Selena Quintanilla’s sister said she liked Kim Kardashian’s late costume singer for Halloween costumes

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Kim Kardashian may have received the late singer Selena Quintanilla who opposed halloween costumes shop online the fans dressed up as Halloween, but she must have been praised by Selena’s sister Suzzette.

Earlier this month, Suzzette told the Losangeles radio station power 106, Kim’s clothing is a star, BOM BOM hitmaker – bidi bid including Demi Lovato and Ferreira in the United States in her love.

The 50 year old former percussion artist Selena Y, Losangeles dinosaur continues to revel in the reality of the star’s Halloween: “she looks beautiful.” She looked at the real latin. I like it。

Although the Tex Mex singer’s sister is a fan, not everyone likes the choice of Kim’s halloween costumes shop online clothing.

Kardashians shared the photo of mark Selena now purple jumpsuit.

Some angry followers shared their ideas in the comment section: “part of me was bad, Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena’s Halloween.” I doubt she appreciates how amazing she is.

In an interview with radio, suzzette revealed that Kim and her family were longtime singers of the late singer.

Suzette said: “many people don’t know, but my good friend Aideliannibalong [Robert Kardashian] ex girlfriend

Selena’s sister recalled and Aideni talking on the phone, she was dating a young Kardashian.” She was on the phone and Courtney – Rob [Kardashian] and all the background and they all sing my music, “said Suzzette.

They are big fans of our music. So it’s not a big surprise for me to wear her clothes like that. It’s a great honor.

Quintanilla also mentioned that she was happy to halloween costumes shop online see the young Kardashian Jenner brothers sports Selena’s gear, just like sister Kim.

Suzzette told radio host: “then I think [Kylie] Jenna Selena shirts last year, this is not a surprise, either. They’re Selena and our music fans, so that’s cool.”

2016 years old, she posted a Selena T-shirt on Instagram, read “we miss you” photos, and the photos of the late singer posted in front.

Suzzette ends: “anyone’s representative, that’s cool.” Just more power on halloween costumes shop online. More power, Selena.”

Selena Quintanilla is 1995 murdered, but her legacy goes on.

Last week’s Queen of music was a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She was hailed as one of the most influential musical icons of the twentieth Century.

Best inspirational Halloween Costumes 2017

Looking for popular culture about halloween costumes shop online for the celebration of the end of October this year? Then you may turn to meme. This year has given us a series of iconic moments, always recorded in numbers. To applaud from the salt Bae Yong Jun infamous Nicole Kidman method, this is a comprehensive meme that you can adapt to the tongue on the cheek. These are the minimum effort and maximum Internet outlets.

Salt BAE

Nusret G o K BAE salt name C E is superb seasoning meat chef and restaurant owner said round his table to prepare food for the fashion world view; just ask Leonardo Dicaprio. In addition, the dress is simple: all you need is a white V collar T-shirt, black pants, round sunglasses (worn at night and indoors), and hair combed back. Take one of you and the artificial bone board and really finish looking at the salt, and then practice the salt spreading technique until you get it photographed. All celebrities will line up to join you and your activities.

Applause, Nicole Kidman

You can dress up as a screen character on Nicole Kidman – she has a big, big HBO series of lies that she’s very much admired for years, and she’s cheating, but it’s a lot less fun than wearing Kidman herself. Specifically, you want Kidman at the Oscar prize giving ceremony, where she was praised for her fellow celebrities in a strange way. Explanation: she wore such expensive jewelry that she didn’t want to jeopardize her jewelry. Make a quick halloween costumes: put on artificial gadgets (gawdier is better; her diamonds over one hundred carats), twist your hair into a chic updo, like Nicole, and walked in the nude color gem column dress. Optional: find a Keith City label and practice your Australian accent. The seal’s applause will end the deal.

Zombie Taylor Swift

In Taylor Swift’s super yuan music video, “look what you want me to do,” the singer travels through memories, brings back her self, many old versions of cheerleaders, Guitar Masters, beautiful. 2017, the new Taylor, is a you want to repeat halloween. Or “old” Taylor? Now we know she can’t answer the phone, because one is dead) this is a special decoration for ghost holiday, this is Swift’s Zombie graveyard. Looking at the video behind her, it all looks like a team of make-up artists filling up bone features and artificial nails, a dirty dress, sloppy hair, and some practice grabbing passers-by.

