So, a Handmaid’s Tale Halloween costumes actually exists. Discuss.

Halloween costumes are not just terrible zombies and folklore witches. People are getting more and more (in order to keep # related), people are looking for popular culture, especially for our favorite TV series and Halloween costumes inspired by the film.


Last year, the stranger’s thing was a horror of love, eleven and wholesale halloween costumes, all the best * can be seen everywhere. this year?

The maid’s story maids look like a popular competitor. (Disclaimer: There is no way to treat it as a sexy dress, so before you consider to give up).


This dress is essentially a red cloak and a white hat, it is easy to DIY, and the complete costume can even be purchased online (see below), let us think it will attract lazy Halloween carnival and pop music culture obsession


But, of course, taking into account the sensitive subject, the equipment will definitely cause eyebrows. For any who do not understand it, Margaret Atwood (Margaret Atwood) adapted into a dystopian future, that is a totalitarian regime, all the rights of women to eliminate from the rule.

The disguised maid was forced to breed the baby for the highest level of society.


It was dark, but that was Halloween.

5 Of The Most Hilarious Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas This Year

Halloween only a few months time, so now it’s time to start planning your time to wear now and start checking a lot of sexy clothing (either just for recreational value or because you are looking for a which will show off you put in the gym All the hard work). Sexy firefighters, sexy police woman, sexy teacher and sexy school girl. Those are classic, but do not forget other sexy fill blanks.

Anyone who has ever been to a clothing party knows that you can turn any concept into a sexy one. That’s why sexy Stormtroopers exist. Just take a noun – any noun – put “sexy” on the front. You go now you are now a sexy pizza or sexy giraffe. This year we look around the lively sexy Halloween costume. Because if you want to show off a little T & A, you can also have a sense of humor.

We found a shark that dressed as a small dress, a bike at the top of a crop, or a spice or bottle, because hey, why not. Some are tight, some are confrontation, while others are short. All this will make you at least break the smile. One of the most relaxing nights of the year, you deserve to dress up, but what you want.

If you choose sexy, there are seven you want to order. Just realize that many of them do not show attachments, and are basically equipped. So you may want to leave some space in the budget, pick up the cover, headband or leggings.

SHARK dress

Any undergraduate fan here? Although it should pay tribute to the “Shark Week” love, but we can not help but think that this dress reminds us of the Nick Vial season of Alexis, “Shark / Dolphin” girl. Body tight gray dress in the back there are two wings, a hood with a bad shark teeth. Eat mad!

Fireproof bottle

Get your shoot game – this one actually promises strangers to have been buying your fireball to shoot. (This is easy!) This dress with a short tank dress, if you bend down with a collar, it may or may not cover your ass, we imagine that the lovely red hat should be a bottle screw cap.


You will have to shoot a lot of homemade things on Halloween, why not so smart, dressed up as a bright yellow crop and high waist skirt self Uncomfortable to make this piece of clothing stuff – dog filter headband and mask – not included.


Like Fireball clothing, you can express your love for your favorite spices by dressed as a sexy version of a plastic bottle filled with chili sauce. Please do not skip the green hat for the picture. At least everyone will call you spicy tonight.


Unicorn Toast, Unicorn Ice Cream and Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, Unicorn is now everything. (And even the unicorn makeup brush!) This romper-a.k.a. Single – will show off your legs and cheeks while the tail makes things magical. The whole thing on top of the fur cover.

Zentai Hero brings attractive design to Spider-Man clothing for men and women

Men and women looking for the best Halloween costumes can explore Zentai Hero’s online store and choose a range of exciting Spiderman costumes with custom style. They also add a lot of clothing and rigid clothing, a variety of designs and choices of different colors.

According to the company’s spokesperson, it is time to add a new twist to traditional spider clothing. The creative designer team has carefully added new elements and colors to make Spider’s clothing more exciting and appealing.

