7 Of The ’80s Workout Costumes


Remember jazzercise! Founder Judy Shepherd Missett (judi sheppard missett) started a dance class in 1984. You know, there’s nothing like neon skirts that make people scream in the 1980 s. Add a tights, sweatbelt and leg warmers, and you’ll have an 80 s fitness trio. If you add one or two curly-tail flowers to this look, don’t forget to add that tall pony together.

2.Pink Leotard

3.Leg Warmers

4.Off-The-Shoulder Sweatshirt


Another iconic 1980 s look: trendy sportswear. Seriously, what could be more comfortable than a sports suit?

6.Crop Track Jacket

7.Track Pants



10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Wonder Woman:

Prince Diana did all this: she was a peaceful diplomat and a raging warrior. In the 2017 film, Gardote starred, they transformed her vintage costume into a sexy and powerful combination that strengthened her inner strength.

2.Abbi and Ilana from Broad City:

From the end of Game 3, Abby competes in the soulstice and ilana loses her job in the trade!

3.Sandy from Grease:

A pair of black shirts and a thick black belt of leather pants. Red shoes are necessary. Wear the clothes farther with golden hoops and shiny red nails.


 Sushi never looks better than this diy winner. Grab fish-shaped pillows and artificial seaweed fabric and finish playing with ginger and mustard headbands.

 5.Hocus Pocus Witch:

We love the twist of witchcraft! “I cast you a spell, and now you are mine.”

6.Mary Poppins:


7.Offred from Handmaid’s Tale:

We will bear no more.

8.Eleven from Stranger Things:

Leggo her Eggo. 

9. Avocado Toast:

Everyone loooooves it because, TBH, whats not to love about avos and bread?



Yikes. we’re having flashbacks from The Ring. Do yourself a favor and avoid looking in the mirror after you’ve had a few drinks 😉

1.Chicken Pot Pie With Crawling Hands

This delicious pot pie is filled with vegetables and protein to nourish your little ghost or leprechaun on the night before.

2.Halloween Eyeball Sub

Filled with juicy meatballs and thick ketchup bases, these Halloween eyeball submarines are terrible delicacies.

3.Witch Finger Bread Sticks

Once you’ve overcome the real appearance of these witch fingers, you’ll find a sweet surprise for dry berries and pine nuts.

4.Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

Bring together fresh spicy olives, mushrooms and cheese to make these medium-sized sides for your Halloween dinner.

5.Bloody Mummy Crepe Cake

Breakfast for dinner is always fun, especially on Halloween, when you take out these bloody mummy crepe cakes.

6.Saucy Spider

Make a donut at this party-the perfect Halloween appetizer. If you can’t find pizza dough in the supermarket, try the local pizza shop, which may sell you a fresh ball. For extra effects, sprinkle poppy seeds on your legs and add Parma cheese.


7.Creepy Pigs In a Blanket

Think about it, wrap the pig in a blanket and twist it! Guests would like to eat these roasted cocktails wrapped in pies. Slice almond toenails into one end of the digital box and soak them in red ketchup.

8.Fried Vampire Bat Wings

Heat these bat-shaped ham steaks and you’ll get a creepy appetizer.

9.Toxic Mac and Cheese

You only need a few drops of food coloring to mix the neon green meal together.

10.Purple Potion Punch

Your Halloween guest will die for this fist.

Houston had a unbelievable Halloween EDM festival in 2018

If you had any doubts about your plans this coming Halloween, this lineup will ensure you’re raging away at Freaky Deaky Texas!


Get ready for a Halloween festival full of absolutely the best dance music! Disco Downey’s gifts and response gifts have worked together to arrange an absolutely wild lineup for this horrific holiday, full of huge names such as excise, porter Robinson, adventure club and so on! Texas will be held at Sam Houston Racing Park on October 27-28, 2018, Halloween weekend.