Swift even encouraged us to try on this dress. When you look nauseous, you don’t have physical insecurity. No image. They’re gone. It’s free. I encourage everyone to look at least like a corpse.

Laughing at SpongeBob SquarePants

Ah, SpongeBob SquarePants, completely ridiculous and strange trick like children cartoon characters in his pineapple in the sea is the legend of thousand year children. SpongeBob SquarePants returns to the spotlight, this year, because some Internet users dig out his erratic freeze frame and use it to mimic other posts. According to knowyourmeme, it’s still from a plot that SpongeBob SquarePants is like a chicken. But all you need to do is wear a lot of yellow, stick on your body’s sponge, look for some square ISH brown pants and make sure you take a look of supercilious, mocking tone in the evening. Sell.

Meril Streep

Merrill Streep is a gift from Hollywood. Exhibit 1: her passionate response to her friend Debbie Reynolds won the honor of the 2015 Actors Guild award. The image of Streep shouting, hand close to her mouth, and appeared in early 2017 to become the main body of some virus genes, usually including lyrics. You can also Meryl a night of halloween. In a classic updo, arrange your silver hair, funky black long sleeved tops and thick silver bracelets, ready to issue a number of calls and responses regardless of mood.

The irony of our

Pennywise – Stephen King’s clown, this adapted into movies and play, Bill Skarsg top R & D is the most suitable pop culture characters of Halloween 2017; this is a clown we’re talking about, after all. The province also gets gene therapy, especially because of a clown lurking in the sewer. There are many forms of “best here” to do Internet hair. For halloween costumes, you would want your clown costume deck red wig, Pennywise unique face and eye make-up, red nose, white dress, neck hair. Then, stick to all the problems you encounter, and as long as they follow you, you can solve all of their problems.

Photo three

This picture was taken around the world: when a man was checking a woman, he found a woman on his arm missing. For this set of halloween costumes shop online, you need a set of three pieces, a plaid shirt, a blue shirt and a red shirt. Then you need to practice putting in place and making appropriate expressions. In addition, the possibilities of how you describe the vitality of your trio are endless. This is the special thing about memes: after all, they are understandable.

Best Halloween Costumes 2017: ideas for makeup in the season

As Halloween goes on for weeks, everyone has prepared their halloween costumes shop online. Because Halloween parties and pranks or hospitality are the most common at this time of the year, because makeup is the most exciting thing about Halloween, and people usually plan their halloween costumes shop online ahead of time.

Makeup can be said to be the best part of the season, for those who want their children to look cute parents, especially those who want to celebrate Halloween when couples who want to have fun, especially.


During Halloween, people usually wear traditional costumes like witches, cats or pumpkins. Since the season, it has often been associated with ghosts, monsters, and all supernatural, some people choosing halloween costumes shop online like “magic Annabelle Doll” or “evil sisters” in popular horror movies.”

People find that traditional clothes are boring, and they will choose millennials to relate to the more traditional ones. For example, there’s an interview with Marion Kelly, a four year old Broadcasting British Corporation girl who recently became an Internet star and rushed into her father’s Broadcasting British Corporation interview. Children who want to dress up as a group or choose Jacob Rees Mogg, the controversial conservative politician’s nest is called a distinctive and unique style of fashion.

At the same time, Halloween seems to be a perfect time to publish a statement about pop culture of 2017. Disney and the princess and the prince and the miracle / DC super hero is the most common in popular culture, people can also come up with their own strange Halloween such statements from Snapchat, a hot dog dancing maid, Groot, or Kylie Jenner of pregnancy. Their favorite movies, such as land in Losangeles and my Little Pony, can also make perfect halloween costumes shop online for halloween.

HOWL-o-ween Americans spend 400 million dollars on pet halloween costumes

According to a consumer survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend $440 million on halloween costumes shop online for their pets this year.

Fur sure.

The dog is gone.

Enough for your claws.

Pun, this is big business. Especially for dogs, they spend money on holiday clothes and things like that. Their animal companions meant a lot to them.

“People really take pets as part of their family,” says Ana Smith, senior director of media relations at the retail group. “Even if they don’t have kids, they still want Halloween or something like that.”

At Sarasota, Scott Webb sold a lot of clothes in his four legged PetSmart store. Superheroes in comics are popular. The same is true of Princess dresses.

On Saturday, Halloween, the owner can bring animals free.

