How does Halloween costumes promote national partnership?

This week, we will discuss how to dress up as Halloween. Gary and Esther will cooperate with Disney and ABC on Saturday night.

Yes, we will give you some headlines this week. I know that the headlines and hurdles in the horror story edition last week are not the most powerful, but today we will give you a slightly ridiculous story, and you never know how you choose to lead to something bigger than you dream.

About 10 years ago, my friends and business partners (Steve Stoloff) and I (Latane) were winning the Halloween Costume competition, and we always wondered why nobody sold ACE and Gary’s clothes from Saturday night scene.

If you don’t remember Gary and Esther, please click here to see a video many years ago. Abominable, ridiculous… You want a Halloween costume!

We decided to go to WAL-MART to buy long John, underwear and food coloring. 3 hours later, we had a costume that we consider to be a costume, a bit like the role in the performance.

On the night we went there, we won 250 fans’ field SNL and won two Halloween Costume competitions for 3000 dollars. A good night! We decided that maybe we are doing something, we will sell online in second years.

11 months later, we remembered our success last year and decided to show our self-made clothing a year ago at the eBay store. I think we all hope that we can buy groceries and beer money in October. Maybe in November.

We launched every click campaign small pay keyword similar to “ridiculous costumes” and “ace Gary”. What happened next is a little shocked. Within one hour of pay per click activities, we received the order.

We ask for 150 dollars, so we think it’s too expensive for people. Obviously, it wasn’t because we sold more than 300 costumes in a week.

Now we are faced with our biggest problem. What shall we do? After buying all the long underwear and underwear at WAL-MART and the target store, we were making clothes all night. Actually, we have completed all the orders.

We don’t know that we will sell a lot. We know that we can’t keep these clothes unless we really have SNL in partnership. I put in a cold e-mail SNL about the possibility of working together with ACE and Gary clothing. The shocking thing is Broadway video, which is Lorne Michels’s response to license SNL. Then I had a friend’s friend joining the phone in the license business, because I didn’t know what to permit, or even to help me negotiate an agreement.

The experienced authorized representatives helped us to reach an agreement. In the past second years, we have produced high quality ACE and Gary garments, which is one of the best sellers in the country.

Business is good. We sold our company’s funny costumes to a bigger Halloween company. Today’s clothing is still on sale online, which is a picture of our friends. We shot our first photo.

After the feet wet the license and learn how to deal with the transaction should be structured, my business partner and I ended up our ROC game also called the ridiculous barrier to challenge the wipeoutrun renamed Disney and ABC’s hot TV program failed cooperation.

The main points of the story: you never know that an idea or a relationship can bring more things than you expected.

We don’t know what we are doing, but we continue to study hard. Fortunately, we are going to take these experiences and lessons to the next project. In alliance ownership and escrow, we have a relationship. We have no expectation from leaders to our biggest relationship today. You never know…

This week’s Title: if you are buying an apartment, you don’t need an enhanced ownership policy. It will save you money, and you will get your investment.

In other words, we recommend that people always strengthen their ownership policy for single families. You want the 50% appreciation in 5 years and your protection on the border with neighboring countries.

The real housewives in New York came back with suspicious Halloween costumes and drunkenness.

It’s great to let the ladies of the big apple get back to the tenth season of Real Housewives in New York. Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Carole Radziwill, Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortmier and Luann De, did not waste time entering the drama in the Halloween party in the delta. These drinks are orange, bubbly and flowing. The clothing is very tight, and the fabric is almost as big as the attitude.

Let’s break it down.

halloween costumes

Dorinda Medley

What Biduolinda and her Halloween decorations more perfect? Yes, it has its drunkenness, trying to explain Mrs. Gaga’s dress on Saturday night, and Andy may be Adam Sandler. When she presided over her party and angry, Sonia did not greet her as a post lunch lunch host, Dorinda hosted Luann.

LuAnn de Lesseps

Her divorce is fresh. In October 2017, LuAnn had no obstacles.