Men can choose a different design, such as the limit of Spider-Man super hero clothing, Spiderman 2 3D clothing, 2099 blue spider man clothing, 2099 spider man deformation suit design. On the other hand, women also have a lot of choices, including three digital Spiderman Gwen Stacy costumes, 3D print Spider-Man Gwen Stacy costumes, 3D prints Mary Jane Spider Women’s style.

Customers can also choose a range of Deadpool and Batman costumes, ranging from a wide range. A Deadpool costume will allow men and women to mimic the style of this popular fictional character during Halloween.

On the other hand, men, women and children can choose from all kinds of Batman costumes worn by Halloween. The spokesman said that all of these Batman clothing are made of high quality fabric, with a variety of standard sizes. However, you can also request custom assembly from the Web store.

Zentai Hero recently included a stunning ms.marvel costume series in their stock that could attract any gorgeous woman in particular. The series brought a variety of clothing, people see Carol Danvers (Carol Danvers) in the United States wearing a comic book.

The online store offers different types of men’s clothing, including Ms. Mary Carr Danfoss Lingerie Cosplay Costume Lady Mary Caldant Danes Halloween Night Tights, Mary Caldan Danves Tights and the Sea Angle and other designs. They also have Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers Catsuit For Men. People can view the entire collection of ms.marvel clothing and wholesale Halloween costumes online at

About Zentai Hero

Zentai Hero is a professional super hero clothing company in China. They offer different styles of superhero clothing. They also offer custom super hero costumes. They can make garments based on the specific measurements provided by the customer. They have different types of Halloween costumes for adults and children. They not only accept retail orders, accept wholesale orders, and offer more discounts for more purchases.

13 Sites to Find Your Halloween Costumes Cheap

It may be difficult to decide the clothing; shopping for your perfect start should not be. With this list of popular clothing, party and Halloween retailers, you will be able to get a variety of stocks, plus discounts for shipping and selling items. No time you will have your killer.


The spirit is a one-stop shop with an easy-to-use interface. Carefully organized, with rich video and clothing concept resources, Spirit’s advantage lies in its diversification (four pirated clothing) and ease of use. Returns are free.


Halloween Express

Halloween Express is the stop of the Halloween store. They have all the things you need, the strangest 31st, there is free communication and free delivery of the same day to get your treatment at any time. They also offer instant chat help, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Frank Bee Clothing

Frank Bee Dress offers one of the largest, even the largest collection of clothing. Their large inventory includes the latest and most popular brands and characters, which makes it easy for yourself or your child to find perfect clothing.


Pure dress

Looking for the whole family of Halloween costumes without having to break the bank? Then you have to give Pure Costumes a nice look. At present, their orders are free shipping for $ 65 or less, and you can get $ 50 or more by using $ 50 or above for the order FIVEOFF. Register their newsletter and you will receive 15% of the first order.


Ready to wear

Any clothing, any time, any time is true, any time clothing, which has a lot of promotions and huge inventory varieties. They also have free communication and guaranteed date of service at home. Order $ 50 +, code for TREAT15!


Clothing boom

“Thousands of costumes, millions of smile”. Costume Craze’s slogan is certainly true because they have plenty of clothing, accessories and props for everyone’s stock! Most of the clothing had a lot of comments on the additional information before buying.


Official dress

As their name implies, official costumes are one of the best places to find authentic and officially licensed Halloween costumes for kids and adults. From Star Wars to Disney to DC comics, your favorite brands and characters are almost certainly found here.


Clothing discovery

You will find everything you need at Costume Discounters and they will match any price you find on the web for the same costume. In addition, Costume Discounters also has many quick delivery options, promotions and sales, and includes pet clothing has been extensive inventory. Use coupon code 15CD50 for $ 50 or more 15% discount!


Clothing super center

Costume Supercenter offers free exchange, free shipping and lots of sales items to make sure you get the best price for clothing or your choice of accessories. Looking for perfect sleep? The site has more than 20,000 to choose from, the price is difficult to beat. Price of $ 20 or more X15 can enjoy 15% discount!