“Interestingly, many people make their own clothes,” Webb said.” Last year, people came in with their own star wars costumes. Jabba the Hutt, and little Chewbaccas and Wookiees.”

Since 2010, the retail alliance has been tracking pet clothing sales. That year, American consumers said they planned to spend 220 million dollars.

Since then, this number has been rising almost every year. By 2014, it’s 350 million dollars. This year, up to 440 million.

In October, more than 28 million pet owners planned to dress up their pets. The most popular halloween costumes shop online are pumpkins, hot dogs, lions, pirates, and bumblebees.

Smith said: “Amazon made lion clothing was very popular last year.” “Online and through social media.”


Costume competition

Dr. Heidi Ward, Sarasota veterinarian, looking at pet costumes became one thing. Halloween traditions are not that far away.

“I want to say about 2000,” she said. “The first game I saw was in Ohio, Columbo.”

In Florida, she and her sheepdog called, and went to the annual HOWL-o-ween costume competition hosted by Sarasota humane society. It’s fun – family fun people and their pets.

“My dog always likes to play,” Ward said. “You know what?”

After his death, the veterinarian began to sponsor the human and social events in his memory.

In recent years, target department stores, WAL-MART and other department stores have joined pet stores to sell clothing. A puppy hat costs 2 dollars. The price of the Martha Stu Voight line ranges from $10 to $20.

Ward appreciates homemade clothes, but doesn’t mind buying clothes. This year, she will wear two dogs for the Twentieth Annual humanitarian Association competition.

She said, “Amy’s going to be a ghost.” “Gracie doesn’t like to dress up, so she’s going to be a dog, or maybe a princess.”

Batman and SpongeBob SquarePants

Webb started working in PetsMart five years ago. Halloween sales have been strong. Pet owners enter the festival spirit.

“It’s always a big thing,” he said. “At the beginning, we used to parade around the halloween costumes shop online. We will vote for the best clothes and give them a gift card.”

Now, shops do Halloween photos for more than 100 pets and pet owners on Saturday.

The puppy wears more than the big dog. Dogs are bigger than cats.

“As we all know, cats don’t like to wear anything,” Webb said. They tend to carry their legs back and try to take them off.

Sometimes he sees pets and owners wearing matching outfits. Police and robbers. The stripes of the inmates. Batman and Superman

“This year, we’ve got SpongeBob SquarePants,” he said. “No Trump yet.”

PetsMart started selling Halloween costumes and September August. Holiday calendars tend to run ahead of schedule. Christmas shopping is going to happen soon.

“It’s becoming more and more commercialized,” Webb said. “We already have Halloween items. It’s unbelievable. How fast!”

Accessories, too

In the wet nose, a Sarasota beautician and pet boutique in the main street in Sarasota, Audrey Kavanagh greet customers with British accent. Her countrymen like to dress the dog, but they’re not interested in weird clothes.

“It’s a bigger deal here, and of course – Halloween is a bigger deal in general,” she said. “There’s a lot of clothing and competition. It’s interesting, different. People like to dress animals. They love their children.”

Kavanagh’s store in pet clothing and accessories is year-round business. Buy product collar and harness, shirt and vest, hat and bow.

“In this environment, people buy Sunglasses and sun hats,” she said. Little boots to protect your feet.”

Kavanagh has her own three Chihuahua dolls. They don’t have Halloween plans, even though she likes to wear matching halloween costumes shop online.

“I like it, but only they like it.” She said with a smile. “The other two, they refuse to move angrily.”

“That’s what the dog gave you. That’s gratitude.”

Looking for a halloween costumes shop online can find your head lice from the shop in the mask and wig.

Trying to wear halloween costumes shop online in shops may put people at risk of contracting a reptile louse.

Head lice with blood for food, and closely linked to the scalp, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.halloween-costumes-shop-online

People get different types of fright when they halloween costumes shop online, because the wigs and masks that other customers wear may be infected.

Experts suggest that people wear hats when they try on clothes and seal them for 48 hours to kill any insect.

The doctor saw the infestation on Halloween Dance, can be attributed to the clothing shop, according to wtol-tv.

“We have a lot of people into the shop, now try masks, try on clothing, and try wigs,” says Cherie Sexton, a pediatric nurse in Ohio.

Many people have not seriously considered this fact, and some people may have tried it in front of them.

It is estimated that six to 12 million ticks per year occur in children aged three to 11 in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

These mistakes are directly transmitted to others.