“I have been blinded, and I don’t want to see it,” Luann said. She told Da Lin Da that when Tom D’Agostino deteriorated, they got married. He wants to go out and meet with his old friends before he gets married. After a certain period of time, all the girls said it’s true, “Luann said.” Finally, for me, the last straw is lack of respect. It doesn’t stop, I can’t breathe… I drowned. I had a lot of bitterness, and it was really painful.

Luann said she also sent text messages to Tom, but there was no temptation to reconcile. Look, I have no regrets, “she told dorinda. Luann appeared at Diana Ross’s Halloween party. She completed a huge black wig and enough fake to question her face.

“Luann’s clothes are so rude. I think she is deaf in culture stereotype. She is usually tonedeaf. In any case, “Carol said.

There is no such thing as ladies. It looks great in addition to Bethenny saying Luann. It is… It may not be a wise choice for Luann.

Speaking of Carol, Luann was very upset. She never received a text message from Carol to Tom. Carol refutes the fact that she never tells the director everywhere that he is a bad guy. She sees a respected thing. Why does she need to break up after the text is broken? Lu never stretched out his hand to announce the relationship between Carol and Adam (even though they drank coffee or coffee).

Carol Radziwill

Carol and Adam still hang out, sex and sex, but they have no labels. She is busy training for the New York marathon. She didn’t notice Ramona from Bethenny’s charity dinner.

Bethenny Frankel

When the rhony camera turned, Bethenny was very charitable for her B. The camera followed her, and she got an award, and Tinsley and Ramona walked together. Her charitable efforts run through the season.

“I’m very proud of it, Bethenny. “Yes, we have our ups and downs, we have our moments, but this is an emergency, so I should be as generous as possible,” Ramona said.

“I didn’t do this because I wanted it to be recognized. I did it because I’m good at it. It has changed the way of my life in an incredible way, I’m very grateful, “Bethenny said.

Bethenny also opened the loss of her beloved dog, cookie. “It’s hard,” she said. She runs very well. It’s so love… She is my family. ”

Ramona’s singer

She is still decorating at home, maybe there is her friendship. According to Ramona’s statement, she stretched out Sonia several times, but not with her best friend. What’s going on?

In this episode, Ramona found the Dorinda dressed as Britney Spears, red tights and call.

“If she can prove her tits and camel toes, she is very happy,” Bethenny said, her clothes.

Bethenny and Ramona walked on Bethenny’s new real estate in Hamptons. You know, the typical thing.

Sonja Morgan

According to Sonia, she travels in Europe, taking antidepressants all the time, and then goes to Costa Rica to purify herself and drink juice. She is still in contact with Roco, but Frenchie is missing. When she appeared dressed as Lucille Ball in Dorinda’s party, she doesn’t allow her to meet dorinda-a no, according to dorinda.

Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley and Carol went through this summer together, but since the Spanish trip, she broke up with beau Scott. It’s too far away, but she still loves him. She still lives in a hotel, and now there’s a little dog on the floor. She didn’t know exactly what Sonia had.

The mother / daughter team introduced their creativity into the song and dance performance.

Before the director and choreography of the musical, for the team “Hotel moonbox product introduction Rachel Bertone is familiar with the fashion designer Marian Bertone work,” at the opening of the theater in Boston April 14th – wemberley once joined the program.

The talent bertones is the mother and the daughter, after all.

“After growing up, my mother has never been far away from her sewing machine,” Rachel recalled recently by phone from her home in Melrose. “She began to deconstruct and build the costumes of the Boston ballet. When I came back, I was a five year old child learning ballet.”

Marian designed more than Rachel’s ballet and other dances.

“I have two sisters. We all have Christmas and Easter dresses. “I think she has done all of our Halloween costumes,” Rachel said.

“When my daughter wanted to dance, we went to the old E. Williams dance school at Malden, where I became friendly with the deceased Carla Davis, recalling,” Marian passed her phone from her home in Malden last week. Virginia founded the Boston ballet, and Cara took charge of the school, her daughter.

“Cara and I spent three years in a ballet skirt to open up my mother to understand her. That experience taught me a lot. In the past 35 years, I have been engaged in ballet dresses, ballet and modern dance costumes customers.

Rachel turned to her mother for the first time in 2014.