This is almost my dream lineup, including legendary artists in my favorite series. The more you see, the more gems you can find in this lineup! Chris Lake, Walker.This is the first year, Texas will have an odd year, old versions of the country will be staged in Milwaukee, Chicago and Texas and other cities. With such a lineup, Houston will definitely be an unforgettable opening year! Make sure you get tickets soon, and travel packages are available on the odd website, so you can save on the hotel during the holiday season.

Scare Yourself With These 8 Netflix Halloween Movies

1.Ghostbusters (1984)

Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis star in this iconic movie about a team of wise-cracking guys who hunt paranormal creatures.



2.Van Helsing (2004)

In this film starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Bainsel, Van Hesing and a fierce Romanian rescue a small town from Dracula, Franken Stein, and more dangerous monsters.


3.Coraline (2009)

Tim Burton (tim burton) ‘s Caroline tells the story of a young girl being taken to a seemingly interesting and exciting parallel world, but when she has to choose to stay at home or go home. She will find her “perfect” world far more frightening than she realizes.



4.The Sixth Sense (1999)

In this thriller starring Bruce Willis and Tony Colette, an award-winning child psychologist has a mission to help a gifted boy who sees the dead.

5.Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slatel and a young Kersten Dunst star tell the story of a man becoming a vampire after a series of misfortunes.

6.Souls (2010)

Julian Moore played the leading role in the film, describing a psychiatrist trying to help a series of murder victims trapped in the patient’s psychology.

7.Scream 2 (1997)

Courtney Cox, Jada Pinkett Smith, Liev Schleber, Sarah Michel Geller, Jerry O’Connell and David Arquette are all stars in the sequel. They told the story of a group of teenagers threatened by a grimace.

8.Cult of Chucky (2017)

Chucky is back and goes after a new family in this follow-up to the 1988 movie that started it all.


TO Carve the Perfect Pumpkin With These 8 Tips

When Halloween comes, most of us will come up with our art skills (novice) and try to create our own pumpkin masterpieces. It’s not easy. These expert sculptures will make your gourd look and smell great. If you’re still looking for inspiration, check out our best pumpkin carving ideas.
1. Good carving starts with the right pumpkin. Choose a fresh, sturdy stem, no bruises, and flat soles so it won’t roll.
2. as you carve. Cut the lid at an angle, not straight up and down. This way, when you change the pumpkin, the lid won’t fall into the pumpkin. A bone knife is best for this.

3.Dig out all the flesh-and then you can buy a special claw, but an ice cream scoop will do. 4.Thin the inner wall of the face to a quarter of an inch thick, making it easier to penetrate the shell. Put the pumpkin in your closet. When you look up, it’s easier to carve out your features. Don’t cut best on sloping cleanup and down slicing. To do complex design, try using a small saw.

5.Free yourself from creative building blocks by buying a pumpkin carving tool, plus a marker, scraper, cutting tool and pattern. Use your scrap creatively. For example, make tongue, pipe or hair attachment.
6. Keep your pumpkin fresh. Apply oil jelly on the edge to seal the water. If your pumpkin shrinks after a few days, you can soak it in cold water for 8 hours to get it back to normal.

7.Create a chimera. First, when the candle burns, open the lid for a few minutes. Then open a small hole where the lid blackens. Or, save the pressure and switch to a battery operated stereo.
8. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on the lid. When you light a candle, your Jack lantern smells like pumpkin pie.

one of the best Halloween movies-‘Hocus Pocus’

In the 25 years since its release, it has earned a special worship status as one of the most popular Halloween films. Celebrate the anniversary of the movie with interesting trivia and this classic best moment! There’s so much love about Marcus Pikus and a lot of cult classicism that you might not know. This is What made the film popular 25 years later. Although it may have been disappointing when it was released in 1993, it found an audience in the years that followed. It’s such a unique Halloween movie that it’s a little puzzling when it opens in July. Today, Hawkes Pixar regularly plays free on Disney Channel and October, keeping new and old viewers. The same entertainment. In its 25 years in theaters, it has earned a special worship status as one of the most popular Halloween films. Celebrate the anniversary of the movie with interesting trivia and this classic best moment! There’s so much love about Marcus Pikus, and a lot of cult classics you might not know. What made the film popular 25 years later. Although it may have been disappointing when it was released in 1993, it found an audience in the years that followed. It’s a different Halloween movie, and it’s a little puzzling when it opens in July. Today, the film is often shown on Disney Channel and Free Edition, making both old and new audiences enjoy it.