If someone tries to wear a wig in a Halloween shop, it’s easy to send lice from one person to another.

Sexton suggested that consumers try to avoid a wig and mask in the halloween costumes shop online, if they do not wear a shower cap.

People who become infected with head lice will itch, sore head, itch from worms around.

Can be directly applied to the non head lice by prescribing drugs to treat the infected area.

All the people who are in contact with the infected person should also check whether they are infected with the bacteria, because it is easy to spread through clothing and other personal belongings.

Clothing, bedding and other products need to be washed, killing pests at high temperatures.

If something can’t be washed, it needs to be dry cleaned or sealed in a bag for two weeks to help eliminate pests.

Customers who buy clothing in stores should seal them in bags for 48 hours to make sure they’re clean.

6 celebrity bestie Halloween costumes, serious

It may be just us, but when it hits in September, after labor day, we’re almost ready for halloween. Creepy crafts, pumpkin spices, everything, and all the candy you want – do you have anything else to ask? Well, there’s one thing that’s good clothing, of course.

But Halloween is not always so easy on a perfect halloween. When you want to find a way to halloween costumes shop online compete with your best friend, it’s trickier to come up with ideas. Fortunately, we know where to find the inspiration for the coolest girlfriends, and this is my favorite celebrity, biffles.

We can be sure that the 6 good friends have everything for everyone. Are you looking for some cute or scary, funny or weird stars like Luke, Hemmings, and Calum Hood for 5 seconds in the summer of your back?

Stars such as Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard also flaunt some of the best halloween costumes shop online of the past. So, if you want to dress up this year for your girlfriends, it might be all you need to be inspired. Google has no more because of these dynamic combinations, and all the answers are here.

If you don’t feel good, you can see for yourself, always be the girl’s world and Maya reely. Although these two are no longer supporting roles, they still give us the target of regular professional BFF. They even celebrate their friendship anniversary, also known as rowbrina days, every year.

So, hey, if you don’t feel Rielly and Maya or Sabrina, and a friend of Rowan’s clothing, you can go to Sabrina and Rowan. After all, who needs a pair of clothes when you’re with your first friend? Look at the gallery. Look at famous friends who have been wearing halloween costumes shop online for many years!







Adult 7 funny Halloween costumes will make you laugh

This may be the most time to make the layout of the year, but the All Hallow night can also be worth laughing! Look at the funny halloween costumes shop online, adults, we round up, and then try to tell us that Halloween is a fear and bump fear just jump.

Whether you’re a super lazy girl or a costume person who likes a pun like Halloween type up, we feel very confident that you can find your love on this list.

Ready to watch us pick out the best and interesting halloween costumes shop online? Keep scrolling!


Naked strike

This may be the highest prize for the world’s laziest halloween costumes shop online, but “naked strikes are sure to have your friend’s howl.”

All the clothing you need to do to live is a daily dress (literally any outfit good), and the sign says “strike” attached to your neck, naked with a rope. At least in our halloween-y, you can support this view.

Cereal Killer

Start with our little clothes collection of this brilliant “cereal killer” shirt. The best part? It’s really not that complicated.

As long as the collection of a heap of wheat. (let your friends eat brunch and cartoons on a Saturday afternoon), then spread out an old shirt, you don’t mind the destruction, then hot glue in the shirt before and after.

Once they are firmly attached (if they don’t stick well, try fabric instead of glue) use a paring knife to cut a small hole in the front of each box, and then poke plastic knives through. Use hot melt adhesive to make sure the knife is in place.

Finally, grab some red paint, and brush the front and back of the shirt to get the bloody effect.

Ceiling fan

We continue to parade puns, we present the “ceiling” clothing can be worn alone or with your team you.

A copy of this, found himself at a thrift store and a pair of Knee High Socks CHEERLEADING SKIRT style. Then, put the old T-shirt or vest in iron letters and spell “get sucked.” Or other word priming is encouraged in the front. Finally, grab your bouquet, slip into your shoes, you!

I come in like a wrecking ball

If you are pregnant at Halloween, we sincerely hope you will wear this kind of clothing and then send us pictures. All photos. Because this is definitely a genius. Do you poke fun at Miley Cyrus with your pregnant belly? We think she’ll like it!

To take this look, you first need a gray groove and fitted (elastic) black vest, T-shirt, or long sleeved jacket to wear it. Next, cut a hole smaller than your belly on your black shirt. Pull up a gray tank, put on your black shirt, and stretch it to fit your swelling. Look, your bad ball!