Wholesale clothing club

Cheap, cheap to let the wholesale clothing club theft. $ 5 per year for membership, discounts on discounted merchandise, and a very low fixed rate.


Wholesale Halloween costumes

Wholesale Halloween costumes not only have a variety of clothing, makeup, hats, masks and wigs, but also party supplies, props and decorations to make any holiday experience complete.


Buy clothing

Packaging exclusive purchase, purchase clothing with men, women, groups, teens, pets and accessories for everyone … PLUS great deals, party supplies, benefits, candy and kits. not only offers incredible costumes and accessories, but is also shipped to more than 200 countries around the world and is shipped on the same day for most orders before 12 o’clock on weekdays.

7 Stores With The Cheapest Halloween Costumes

If you plan to celebrate Halloween’s 157 million Americans this year, you may have already had some holiday related purchases. The National Retail Federation reported that the average consumer plans to spend $ 74 between decoration, clothing, candy and other malicious purchases.

However, for the costume, Halloween budget will be reduced. Consumers plan to spend $ 27.33 to buy home clothing. However, a child’s clothing can easily spend $ 30 or more, while the full adult costume can easily cost $ 50. In order to keep your Halloween costume budget, you need to know where to look. In order to help you start looking for fewer perfect looks, there are 10 stores selling the most popular Halloween costumes this year at the lowest price.


If you are looking for a decent quality of ordinary clothing, then go to Costco. The store offers children a variety of non-branded apparel, such as mermaids, knights and princess costumes, both $ 20 or less.

Costco also carries some licensed clothing. In the limited selection of the store you will not guarantee it at all, but if you do find the content you need, then the savings may be quite large. For example, the “Avenger Memorial” Ultron costume is priced at $ 16.99 at Costco, but Target is priced at $ 25. Similarly, Costco’s Cinderella cost only $ 15.99 and other stores are priced at around $ 36.


If you are looking for licensed children’s clothing, Wal-Mart may be a good bet. For example, Wal-Mart’s toddler “frozen” Elsa cost $ 11, but the price for other stores is about $ 20 – Wal-Mart shoppers save about $ 10. Similarly, “Frozen” travel Anna costumes for a child only $ 12 in Wal-Mart, but at other stores costs up to $ 29. With many Wal-Mart clothing prices starting below children and adults, this large retailer is a solid choice to keep everyone in the family Halloween ready while keeping the budget.

Dollar tree

If you’re going to do it yourself, like a dollar tree like a dollar store can be a good way to pick up accessories and make your cheap clothing idea go up the road. The dollar tree offers a wide variety of dressing items such as wings, witches’ hats and headdresses that can be easily combined to create some Halloween classics – $ 1 for each item. Do not forget to pick up a $ 1 topcoat or fake blood to finish your appearance.


If you are looking for the least licensed clothing, the goal is a smart stop. The price offered by the Target Batman cost consistently defeats the prices offered by other stores. For example, a boy’s Batman Dark Knight rises: clown luxury cost $ 21.49, but at other stores sells for about $ 30 or more. The price of the $ 27.99 Dark Knight’s rise of the secret wish the cat female adult dress also beat the price of the competitor.

Clothing hairstyle

Costume Discounters have also been offering popular Halloween costumes at a lower price. For example, it offers a Kylo Ren “Star Wars: Power Awakens” costume, priced at $ 15.98, a few dollars cheaper than other stores offer. The price of Costume Discounters reflects a 20% discount earned using coupon code D207.

Wholesale Halloween costumes

As the retailer’s name suggests, Halloween costumes wholesalers cut profits and offer you some of the finest costumes. Adult costume is a particularly good bet, like Avenger 2 luxury green equipment price of $ 38.66, Avenger 2 luxury Hulkbuster costume $ 39.90. Halloween costume wholesale price is lower than other outlets. Online retailers also offer a range of other men’s, ladies and children’s clothing, as well as free US ground transportation, orders over $ 50, with a discount code of FSX50.