Did you know that Max Dennison was originally led by Leonardo DiCaprio? It was not until 1993 that DiCaprio actually appeared on TV. He is a young and promising actor, but he hasn’t really made a difference yet. In the same year, DiCaprio was asked to star in Gilbert Grape. He will. In the process, he seemed to have made the right choice-his role in eating Gilbert Grape earned him an Oscar nomination and made him jump into the spotlight. Imagine how different it would be if DiCaprio had starred in the Magic Army! 

Kenny Ortega may not be Hollywood’s most famous man, but he has made several successful films slowly and positively and is still popular. He began his career as a choreographer and worked with Gene Kelly, but later directed his own films, including new films, the entire high school music trilogy and Hawkes Pikus! In fact, Ortega is such a fan of the film that he has become a fan of the film. In an interview last year, Ortega said: “well, we all want it.” We all want a. ” I know Casey NaJimmy (kathy najimy) and Bette [Midler] (midler) are ready. “although not yet officially announced, we will continue to pray that a co-production sequel may really be in production.

Of course, the best part of the film is the Sanderson sisters. Bette Midler, Kathy NaJimmy and Sarah Jessica Parker all sold the characters to pieces. They are scary, stupid, strange and funny characters. They are excellent chemical reactions with each other and seem to have had a great deal of fun in their performances. One of the most representative lines in the film is broadcast by the film. Bette Midler (bette midler) as (winifred sanderson). In the first act, we see Venefour protruding out the window and calling it a “glorious morning.” After one, she said, “it makes me sick!” This is one of those small moments that always open my eyes, because, to be honest, who doesn’t feel it?

10 Halloween Songs to Rock Your Costume Party

1. “Monster Mash”

Yes, you’ve heard it all before. But no, it has not gotten any less catchy.

2″This Is Halloween”

Jack Skellington’s passion for this fright-filled holiday is pretty contagious.

3. “Superstition”

We agree with Steve Wade-it’s not always superstitious-but we’re still a little worried about breaking mirrors and crossing Black Cat Halloween.

4. “Somebody’s Watching Me”

Some weird lyrics about being followed-with 80 s little pizza-for a creepy song.

5. “The Adams Family” Theme

A Gothic daughter, named after a weekday name, a cousin, she’s really covered with her hair-of course, we have to include one of the most horrible families ever on this list.

6. “Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead!”

Well, so Oz’s wizard has nothing to do with Halovan. But you have to agree that this feeling is appropriate-the song is so interesting.

7. “I Want Candy”

Bow Wow Wow’s cover of the Strangeloves’ single describes your sugar craving to a T.

8. “The Purple People Eater”

Interesting fact: the 1958 new song inspired a film starring young Neil Patrick Harris.

9. “Black Widow”

In the 21st century, Ikee Azalea and Rita Lola’s recent hits are all about venomous revenge. Buy a dollar now, amazon.com.

10. “Season of the Witch”

The sound of Donovan’s psychedelic rock hippies may not seem terrible, but the song appears in everything from Halloween iii to American horror stories.