The next step, to buy a cheap chain from the home depot, and some thread and a blonde doll (found in a thrift store or from a cheap store to buy a cheap). The doll’s hair, making it look like Miley’s “wrecking ball” video, then put the doll in a chain line; you need a piece of wire, rope or jewelry line to tie the ends of the chain, then put it into a necklace”.

Or, you can paint white underwear and cut the doll on top of the tank (save her modesty, natch), but Miley most of her videos are in the nude – so we decided to leave you.

Oh, deer! And right!

The perfect combination of these costumes with humans is lazy, and we are on board. Great difference and better wear and tear with friends, these costumes will get a lot of “eh?” “Reaction first, followed by” “I love to cry.”

For, you can hand antlers and halo + wings with a scarf and a bit of ingenuity (DIY plus access to Michael), or buy them here and here, respectively. Next, dig a brown T shirt. If you want to write like a deer, write it by iron! “In front.” If you’re like cows, stick the iron on the plaque on the white T – shirt and make sure they’re cut off (if they’re on a large sheet) and spread them evenly over your shirt. Finally, put on the right color pants to hit the town.

A fart

We’re sorry, but we can’t resist, including this fart costume on our list! This is totally ridiculous, but it will certainly make everyone know LOL. and sure that a child is wearing it in this photo – but who says it can’t fit into adults?

Just take a brown T – shirt with a simple seam of brown and green Tulle on the odd patches of clothing; you can make your headdress with a scarf and some gauze, too. Wear brown tights or other pants, but last but not least – you’ll need to fart, fart, horn.


Yes, this dress is Handmade, but unless you really cunning, we recommend that you and Olivia Mears in the photo above the woman touch, who is also a fashion designer found how much it is your own custom taco beauty Prom dresses. Worth every penny in our humble opinion.

“Hocus Pocus” Adult Halloween Costumes exists, and thanks to whoever lit the gift of black flame candles

Unless you’re afraid of your sister (who lets us face it, it always depends on the night of the movie) growing up, chances are classic, Hocus Pocus is all about your halloween.

Hocus Pocus not only check each box need to make perfect Halloween Movie Salem set a curse, a new guy incapable of breaking the curse, and, of course, witch and ghost, and so on, it also managed to be charming, funny, even a little scary. Not to mention, it created us three of the most iconic witches.


With Halloween a few days (ER, 50) short days, it is time to begin to enter the festive spirit of Sanderson’s style.

Halloween spirit just released a series of Hocus Pocus costumes and halloween costumes shop online, and this is our dream. This store has just launched a costume for teenagers and adults so that everyone can put the heart of sistaaaah on this halloween.

Winifred Sanderson

Perfect your Cara OK and spell all the people who walk your way through the act of posing as the mastermind of sister Sanderson. Winifred is cruel, funny, is the life of the party. Costume halloween costumes shop online $49.99, wig and Pu alone for sale.

Mary Sanderson

Mary Sanderson may be the second conductor (hey, the middle child syndrome is very real, even back at 1693), but she has a stylish feel and nose of her own. The suit is $49.99, and the wigs and shawls are sold separately.

Sarah Sanderson

Everyone likes the smallest child and beautiful icons. Use this killer costume to honor your Halloween lover (but at home, with sirens) for $49.99 and sell wigs and shawls separately.

But if you don’t feel the spell this year, you can always fan Billy Butcherson for millions of people. Whether you dress up or have an old-fashioned movie night, remember, it’s all just a bunch of lies or is it.

5 feminist Halloween costumes try if you’re trying to overthrow patriarchy

It can find a good Halloween costume is not possible, especially if you wait until Halloween night crazy by Kmart seize all suitable. In these crazy moments, you come to notice that, despite the fact that it is 2017, many women’s halloween costumes shop online choices still go from “sexy pirates”, “hot” to the “assault team,” to “sexy nurses.” These options, at least, are limited to women. So, what could this year be a better way to combat sexist stereotypes than to launch your own feminist Halloween costumes?

Think about it: how many incredible, powerful, authorized, smart, smart, funny, outspoken women in cultural trends are worth a reward? So much, right? Too many! Joking, there won’t be too many bad women in the world, looking up. But imagine how much fun it would be to channel the energy of confidence into your own halloween costumes shop online.