Oriental trade

Oriental Trade is also one of the cheapest Halloween costumes, offering a range of costumes for adults and children at the lowest cost as a source of cheap cheap party discounts, decorations and other interesting items. You can find all kinds of clothing, from licensed clothing, such as black widows to Halloween classics such as pirate clothing. Halloween costumes fell by 30 percent, clothing accessories such as fake weapons, clothing accessories and wigs is also a major highlight of the East trade.

6 knockoff Halloween costumes that will make you raise an eyebrow

It is not easy to find suitable clothing for Halloween, especially when retailers do not always have to pay official licensing fees. In order to enter the spirit (pun), here is the 2016 best boots and unlicensed Halloween costumes comprehensive report.

While the latest trend of clothing tends to dominate the trend of radio waves – most of this year is superhero movies and weird politics – we try to make sure that this list is for everyone. Of course, there are some commendable superheroes and some costumes that may be general political intentions, but in fact are caught in a nightmare. However, the 2016 clothing catalog also provides a return to the 90’s, poor thoughts of late celebrities, shouts to online horror films, and any “hell of the teenage anime fighter”. It is a rich tapestry, woven from the most purely WTF, and a middle finger to the local copyright attorney.

In order to include it in this list, all the clothing must be easy to identify, without any explanation what needs the official brand or franchise. They also have to pass a basic offensive test, so there is no mark as “sexy [insert cultural construction here]” within a thousand miles of this list. Fortunately, these standards still have a lot of work to do, below you will see.

Purple fashion clothing

This year there are a lot of out of the prince’s clothing. In this many purple pain pop music dress, in addition to unfavorable pun, there are hope that there is no hope that the terrible taste, has risen to the top. Tip: Do not put the word “pain” in a dress based on painkillers who die.


To the “no matter what time” and “As but!” This classic tone, once again let the young man from the movie “Notionless” stand out, the company also sold a called “predecessor wig” Prince hair Folder, summed up their commitment to the overall attitude of things

Dragon and adult brutal warrior’s mother

All these are not Daenerys-Targaryen’s costumes are hard work, but eventually there are two outstanding manifestations. One of the left, the mother of the dragon, in some way was identified as Danny’s knockout, although with any of the things that have been worn almost no similarities, but worth noting. (Sometimes she wears blue clothes, that’s it). Right-hand clothing, adult barbarian warrior, may mean being at Ves Dothrak’s Dany, but there is a feeling like a manufacturer out of adult child’s description of her what is no Googling its own show.

Rebellious and sexy death assassin

The other two, this time Marvel’s motormoutered mercenary lady Rebellious, a.k.a. Sexy death assassin. I’m actually digging “rebellious”, which sounds like a very important female rapper’s stage name. Sexy Death Assassin just sounds good. Is she sexy in her life, then she’s dead? Does she feel sexy because of death? Anyway, hate.

American sexy captain

Taking into account the US captain: the civil war is one of the 2016 superhero movie, if there is no American sexy captain, our list will not be completed. The costume was probably inspired by the American captain had to pause some of the movie in the middle of the fight, pulled his tights out of his ass and dealt with chest sweat from his clothes that could not breathe the fabric.

Misfit Hipster

Grand Final: Harley Quinn, from this year’s other large super super hero event, suicide team. Or, Misfit Hipster, who was before the murder was cool. The first person she killed was an obscure inhabitant of Gotham’s completely non-upscale community. You may have never heard of him.

As you can see, this year’s clothing shopping has plenty of room, whether you are sexy and dead, trying to bypass HBO’s licensing department, wearing something that their characters never cross, or in your name from you The cracks in the fishing of patriotism Remember that no screaming “Halloween” is like almost completely indifferent to copyright.

Halloween store forced to put Native costumes back on shelves in Nebraska

According to the local store manager, according to the company’s office authorization, “Halloween headquarters”, “tribal queen”, “noble warrior” and other original costumes are back to the store shelves.

