reality of things, one night, not lose even the biggest celebrity. This year, from the power couple Beyonce E and Jay Z (who have become iconic of other large and small Kim) Kim Kardashian West (he has three different costumes in the actual holiday) has been fully with an ensemble of halloween. Look at the best celebrity Halloween Costume in 2017.

Kim Kardashian West visited some music the most representative of women, Michelle clothing (complete with Jonathan Cheban for Sonny), and a sister Carol in disguised as Michael Jackson and Madonna clothing.


Supermodel Cindy Croft and her husband Rande Gerber put studio 54 casamigos Halloween party.

Demi Lovato embodies the joy of Selena Qunitanilla’s Halloween fans.


Jay Z praised him, the late Brook forest rapper Notorious B.I.G. reproduced his XXL cover.

Beyonce praised the OG e queen bee, little Kim.


Zoe Clou Weitz and her boyfriend Karl Glusman brought the fight club themed clothing fever.

When Kendrick Lamar dressed up as Jesus Christ on Halloween, his religious beliefs became active.


Steph Curry just wanted to play a game, when he entered the Oracle hall, see the puzzle.

Russell Simmons praised hip-hop’s run-d.m.c. Rev Run and his sleek Adidas.


Adele dressed like this Halloween gorgeous court jester.

Nas respects the late Richard Prior with his clothing this year.


Swizz Beatz dress from the Goonies beloved lazy halloween.

Gwyeth Patru took a dollar method, and this year she dressed up as characters, and she portrayed se7ven in the film. Low maintenance, tongue and cheek, smart? Gwynnie makes an Internet win.

At a Halloween party, sexy to cats and mice, Joan Smos and Carly Klaus.


Jessica Alba and his girlfriend Kelly Sawyer high school and Juno themed clothing hero.

Chris Pavilion Baer was forced to dress up as Elsa against her will on halloween.


Jennifer Jana guided the favorite animals on the Internet at halloween.

Sarah Hailand paid homage to strangers and joined Dustin’s favorite Wells Adams’s eleven bachelor.

Lauren Conrad is a very charming Cruella De Vil.


Betty Miller confirmed her queen status when she arrived, her hulaween party dressed up as Marie Antoinette.

Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are her and Khal Drogo’s outfits by their best couple costume award”.


Lebron James treats the evil clown Pennywise as a Halloween costume this year.

Gabriella and Devin Wade proved that they were, in fact, relational targets dressed up as Milli Vanilli.

Neal Patrick Harris and David bekah, and their children Gideon and Harper, the death group and carnival theme clothing.

Adults in Halloween costumes


Halloween is like puberty and campaign season, and it’s longer every year. It seems to be getting old too. In a big city, in two weeks, any adult will wander around in costumes, which is very common now. Is that a vampire in the subway or your accountant?





In New York, the first two days were a little discordant. And then it became very annoying. And then, when we reached the costume saturation on Halloween, it was totally funny and wonderful. You’re all great!



All of this, many adults happy public transport in adult diapers wandering, grab his own Scooby Snacks box? Are we shameless naked towns, or permanent teenagers? Is New York a university campus or a truly creative artist? Maybe all of these things.



Long adult dress is a link back to the past of Halloween as a time flirt. In the set of homemade robot you fly, you basically daenerys wig, in your Vladimir Putin mask, outgoing is you out.



You look silly, you’re breaking the monotony of life – corrupt jobs, taxes, and public interest companies trying to operate metro systems that allow us every day impossible. Each costume offers a chance to talk. We want you to meet each other and go home safely.



Owner talking about restarting the iconic Halloween costumes company Ben Cooper!

Ready for nostalgia. Ben Cooper came back, baby.

Today, the Halloween costume business has developed a popular culture permit that allows you to buy high quality masks and apparel based on almost all your favorite movies and TV shows. but it is not the truth.

At least Ben Cooper came, at least.

Ben Cooper was originally set up by Ben Cooper in 1937, and a few years later Ben Cooper quickly began to dominate Halloween. While other companies are launching clothing that portrays the general monsters (such as witches and demons), Ben Cooper has come up with popular licenses such as Spiderman, Batman and The Munsters, and even has released Ridley Scott’s clothing alien People, this is not a bold move in 1979. Alien is, after all, an R-class movie.

Financial difficulties in the eighties troubled Ben Cooper, 1988 eventually led to the company filed for bankruptcy. After several years of efforts, Ben Cooper finally in 1992 by Rubi clothing company finally did not exist after the absorption.

Twenty five years after the official closure of the store, Ben Cooper’s plastic masks and vinyl work clothes were still remembered by those who grew up. Many of the boxed costumes sold in pure dollars at the time of the initial release are now acquiring the price of collectors on eBay, proving that the simplicity of Halloweens still exists in the past. And all these nostalgia, which in the company has been largely unexpectedly returning from the grave.

Yes, Ben Cooper is back, we have the opportunity to talk with the original co-founder Nathan Cooper son Ira J. Cooper and his partner Jon Miller talk about exciting restart!

A year and a half ago, Ben Cooper remembered his memory from the deepest sag of childhood, “Miller explained to us, detailing the events that led to the company’s restart.” I will never forget my 1977 Year wearing the Halloween C3PO costume. Last year I bought an eBay, like a completely dirty time. Even to the familiar smell of vinyl masks. ”

“I’ve always wanted to know if Ben Cooper is not a real person, or a brand, so I decided to try to find out,” he continued. “Let me go to Ira J. Cooper, who wants to talk to me about the family business and how they stay on the Halloween market for a long time.I think Ben Cooper’s story is as good as the costumes and masks they make Know that other people want to hear that is the driving force that I and I bring back the brand, but neither of us can imagine the direct interest we will get from everyone. A few decades later, it was really amazing.