Moonbox and I were hired directly and choreographed music and dance films. I decided to ask my mother if she could design and make costumes. “I will do it for you” is her answer. I can’t be grateful.

“I know she will give me the best product.” “Because she designs dance, she knows how the body moves, and the clothes she made is moving with her body,” Rachel said. In the “carabet”, some of the corpses belong to the girls in the dance hall.

The song and dance show is the 1966 musical that Toni won the Fred Ebb and John Kander. Joe Masteroff’s book is based on John Vantrutan’s 1951 “I’m a camera,” and this is the 1939 novel adapted from Chris Dover IVU, “goodbye, Berlin.”

The costumes of this show are quite different from what you often see. They are absolutely not stingy. There will be lace, underwear, bra, but elegant and dislike underwear.

“I like to make sure that the performers are comfortable. Marian laughed and said, “I hate to do really shameful things.”

In the dilapidated curious Club 1931 Berlin Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany, a young American writer, the Cliff Bradshaw of the relationship Music Center, and the actor of Sally Bowles for her luck English singing and dancing performance.

“I think Germany has rotted in this historical period. However, due to more than a bit of confusion, some things still seem beautiful through all kinds of lies and deceit.

“People escape the fear of what is happening around them, and narcotic themselves by drinking and drugs,” Rachel said. “In order to escape the harsh, cold outside world, they found refuge in the kit kat club.”

Rachel, who was taught at the Berkeley Boston Academy of music, where she won the bachelor’s jump 2007, said that, in addition to its famous scores – including Wilkommen, “Mein Herr” “maybe this time,” and the key to the song – lighting and clothing is the delivery of “Hotel news.”

In the three design teams of collection, lighting and clothing, they work with sound designers. If you light up the lights, you can completely change the perspective. Suddenly, you see what is rotten in what seems to be a beautiful hair C ADE dirty truth.

“Everything outside is slowly coming out of the cracks in the club. The actors wear beautiful clothes to hide the real events, “Rachel explained.

The “wild party” produced by her mother moonbox before and “Rachel knew Marian” is the right choice for them.

Her work in musical plays is very specific. She is a detail oriented person, this is she instilled to me, said: “proud daughter. If things are not right, it can be restored.

The former designer of the old wardrobe director and clothing art at Natick’s Walnut Hill School Dance Department, Marian is now a Berkeley fashion designer at the Boston Academy of music.

Chelsea, a native of Marian, graduated from Everett Pope John XXIII middle school and got a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Suffolk University in Boston. Her career has developed over the years.

“I fell in love with chemistry. After graduating from college, I worked as a clinical toxicologist. However, I haven’t done that since my first daughter was born.

I always like dance and drama, but I often find myself learning clothes. I will see a great performance and reflection. Why do those trousers get the wrong stitch? “I think I have always wanted to be a designer,” Marian said.

Four new iron ladies mask added to halloween costumes line.

halloween costumes

It’s too early to start thinking about the next Halloween costumes. Two years ago, the “Iron Lady” and “prank or entertaining” studio launched a series of new Eddie masks and clothes, and now they have reintroduced four new catalogues.

This time, “top is high”, “somewhere, the last frontier and the number of new faces of the beast devil signs, all of which can be pre ordered now. Their entry to the existing line has included a virgin album of the same name depicted in the Eddie cup, the heart of the killer, the Powerslave (as a pharaoh mummy) and the book of the soul. A complete set of ideological clothes is also provided.

Of course, there are still a lot of Eddie’s incarnations to draw from the next line, if you need a review to see all the ways Eddie has changed in the iron lady’s work.

Last year, the girl ended his support for the book of the soul and was preparing for another tour to celebrate their historical catalogue, named “the bequest of wild animals”. So far, only the date of Europe has been announced. You can view a list here.

The long Phoenix clothing and magic shop closed 72 years later

halloween costumes

One of Feinikesi’s oldest family businesses, many people’s Halloween staple, announced on Friday that it will be closed in 72 years.

Isle’s interesting store has fixed points at 509 W. Mcdowell Road, decades of Facebook web bulletin.