Last week, Kim Peters received dozens of original themes of clothing, headdress, mink and beads from Lincoln, Big Island and Papillion’s Spiritual Halloween Shops, received complaints from local communities that were disgusting, Ridicule culture.

Her quick action was praised by local Native American residents and shoppers.

But almost as fast as Peters, “Christmas Halloween” and “Spencer Gifts” in New Jersey’s corporate offices as well.

Mr. Peters said, “The president of the Holy Spirit calls my boss, and you know how things are going down …” Peters said he had been in the Lincoln store for 10 years.

“I have tried it,” she said, trying to permanently remove the local dress.

Peters said she must not only put the goods back on the shelves, but must take pictures before they can be sent to the company to prove that they have followed their requirements.

The company office really allowed her to pull out the “reservation” clothing, equipped with a short, low cut artificial leather dress and high boots.

Peters said that almost everything was back.

“I’m sorry, this whole event must happen, only 40 or 50 pieces of clothing,” Peters said, putting them on the shelf is not a big deal.

“I’m considering resigning at the end of the year.”

Leo Yankton, chairman of KZUM-FM’s “Drums” and “Local Voices”, expressed disappointment at the time of the incident.

“We need to solve and expose those despicable business leaders, rather than the dignity of American culture as the money to make money without worrying about making money.

Yankton said: “In the United States, money is more important than humans, this is a sad trend.

In the October 18 e-mail, the Spirit Halloween Company Office issued the following statement:

“Since 1983, in the Christmas Halloween, we have provided a wide range of balanced and balanced Halloween costumes, inspired by the celebration and appreciation of many cultures, believe in themes and literary figures, to understand some of the sensitivity, we always strive to The dress is presented in our respect for the sale of any culture or history of clothing to the views of our people for our choice of clothing for men, women, children and proud, we continue to provide this wide range of clothing, the future, while we keep us Diversified customer base commitment. ”

In addition, the company headquarters statement said it never instructed its store to remove the indigenous theme clothing from the shelves, “We have no plans to remove these garments.”

Spirit Halloween and Spencer Gifts are not the only Halloween shops offering local costumes.

Party There are several local themes of clothing – mainly adults. Colin Costello, a Lincoln’s casino manager for US stores, says he does not know about clothing complaints.

The goal to pull a clown mask, given the terrible clown events across the country, was considered inappropriate last week to provide two kinds of local subject clothing for adults on the online site.

A spokesman for Target’s office in Minneapolis said they did not receive any complaints but would investigate the problem.

Walmart offers a variety of local costumes for children and adults at

In this era, the Americans should not be comfortable to buy ridicule another culture of clothing, but to say.

“These garments do not conform to our culture,” Yanko said.

With the Renaissance Renaissance, Viking, Pilgrims, Old Western Cowboys and Sharon Girls’ Costumes, depicting the past era, local costumes “imitation culture” are still very active, Yankton said.

Yankton said that some shops are willing to pull the horrible clown costumes, but still sell local clothes, “just exposed the truth.”

“There is a disruptive relationship between the aboriginal and the mainstream of the United States, which has been a tragic disagreement since the beginning of the country’s colonization,” Yankton said. “For us, do not be so important because it is sensitive to panic in the United States.”

He says dresses like “princess deer”, “long sword” and “pochahottie” – all dresses sold through the United States are black, and the costumes of the victims of the Holocaust.

“A lot of people think it’s a superficial career.However, it’s a part of a potential trend that needs to be changed so that bigger and more important questions let us take it seriously,” Yankton said.

Owner talking about restarting the iconic Halloween costumes company Ben Cooper!

Ready for nostalgia. Ben Cooper came back, baby.

Today, the Halloween costume business has developed a popular culture permit that allows you to buy high quality masks and apparel based on almost all your favorite movies and TV shows. but it is not the truth.

At least Ben Cooper came, at least.