Take these ideas as a starting point to help you find a true female image (famous, notorious, well known, well known) who really tells you and motivates you all year round.

1. Xena


Do I need to say more? I don’t think so. Kill the ghostly vibes of this epic costume this year.

2. The shadowy Knight


In the “miracle world”, Misty Knight is a former New York police, after bomb attack had to be amputated arm. After that, she got a bionic prosthetic hand, and then she casually started her own detective agency and her friend, lan.

If you ask me, feminist heroes don’t really do better than that.

3. Daliya.


Daria, a classic cartoon misanthropes know her brilliant, so detest the world and its ways of observation, for she may ignition.

As for you, you will only have your own fire halloween costumes shop online, and may not need you to do more than digging in your closet, a big baggy sweater and false glasses.

4. frida kahlo


This kid is a popular costume because, first of all, Frida is just cool. Second, it’s actually easy to recreate her iconic appearance with the house around you. Hide yourself in colorful things, wrinkle your eyebrows, braid your hair, and put some flowers in it.

This is a! You are now one of the most important painters of the twentieth Century.

5. Vagina


It would be fun, wouldn’t it? It is worth noting that not every woman has a vagina. It is a lovely and colorful organ that deserves celebration and interpretation in the form of clothing – with the help of many blankets and cardboard, of course.

5 Chinese epic Rob Kardashian and black rock Halloween costumes this year

Ah, yes, halloween. It’s a time when celebrities remind us of creativity, richness, and sometimes really fun. I think if I say all eyes are not in the Kardashian family is a liar, waiting to catch what kind of clothing superstar to take together this year’s glance.

Beyond the sisters, folks around brother Rob and they will see before Sheena dressed as this year, especially because it is the first Halloween dream of their baby. You are so lucky, because I’m here to tell you five Rob Kardashian and bill you can in Sheena halloween costumes shop online cheap rocks look like they.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, Jamie, rob isn’t just wearing halloween costumes shop online. For example, is there one thing?” The answer is yes. So you can be sure of, he always black uniforms will be on this list. He’s like Doug Funny. There’s only one closet full of sweaty pants and a T-shirt, but he’s just doing him, okay?!


And, think back! You may forget that there were a lot of shadows before Rob disappeared. For example, three years later, he came back, hated all the colors of the rainbow, and suggested to his sister’s boyfriend’s mother.

Here are five ways you can dress up the ill fated year.

1. Everything is black

Let’s get this out of here.

If you remember, not long ago, in a place not far away, a happy Halloween, Hina and Rob in a hilarious way. 2016, Sheena wearing her then lover, Rob, it is so strange, so interesting and accurate.
Models with realistic star shaking, beard makeup and Rob signature clothes, black T-shirts, pants, baseball caps, and sandals, you can, too!

What do you need: black shirts, black sweats, black socks, baseball caps, Adidas flip flops, brown eyeliner?

2. Through your cheek = Sheena OG

Or, if you do a budget and don’t want to punch holes in your face, you can use straight diamonds or sequins.

Although Sheena has not been found and her smile more jewelry in recent months, its signature is enough to make everyone should know who you are, unless they take you Amanda Bynes about 2013, which is still very terrible.

What you need: bravery and skin healing fast or Rhinestone and mascara

3. Tattoo + white vest = year rob

You remember him, you love him. Tank top Rob, for me, it’s the real Rob, I know.

Of course, I never noticed his mother’s face tattooed on him. Of course, it made me feel weird. But the simple halloween costumes shop online, everyone says, “Hey, Rob.”! You look like that, okay, brother? ”

What do you need: a white waistcoat, a liar, a friend, a steady hand and eyes

4. Wig, wig, wig, Sheena, Sheena, Sheena

If there’s one thing we can rely on, she’s always putting us in the hot, fashionable, new wig – even in adversity.

You see every color of her rainbow and almost any length and style. Photograph your favorite and glow, baby, glow.

What do you need: Oh, uh, wig

5. Sweat + HAT + grumpy attitude = fight rob and Sheena

It’s a couple’s clothes, and the key here is a grumpy attitude. Another trick is to start your college freshman from 2008 years old (such as sweats, slippers, hats, a hangover) and then you get it.

Think of yourself as Rob and Hina. They watched this scene in 2016, making Halloween 2017 the best time for rock and roll.

What you need: pants, and black beans or moving again, and a baseball cap, depending on your Rob or Sheena