Excluding the details of the re-release, Ira J. Cooper elaborated the plan.

He said: “We are very careful to bring the original Ben Cooper aesthetics back to everyone’s memory,” he told us. “This is a dark and soft role that is mixed with a child-friendly Halloween prototype, and we think that if they are still today, Ben Cooper will be resolved. In 2017 you will start here and there To some limited collection, such as enamel needles, wall decorations, shirts, posters, etc. We have a website shop that will also work with some really talented artists to be done by Ben Cooper’s inspired Halloween art to do our own thing. Like artists who focus on working with people who are as keen on us as masks and garments.If they come up with some very wild things, we are very happy to work with them. Hear everyone’s memories of Ben Cooper are very Interesting, for our fans, we will be getting closer to Halloween, there will be some real surprises. Some things that are what you expect, but other things like fashion clothing, and even Coopers defense!

“We are going to play with limited companies this year and we are a huge fan of the company this year, and last year we were offering CreepyCo, and we absolutely wanted to work with it, and this year we will do more work,” Ira continued. -A-Go-Go is another company that we are pleased to be able to offer now available for the oversized official Ben Cooper aluminum mask wall decoration. There are others others that we are actively working for the 2017 Halloween project and will have More talk, because we are a little closer to the fall.I am superstitious nature, so I do not want to give up some of their ghosts – but enough to say they are a real awesome collection and meet what we think Ben Cooper is willing to love. I think fans will really like the time and attention of these unique items, and in 2018, when we look forward to the brand really take off, they will be a good leader. ”

Jon Miller’s enthusiasm for the iconic brand paved the way for its restart, and his view of Halloween prospect was very passionate.

“We like our fans and always want to hear their voices, not just the best memories they’ve ever had from Halloweens, and they want us to do it today through our iconic halloween costumes design,” he told we. “We have even suggested to us that we make their beloved Ben Cooper costume so that they can wear them again! The sky is really the limit, Halloween is now as popular as Halloween.We think Ben Cooper And the character has a great relationship, and the role of play and comic book culture rise.As a lot of things have been organically fell to the position, so we bring this brand is a very good feeling.I really thank Ira Cooper back I’m on the phone and are willing to open the Ben Cooper vault to me, just like being invited to Willy Wonka’s candy factory, just because it is Ben Cooper’s Halloween costume factory. Really nothing better! ”

Learn more about the restart on Ben Cooper’s official website where you can buy a logo T-shirt that helps support the reason.

HighBall Halloween celebrates this year for 10 years

This year will be the celebration of the 10th anniversary of HighBall Halloween, and the Arctic Union has announced that it will highlight the legend of music within a decade.

Party starts from Friday, October 20, every year HB: On the Rocks. In two stages, the local band will play a variety of original songs and signature artists cover. The main stage lineup includes Sir Robertson, their children as a Beatles, authentic star Bob Dylan, Damn The Mitch Siren as Madonna, and free to go deep for NSYNC.


The second stage to be set up in East Goodall Street will be directed by Tom Lonnie Kravitz, Shaw Brothers Johnny and Willie Nelson, Catania Ingram for Steve William, Jenny Flori for Amy Wynne House, and Joey Hibo for the Queen. Nina West and NBC4 Monica Day will be held between the two groups.


The next night, the local band will also be held on Saturday, October 21 HB: High Fashion Show. Those who attend the show will see the past nine wins HighBall Halloween costumes, and then watch 10 design teams to attend The Battelle Costume Couture Fashion Show. Senior Fashion Public Clothing Competition will provide the masses with a chance to participate in the crazy stage.

At the same time, the HighBall Halloween Night Castle VIP Party and the 10th Anniversary Ball will be held. VIP parties include the main stage and runway, white castle dining, private bar, special cocktails and indoor toilet myopia.


The ball will be held in the North Center and Short North Ballroom of the conference center and will also have a unique runway view as well as a private watch fashion show and a tenth anniversary runway show. The players will be able to meet and greet the costume designer, as well as the creators of the new public art installations planned for the North Court. There is also a silent auction and free parking, drinks and food.


More details such as ticket and program information will be announced this summer.

Elwood store sells wholesale Halloween costumes

ELWOOD – Halloween wholesale at Elwood is not your typical pop-up Halloween store.


All seasonal costumes are sold at Elwood at Seasonal Halloween costumes Shop at the 29th Street and 28th Indiana Interchange at a price of $ 5 or less.


The shop is owned by Rick Etchison and Rick Etchison has a wholesale connection from Alexandria, according to Elaine Rushing of the Halloween costumes store, which has lost the purchase of goods and some large box stores when it receives new goods.


Rushing said she thought the seasonal store helped the local economy and filled Elwood’s demand because there were no other Halloween costumes shops in the town.


Clothing may not include a larger name clothing, but this is a low-income family and other options for stingy penny around the holidays.


If the store does not have a person looking for clothing, Rushing will recommend other stores in the city that may carry clothing.



“I’ve seen a lot of these kids grow up,” she said. “This helps keep the business of the local business.”


The store also sells some Christmas decorations and others. Impulsive said to decorate very quickly because Elwood residents like to decorate for festivals.