Ben Cooper was originally set up by Ben Cooper in 1937, and a few years later Ben Cooper quickly began to dominate Halloween. While other companies are launching clothing that portrays the general monsters (such as witches and demons), Ben Cooper has come up with popular licenses such as Spiderman, Batman and The Munsters, and even has released Ridley Scott’s clothing alien People, this is not a bold move in 1979. Alien is, after all, an R-class movie.

Financial difficulties in the eighties troubled Ben Cooper, 1988 eventually led to the company filed for bankruptcy. After several years of efforts, Ben Cooper finally in 1992 by Rubi clothing company finally did not exist after the absorption.

Twenty five years after the official closure of the store, Ben Cooper’s plastic masks and vinyl work clothes were still remembered by those who grew up. Many of the boxed costumes sold in pure dollars at the time of the initial release are now acquiring the price of collectors on eBay, proving that the simplicity of Halloweens still exists in the past. And all these nostalgia, which in the company has been largely unexpectedly returning from the grave.

Yes, Ben Cooper is back, we have the opportunity to talk with the original co-founder Nathan Cooper son Ira J. Cooper and his partner Jon Miller talk about exciting restart!

A year and a half ago, Ben Cooper remembered his memory from the deepest sag of childhood, “Miller explained to us, detailing the events that led to the company’s restart.” I will never forget my 1977 Year wearing the Halloween C3PO costume. Last year I bought an eBay, like a completely dirty time. Even to the familiar smell of vinyl masks. ”

“I’ve always wanted to know if Ben Cooper is not a real person, or a brand, so I decided to try to find out,” he continued. “Let me go to Ira J. Cooper, who wants to talk to me about the family business and how they stay on the Halloween market for a long time.I think Ben Cooper’s story is as good as the costumes and masks they make Know that other people want to hear that is the driving force that I and I bring back the brand, but neither of us can imagine the direct interest we will get from everyone. A few decades later, it was really amazing.

Excluding the details of the re-release, Ira J. Cooper elaborated the plan.

He said: “We are very careful to bring the original Ben Cooper aesthetics back to everyone’s memory,” he told us. “This is a dark and soft role that is mixed with a child-friendly Halloween prototype, and we think that if they are still today, Ben Cooper will be resolved. In 2017 you will start here and there To some limited collection, such as enamel needles, wall decorations, shirts, posters, etc. We have a website shop that will also work with some really talented artists to be done by Ben Cooper’s inspired Halloween art to do our own thing. Like artists who focus on working with people who are as keen on us as masks and garments.If they come up with some very wild things, we are very happy to work with them. Hear everyone’s memories of Ben Cooper are very Interesting, for our fans, we will be getting closer to Halloween, there will be some real surprises. Some things that are what you expect, but other things like fashion clothing, and even Coopers defense!

“We are going to play with limited companies this year and we are a huge fan of the company this year, and last year we were offering CreepyCo, and we absolutely wanted to work with it, and this year we will do more work,” Ira continued. -A-Go-Go is another company that we are pleased to be able to offer now available for the oversized official Ben Cooper aluminum mask wall decoration. There are others others that we are actively working for the 2017 Halloween project and will have More talk, because we are a little closer to the fall.I am superstitious nature, so I do not want to give up some of their ghosts – but enough to say they are a real awesome collection and meet what we think Ben Cooper is willing to love. I think fans will really like the time and attention of these unique items, and in 2018, when we look forward to the brand really take off, they will be a good leader. ”

Jon Miller’s enthusiasm for the iconic brand paved the way for its restart, and his view of Halloween prospect was very passionate.

“We like our fans and always want to hear their voices, not just the best memories they’ve ever had from Halloweens, and they want us to do it today through our iconic halloween costumes design,” he told we. “We have even suggested to us that we make their beloved Ben Cooper costume so that they can wear them again! The sky is really the limit, Halloween is now as popular as Halloween.We think Ben Cooper And the character has a great relationship, and the role of play and comic book culture rise.As a lot of things have been organically fell to the position, so we bring this brand is a very good feeling.I really thank Ira Cooper back I’m on the phone and are willing to open the Ben Cooper vault to me, just like being invited to Willy Wonka’s candy factory, just because it is Ben Cooper’s Halloween costume factory. Really nothing better! ”

Learn more about the restart on Ben Cooper’s official website where you can buy a logo T-shirt that helps support the reason.