Dear friends and family;

After 72 years of family business, we decided to become a family. This will be our last Halloween. Thank you for the love and support you have been to me for years. We like to be part of your life.

The Isle family

The message did not specify the exact date or reason for closing.

The fans of the store reacted immediately.

“Oh, no… I just like to go there to buy so many wig and stuff, even if it’s not Halloween. “I love you, thank you for your wonderful memories,” a customer wrote in a Facebook post review.

“The scoundrel. “Thank you for your memories,” the other said.

“As a child, my father and I spent a lot of time in the easley. He always praises you. “I hope you can enjoy your time with your family,” added another commentary on Friday evening’s more than 200 commentaries.

Bert Easley, the founder of the store, was opened in 1947, and the former juggling magician was named “long” and “storage”. It started as a magic shop, and then extended to the gifts and novelties of clothing, accessories and other jokes.

Since then, it has been run by a family generation.

Revisit the real housewife in New York: Diana loss

Guys, this is just the first episode. We were drunk, Dorinda, unruly Bethenny, Tinsley’s dog in the floor of a hotel in the urine, no one even wiped it, and the director in the actual, written black face. We haven’t even reached arrest, fight, restore, or ship, and sink and fire at the same time. One day, you will be fond of remembering the happy children and children of your children who are alive now in the 2018 of my Lord, because this will be a mother’s mother season.

First of all, of course, we must check all the women and what they are doing. Bethenny has been helping people suffer from hurricanes in Puerto Rico and I have absolutely nothing to say. She is really doing the work of God, giving goods directly to those who need it. It’s Bethenny’s wealth to use her, because she hired a designer for the best thing. At the same time, Tinsley donated $10000. Ramona only donated 3000 dollars. Tinsley has some scratches, you.

Speaking of Tinsley, she lived in a hotel, she broke up with Scott, the guy behind the coupons or the discount shop farm or used her and Carol Hocking in a hard advertising campaign. I think it’s finally in the contract.

Carol is still “broken” Adam, which means he comes to give her coffee every day, sometimes they sleep together. They have a very modern arrangement for me. If they get all the constraints they need to build a monogamy system, then give them more power.
What I care about is Carol’s exercise habits. When she was 54 years old, she decided to start exercising and start training for the New York marathon, she said. That’s great. This is not what I care about. What made me stop? She has gone to the dog to work with a guy named Victor, who is the oldest living personal trainer in the world. Victor not only made Carol make stupid jumps and Trx in the gym, but he hit the rope of fighting, leaped in the beau, and ran down the sidewalk in Manhattan. I’m sorry, but the exercise equipment is inside. People run outside the park and designated area to annoy my inferno. Why do Carol, novice practice, all Kelly Killoren Bensimon do things like humans in jogging and transportation?

Dourinda was mainly concerned about her Halloween costumes, and Ramona, well, she hung up in her home and drank a cup of “alprazolam,” it wrote “alprazolam,” with a constant topic of humour in a drop of yuan, not ridiculous and tasteless.

Sonia Terry Morgan Lexapro Morgan decided, “all the tragedies and losses,” after the last few years, she was going to take the summer and enjoy herself in Europe, not to speak to anyone. She also decided to take antidepressants for the first time, but she found, “I am going to WAMP, WAMP, WAMP [insert] exercise here to gulp the bread.” This is the most important thing about Morgan. Someone said, until she told us that she stopped taking medicine, she could be thinner. These are the behaviors of some serious housewives, but skinny and pain are just a little fatter than happiness.

And finally, there’s also Lu. Oh, Lu. Lu divorced, everyone was so angry that they didn’t get a special wedding, and she decided to meet Tom after a divorce so they couldn’t take it. How do we know? Because we have two rather than a terrible montage of their relationship, and all the women say, again, he and everyone see this terrible guy, but Lu. It’s a bit like mourning montage in Oscar, but if everyone wants to get rid of the slag and die for movie executives.

The greatest complaint of the countess is that Carol had never telephoned or texted her, and the news of her divorce. Why does she want it? Luann has been dating her from Adam and saying all kinds of malicious things about her. Why did Carol repay his kindness? The countess gave it to anyone who listened to it, and then at the “Halloween party” at “Da Lin Da”, she said, “I hope this thing will go away with Carol. “Well, it can. If she just lets it because she lets the whole thing happen.