Halloween Costume Tip-DIY

Every year Halloween people want to choose the best clothes to wear, whether to show off their fun, or to play a role in a horror movie or a TV play. Some people find the clothes they want in the store, while others decide to make their own clothes. There are so many role players in there, they have been living all life. Do it, and enter the competition in comic books. Halloween is coming. Maybe this year is your year to do a DIY Halloween costume. 23 year old Naomi naomimc – she made a name for herself in her signature Hale Quinn (harleyqunlook) “the role playing world >” she has been making it all the time. Her own dress. She’s a big fan of Halley Quinn. “She’s the first astronaut I’m walking far away.” Naomi MC said. I’ve done a lot of things with Michel Pfeiffer’s Carter woman, but Harley has always been very respectful to me… “Michel Pafif Carter woman horns play” (1).Jpgnaomimc owns Michel Pafif (michellepfeaffer) photo of the cat girl: Tim Sride (timschrijneers) photography, she used a lot of supplies when she really entered the role playing. “Because my astronauts are always fabrics, so I always make sure that I have a complete set of sewing needles in every small tin bar box in every size. Hold. The best thing you can do is to cut lines and carefully get the line out. I said carefully, because I destroyed a lot of cloth. Don’t force it out, because you will tear the clothes. “One day, Naomi wanted to make a magical woman’s dress.” she bought the stuff from the EVA foam, Vobra and the heat gun. “How do I When you get yourself up, make sure you have enough space to move, because role play should be comfortable, be careful when you cut yourself off. Prompt, don’t do it yourself! “Once you have a pattern, you’ll be in a bubble.” She liked to use a sharp knife, because it was a good line. In order to cut it down, she also suggested to buy a green cutting board. They made a straight line. “I like to take a ruler, put it on foam, and cut it with a guide.” once there is a shape. “Like, want them to have shape of the body. Heat the foam and then you can start to make it into your body.” Naomi said. She instructed to be careful when using a heat gun, because it will soon become very hot. When working with Wally, everything needs to be done quickly and carefully. Once hot, it is like the “tree” of paper. “Leaves”, therefore, need to be done quickly to get the correct shape. “Contact cement” is essential for making clothing. “Do not apply foam immediately” after the completion of the foam. This will lead to paint that is not sticky on the foam. Always use transparent primer! There are many different kinds of paint from color primer to primer. Primer. And then you can start using your paint to finish your role play. “Naomi offered some advice to those who wanted to do their own clothes.” have fun! Role play should be a way of escaping reality. It should be fun. The other suggestion: that’s it. Your imagination is not limited. And there’s no bad role playing. Don’t let anyone tell you! “This is high school, Halloween is just a few days, instead of buying some expensive things, and taking some of these techniques to design your own clothes!”

Halloween History

dates back to Celtic Agricultural Day Samhain. The holidays mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. As the crops fade, farmers believe that one day spirits may rise from their graves. During the samhain, Celtic people will dress up as masquerading, deceiving, and protecting their souls, hoping to protect their land through the coming winter. Photo: Halloween decorations are on display at a store in rockville, oct. On October 22, 2013, through gettyimages Halloween decorations, the gem samad/afp will be displayed at a store in Rockville, Maryland. 22 February 2013. In the 8 th century AD, Christians sought to change pagan festivals. Popegregoryiii announced November. One day is a feast for all the saints.

In this undated photo, Halloween pumpkin lanterns are carved with ghosts and skulls. In this undated photo, Halloween pumpkin lanterns are carved with ghosts and skulls. Seven of the best costumes in the annual tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade took part in the “Halloween costume contest” in the Halloween costume photo: Halloween costume photos: the final touch is for this. The third place to carve a pumpkin, Oct. In 2010, the Spiral Hotel in Washington. Tim Sloan / afp / gettyimages finally retouched the pumpkin, the owl in its third place in October. In 2010, the Spiral Hotel in Washington. More legends are that the stingy Jack roaming the earth, unable to enter heaven or hell, only a burning coal carved radish to illuminate his path. Because pumpkins are easier to carve than turnips, the ritual adapts to Jack-o lanterns, as all hollow Eve celebrations take place in the United States. Photo: Colette is dressed as a pumpkin at the 13 th annual dog Halloween parade in October. New York, 2003. Mario Tamar / Getty image Colette was dressed as a pumpkin at the annual Halloween parade on October 13 th. New York, 2003. Today, Halloween has become a national holiday. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 179 million Americans plan to participate in 2017. Top children’s costume is an action hero or superhero, while adults are most likely to choose a witch. Ten percent of consumers will put their pets in pumpkin clothing.