12 Lovely Halloween costumes, every couple should try

Teeth and teeth cents

You want a dress that makes you dress like a princess (hey, a wand will not hurt), and your man likes to give people a funny. This clever pairing for you the trick – you look very cute to stand together!


Johnny and June

Dear country couples Johnny Chuck and Carter (June Carter) are the relationship between the target. If you and your partner also show a healthy relationship, then dressed as these two holidays.

Super hero family

Does your child want to be a superhero Why do not you join the superhero family fun?

corn cake

It may not be a dress because “old time”, but it certainly is what people can appreciate. In addition, it is a win, win you and your hobbies, when you dressed as Disney Princess (do not mind if you do), he gets empowered late night food, he may want to end before you go home.

American captain and black widow

Is there any more romantic and cute than your husband dressed as a superhero, you play his pretty, steaming love of interest? We did not think so


Netflix and chill

Turn your favorite activity into an interesting costume. It is very simple that everyone will get you everything and you will get a lot of laughter.

Queen of Egypt and her king

A way to break the street style? Dressed as kings and queens, or even better, almost all of the clothing from the Egyptian era is made of gold! You and your boyfriend will certainly be like the king and queen at night.

Mario and Luigi

Not only like everyone’s favorite Nintendo game character dress are completely cute, but also need a little bit ready! Just dig green and red shirts, a pair of harnesses and red and green hats. Do not forget to write “M” and “L” in front!

Soap and loofah

Keep this Halloween clean and dressed as a soap and loofah. These garments can be easily made with what you find around the house. Use your tools or tissue to dine yourself as loofah.

From the “zombie” Rick and Carl

If the terrible thing is your thing, you can not be better than the zombie revelation of the zombie-inspired costume better than the zombie’s revelation.

Pokemon to go

Nothing is more than the rise of the Pokemon Go beyond 2016. And you and your spouse may exacerbate some do not understand the party you can create a funny game that can catch you!

50 color gray

In a famous romantic novel on the clever rotation. Grab your gray clothes and pick up some paint pieces from the local paint shop.


View the most popular Halloween costumes in 2016: Donald Trump, “Sexy Harambe” and so on

We may not know the results of the presidential elections that are only a few weeks now, but because of all the words of the past year, the 2016 Halloween will certainly collapse in the past few months of candidates and political moments. But the presidential competition is only the inspiration for this year’s clothing. TV, film, meme and other popular cultural contributions in 2016 produced a strong clothing concept.

If you need an idea (or three), we will talk to the clothing retailer, who will provide us with a popular fare for upcoming holidays, including off-the-shelf combinations, and you can put them together.


Donald Trump is the big seller of Halloween 2015, so the clothing store has been completely placed how to put your best foot forward to the idea, stand out. No matter who wins in November, Trump is becoming the winner of the Halloween department, although there are many options for Hillary Clinton.

“Our Crybaby Trump mask is the most popular now,” said Trisha Lombardo, spokesman for Spiritual Halloween. “Egg Harbor Township’s clothing retailers have seasonal locations throughout the state. Photo Foam Mask – The eyes are revealed – just one of the few Trump emotions you can wear this holiday, unless you prefer “hysterical Hillary”. While rebuilding Trump’s famous hair seems daunting, there are many wigs to choose from, including “Combover Candidate” and “Political Lady”.

“We are actually making ourselves this year,” said Devon Rubink, MasterCard, a marketing expert at in Mancato, Minnesota – “Adult Billionaire Wig”. He said that a DIY idea is to carry balloons, like Hillary and Bill Clinton, re-created the Democratic National Assembly under the commendable moment.