When it comes to Dorinda party, this is a very confusing. Dorinda misunderstood her Mrs. Gaga in a need of repair help for her from SNL’s clothing department. But the most contemptible thing we see is that many of the joints and clicks of plastic balls that DAL Lin tried to dress up almost completely fell off.

At the party, she was angry with Sonia, because she stood in a bar wearing a ROC Lucille Ball dating with her. He was named New York magazine, and had a blue ball in Manhattan. Dorinda will not be happy, because Sonia will greet the hostess, then with all women. She is not wrong, Sonia is rude. However, Dorinda need not destroy everyone to stay with her, may provide a bucket of spit message.

Everyone’s clothes are great (even if Ramona stole her clothes from a singing war, and it had been put on another Halloween party three days ago). Well, in addition to Luann, who is a deep pool, a funny black black wig Diana Ross. Did nobody tell her that this was a bad idea? She didn’t have a friend saying, “you shouldn’t dress like a black person.” Diana, of course, has Africa, but it’s not like Diana Ross is there. This wig looks like a fraternity guy who will dress up like a Harlem Yu basketball team. This is an imitation of the Africans. Its packaging may be “callous” urban wig.

But the worst thing is Bethenny’s Halloween party. I’m not talking about her Boob Popping Barbie. I’m talking about her behavior. Now, obviously, Dorinda is not the only one who is drunk than recently in the bottomless brunch parolee. Bethenny got wasted on her fight with Ramona, if she was on the road of Hampton’s Mongolian Road, or south of the road. I mean, come on. This is the most stupid, the most white fighting the Spanish American war since at least last season in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach chaos. I’m with Ramona, too. If your stool is on the highway, it can’t be on the south side of the expressway.

Bethenny put her cruelty to another level though. When Ramona said, “I know about real estate,” Bethenny replied, “you have an apartment in Hamptons’s house. I have five attributes. “I mean, come on. Having more houses doesn’t mean that you have more knowledge of real estate. I bet that real estate reporters in the Wall Street journal know that real estate than these women and journalists still live at their parents’ home in Hoboken. Then Bethenny said, “call me when you start to succeed.”

Bethenny has been bad for several years. Now I think the problem is completely wrapped here. She doesn’t know how she appeared in front of the camera. If she returns it to Ramona when she doesn’t have anything, Ramona is crying on Brooklyn Bridge. But now, she is the leader of the group. She waving her success is like a weapon, she wants to take other people.

Finally, there was a visitor at the party, no one could see it. It’s because she is dressed like a tree. Everyone thinks she is one of the plants in the background. On one occasion, some drunken homosexuals tried to rely on her, but she kept her posture stiff and strong, so no one would find her disguise.

She went to the sofa, and all the women took out a metal vial in the courtroom. She unscrewed the top with pointed objects. When she took Dorinda’s neck, she didn’t look at it. Responsible for the local hit in her neck like a large group of mosquitoes, but between the binge drinking and the organization insisting on the distraction of Sonia Lucy Ricardo wig, she never noticed. Later, Dorinda shimmied went to the elevator to leave, her wig on the floor and most of her clothes burst the plastic foam, and you could see a light red flicker coming from under her skin. At that moment, Jill Zarin wanted to smile, but she let happiness permeate from her head like so much vapor to keep her mercenary silence.

According to the designer’s statement, it is a mistake to buy 8 clothes at a time

In the shopping frenzy, you may buy a lot of things in the shopping cart, frankly, you don’t need it. However, you may have entered your credit card information, hit “confirm the purchase,” and put them in your closet when they arrive at your door, and don’t even wear them at once.

Many times, we will buy something we don’t need at all. Even if we know that spending is wrong, we still have to do it.

To help us break this situation, we asked the celebrity fashion expert Michael St. Michael and the founder of shiseminer, who believed that the 10 items were always the wrong purchase.

Big frame sunglasses

“It’s no longer the big box Sunglasses hidden behind fashion,” St. Michael told the inside story. It’s all about thin frames (think about 90s). It can also be converted into glasses, but there are some lenient treatments for the rules of viewing specifications.

Fur of an animal

Though artificial fur is good, St. Michael recommends staying away from anything made of real animal fur.

“There is no exception to this rule. Animal fur is nauseous and cruel. “To imitate,” he told the insider.

A T – shirt designed

St. Michael explained that it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a simple designer T-shirt, because it’s easy to find a cheaper option.

It’s not necessary to spend a dollar on a plain white T-shirt. That’s absolutely meaningless! ”

British designer

Dating back to fourteenth Century, Britain was good for farmers, because they were designed as disposable. In fact, anyone will pay 500 dollars to 1000 dollars in famous brand canvas shoes, which is absurd, “St. Michael told the inside story.” The main design elements of a canvas shoes is pulled by the end of the grass / Twain no matter who it is, it will certainly suffer.”

Synthetic fabric

It is also important to evaluate their fabrics when buying any clothes.

San Michaele said, “artificial fiber is not only harmful to health, but also a toxic chemical substance, which is very bad for the environment.”

Treated fabric

Like synthetic fibers, St. Michael suggests that consumers should stop buying processed fabrics, though they seem to be good choices.

No wrinkles / stains appear to be very convenient, but like the above clothes, it is harmful to health and environment by dealing with toxic chemicals. Invest in a good ship, “he told insiders.

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet socks are clear and simple, always wrong purchase.

“Exceptions: it’s good for artists and Halloween costumes,” he said.

Kitten high heel shoes

“They are almost not high heels. “Buy yourself some apartments,” he told insiders.

‘RHOA’ night: Nene insecticide clothing, Kim’s “suspicious” character and season shout and wrangle

halloween costumes

Everything is on Sunday’s “Atlanta season”. Eva’s Halloween party is a real housewife.

Eva and Whitfield all come together to dress up as Cleopatra VII, Kandi Burruss is a sexy Pennywise, Kenya Moore is dressed as a Secret Angel of Victoria, Porsha Williams is a zombie bride, Cynthia Bailey becomes a very convincing 50 point (better known as 50 cynt), Kim Zolciak and husband Kroy. NN dressed like a playboy, Hugh Hefner (wish him to rest), NeNe Leakes and husband Gregg Leakes appeared in insecticide and cockroach costumes, respectively.

“You do it!” Porsha said, Ning Ning and Greg roachgate dress.” You are a small mess. Small goal! That’s two small goals. ”

She explained that she decided to be a terminator, because I just wanted Kim and her stupid stupid donkey’s stupid damn family to know that we were laughing at you, bitch. Hee Haw, bitch, jokes on you.

But the real play is the best friend of Porsha, and when Shamea Morton comes, tell Shere that Porsha tell her that she can’t believe any of the girls in any group, including her. This pure e felt that she was angry because of the group to return to her only girl.

“Porsha, you know, we have built a little thing,” Hill said, Porsha in front of shamea, Kim and Porsha’s sister, Lauren. Can you honestly say that I’m not helping you get along with these girls? And these girls make up? What have I done to you that you do not believe this one?”

Porsha did not think that this e There were many discussions. Shamea explained that she had been told, Hill E. In trying to get an answer to Porsha, thanks. That was when Lauren came to her sister and Kim’s defense to cut defense E. From talking to a screaming match, it took about two seconds.

“You said she admired, but what I’m saying,” Lauren cut before the start of e interrupted, “I didn’t hear what she said! I hear you say that! ”

“OK, it doesn’t matter, but I’m saying,” Lauren answered.

“Well, you should not,” Hill.

Until Lauren began to wave her hand to her face, Kim walked in, and Porsha quickly shot down, saying Kim’s character was “suspicious”.

Then Marlo Hampton did her best to insert herself into the situation, which is Porsha. Porsha went, and Marlo began to chase her in the party. That’s a banana.

Although the May 10th season ended, we still had more plays looking forward to the reunion of “real housewives in Atlanta” on Sunday, at 8 p.m. on April 8th at Bravo.