Another suggestion – Donald, and shows Donald Trump’s famous “puppy” moments – there is a “sexy” Skittles costume that will do well. (Update: Tic Tacs may make you better, recent events).

And for those who still feel Bern, Bernie Saunders may not be the most popular mask, but he is still on behalf of the store shelves.

Wholesale Halloween costumes, an online retailer located in Edison, gives a DIY dog instructions, Trump or Clinton to find your furry companion.

Ken Bone, a nominee from Iran’s Illinois, quickly stole the collective heart of social media at night on October 9, his red sweater, beard and one-time camera, certainly the 2016 Halloween politics event.

Pop Culture

This year it seems that the outbreak of a piece of clothing is Freddy Fazbear (Freddy Fazbear), from the online click on the horror game “Freddy’s five nights” animation film bear. Christmas Halloween on T-shirts, dresses and separate socks on the brand.

In view of celebrity deaths earlier this year, it is expected that a few legendary music and movies will be seen at Halloween parties, including David Bowie, Prince and Gene Wilder.

Rubin said he saw the interest of Willy Wonka clothing soaring, and Halloween’s website is a company in Minnesota, so they will certainly sell a “purple rain” and “purple rock legend” clothing.

Spirit, selling a “chin” looking for Bowie, there is also an inseparable part of the shop devoted to the prince of this iteration.

“You can pay tribute to Purple Rain with purple options,” Lombardo said.

The trend that may be unlikely to occur in 2016 is a real Halloween appearance – gorilla dress. There is a good reason to expect the cover of the carnival to pay tribute to the gorilla Harambe from the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe after being killed in May, a child dragged it into the wall.

Rubink says does not openly promote any Harambe costumes, but for this purpose customers have been buying “sexy gorilla” clothing and other non-sexy fares.

“People are taking and running it, he puts another idea of ​​the moment – Brad and Angelina … divorce if you are ferocious enough to pull a closed one,” said Matt Shanley, content marketing manager for Halloween apparel wholesale.

Last summer’s Pokemon Go also quietly expresses Pikachu’s accessories, Charmander’s clothing and other easy deals, making the party a Pokeball.

Movies and TV

In the past few years, due to the popular and efficient action movies, superheroes dominate in various fields. The National Retail Federation has even reported that the most popular children’s clothing for a long time – Princess – this year has given the title to the Eagle Crusaders, although the “frozen” boom is still thawed, while the Disney Junior “Alena” It is clear that the power is considered to be this Halloween.

“This year is all about the power of girls,” Lombardo said, whether it meant Batman, Super Girl or a miracle woman, who would soon celebrate her 75th anniversary.

One of the most popular garments since 2015 was Harley Quinn, the suicide team, and the comic film appeared even a few months ago. This character is getting your own film and is still with the clown in this year’s lucky draw.

Another popular choice is Deadpool, the comic super hero in the past winter at the box office ups and downs.

“Star Wars” is the film last year, “Star Wars: power to wake up” the performance, and this year on the “gangster” interest. Power is particularly powerful, with Rey’s clothing, the 12th film actress, is still the popular choice for Halloween in 2016.

Inspired by the “Jurassic World” inflatable dinosaur clothing is still a hot commodity, but also depicts the new “Star Wars” model BB-8 dinosaur clothing.

Nostalgia is still a draw, for the recent full female “Ghostbusters” to restart the premature criticism, almost no for women and girls to sell with a proton package beige sportswear.

TV is the main inspiration for children’s clothing, Disney Junior “PJ mask” series and Nickelodeon’s “Paw Patrol” similar.

The new 2016 is DIY looks inspired by the Netflix series of “stranger things”. As long as catch yourself a bike, blonde wig, yellow clothes and frozen waffles become eleven (a little fake on the nose will not hurt), or let yourself own a down jacket, glasses, red wig and a pile of books In the guise of ordinary Barb, a short-lived fan likes.

So RIP this Halloween, RIP Harambe, you may have a stranger over the years.